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Anet A8 Extruder Fan Modification V2

by hadoko May 2, 2017
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Thank you for your thing......i make a remix with thing 3393356 for put 2 Noctua fan....i cannot still ear chinese fan....

Did somebody use it for the A6? Should work too, just flip it, right?

Sorey I dont know

hello, is it possible to have the source files in order to edit?

Thanks for creating this :D I used the long M3 screw that hold everything together as intended to connect both parts and it's thight enough to not move while printing (the parts were printed... a little bit squishy but good enough to fullfill their purpose)

hi i need to know what is the size for each screw that u use for ur design
thank you

You have to put the mod on the fan of the nozzle. Maybe you need screws wich are 5mm longer. I have luck and take my original screws.

The extruderfan and aluminium block have to be screwed with two 3x30mm screws and two 3mm nuts.
Additionally I use the Anet A8 Extruder Fan Spacer by AZDawg (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1798669) which I customized so the fan sits flush on the aluminium block.

Both Mod parts are screwd together with one 3x50mm screws and two 3mm nuts.

ATTENTION: It's important to sink in the holes of the aluminium block and the extruder block to make the screws flush with the blocks. Look at the pictures!

Maybe you have to check your extruder position, the aluminium block is supposed to be placed flat against the extruder.

EDIT: mod1V3 has stronger hinges

Anet A8 Extruder Fan Spacer
by AZDawg

Effectivement, ça parait très pratique MAIS où est l intérêt d'avoir un radiateur qui n'a plus de contact franc avec aucune autre pièce ? Il refroidit quoi avec cette modif ? Autant carrément enlever le radiateur avec le ventilo tant qu'a faire ! Non ? ... ou bien le simple "effleurement" suffit ? J'attends vos réponses...
Au fait il sert à refroidir quoi ce ventilo ?

c'est seulement pour que vous puissiez l'ouvrir pour voir ce qui se passe à l'intérieur si vous avez besoin de voir le filament pour le guider au bon endroit ou quelque chose du genre, il n'y a aucune augmentation des performances du ventilateur

Très bon disign bien passer. Je suis très heureux du résultat.

I think the heatsink is useless if not screwed directly to the extruder block. The heatsink purpose is to absorb heat from something by contact and giving it more surface in contact with the air to help to cool it down. If it's just "near" the heat source but not in good contact it's just blocking the air flow.

I cut the heatsink to see filament and touch extruder for better cooling. I only attach fan to door

I use this mod without the heatsink and it works fine that way.

A heatsink with no proper thermal contact make absolutely no sense and just reduces the cooling efficiency of the fan as it blocks the air flow.

hi !
Great job !!
i would be interrested in your design but need to custom it to adjust tronxy captor.
Are you able to send me the working file ? i'm on 123d design (i'm beginner) .
Thanks in advance
Good day

Edit : no worry, no need to send me the file, i have finish to find a solution, i will send you my modification to work with tronxy.

what size drill do I need to use to seat the screws?

Perfect! I forget how soft aluminum is--drilling out the block and the heatsink was super easy. Thank you!

Is the aluminum block necessary?

adapter for pencils, pens, fits very well on this project.


Pen Holder Anet A8 Remix
by Mouss32

Can’t seem to get mine closed all the way... thoughts?

can i print this in pla?

Yes I print it in PLA

Un seul mot : remarquable ! C'est une amélioration très bien pensée et réalisée.
Et cela simplifie énormément le changement de filament. Je pense que beaucoup, comme moi apprécieront.
Vraiment très utile. Bravo et surtout merci beaucoup.

Thank you for making this. Just a heads up. I've installed this on my BQ WitBox. Works great. Apparently, this is adaptable to potentially other printers.


Anet A8 Extruder Fan Modification V2

Hands down the best upgrade I've done to my A8. That includes the PS fan, all the braces, and the belt tighteners. I no longer dread changing filaments. I printed in 5 different colors over the weekend and changing the spools took a minute tops. Thank you!

Thank you very much for your words. This is what I want with these upgrade. Make the world easy

Great Design! thanks for sharing.

Does this work with the semi circular nozzle fan duct?

with a little tweaking so it inserts internally rather than externally it should work great.

Sorry I dont know

I'm printing this design at the moment and can not wait to use it.
One question I have to Hadoko: Is there a special reason for turning the fan the "wrong" way? Normally it should blow the air on the extruder, but in your way it is different mounted.... Why?
Please explain. Thanks in advance!

You are right it was a mistake of me and I have turn it. You have mount the fan that he blow into the extruder.

I love this thing!!! absolute life saver!

Hi everybody, I start in 3D printing so excuse me for my question but how can I do the support please?

You can see pn my pictures how to need support

Hi Hadoko,

please what is pn?

I see supports on this picture but I must make it, is there file for that?

Sorry pn mean "it"

Do you use a slicer program like "cura", "slicer" or simplify 3D?

There you have import the stl file and have to take the settings called support

I use Cura 14.07.

If I understand, I open the mod1V3 file, but I didn't see support settings

Yes right this is the setting for support "touching Buildpad"

than you have t finde the view option there you can choose between solid and layer view.
At the Layerview you see the support

Right because you have to add the support

Hi Hadoko,

I think I find thanks to you. So the support is represented by the blue block,and if I compile the file to the printer, it will print the support at the sametime as the object?

Thats right. Print object and support at the same time

Very sorry for my question but how I had tto add he support, is it a specific file please?

I think that I could make it by my own with TinkerCad. If it works, I'll upload a remix.

The first one was 2mm too wide.

I would be worried that the heat sink wouldn't be able to absorb the heat from the heater block. Does it keep it flat tightly against the part that the hotend screws into? If not, the filament might jam or you might be required to take it apart and clean it out.

Hi all,

I would love to have this model printed. The problem is that I'm using this printed model to hold my sensor: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1911146 , and it adds 5mm more between the fan and the metal piece (check the pictures of makes of this object)

Could someone edit mod2V2 and add 5mm more after the screw to allow to have this object printed too?. I've already tried to do it in FreeCAD and don't have enought knowledge on how to do it.

Thank you in advance!

18mm auto level sensor support for Anet A8 right side

I think that I could make it by my own with TinkerCad. If it works, I'll upload a remix.

The first one was 2mm too wide.


I'm very new to 3D printing and my A8. After spending a weekend "changing" filaments, i knew something like this is what I need.

I have managed to get some good successful prints out of my A8. So I know that isn't the issue per say.

It's my inexperience that is giving me trouble, i am quite sure.

I have made several attempts at printing out the mod1V3.stl. Based on the shape/overhang I assume I need to use supports. All my attempts to use supports (with/without brim) have failed. The printer ends up knocking the supports all over the place until they come loose.

I have leveled the bed a number of times, and have successfully printed non sported things with good results.

My thoughts went to using a Raft (again I am inexperienced with these things yet). I started a print with the raft, but immediate saw the problems that brings.

I have had success printing some things with supports but they have all been in a position where they aren't truly free standing things. There has been other structure near to help the situation.
So does anyone have ANY advice on how I can get this part printed? I've read cura supports suck. But I am not familiar with any other slicer programs as of yet. I hate to be beaten by the inadequacies of software and I know it has to be possible.

hot end 210
bed 50
printing on glass/hairspray (also have tried on painter's tape and glue stick)

p.s. My roll of filament that is currently loaded, is about out. And since the last time I took apart the extruder, i vowed not to change it until I have no choice until I get this mod in place!

Im commenting an old post, which I believed you might have figured it out already but would help new fellow that still in learning process. To easily avoid knocking out supports or any parts is to turn on or check the setting called "Z-Hop when Retracting" and "Avoid Printed Parts when Traveling" which can be found under "Travel" tab. Those are exact terms with Cura. This is prefect when dealing with parts with a lot of overhangs.

Hi I dont know what the problem realy is.
But one reason maybe can be that your bed temp is to low.
I have two Printers, one Anet A8 wich I use with glas an hairspray. My second printer is CR-10 wich I use with a mirrorglas.
On both printer I get best results and a strong fit on the bed with Tempereture by 65° with PLA. PETG I use 75° on the bed.
Maybe this can help.

Good luck

Thanks for the reply!
Do you print with supports? Brim?

the one part wich comes on the duct fan is printet with support
the part of the extruder fan is printable without support.
I use often brim

Thanks again!

Absolutely wonderful. Didn't countersink the inside of the block and everything sits flush against eachother. Makes printing with TPU so much simpler.

Thank you!!! I counter sunk everything, moded the heat sink for 4 bolts etc and for those wondering as far as I can tell there is no appreciable difference in heat internally. I measured the internal temp before and after a print and it’s was well within acceptable ranges. granted I went through some measure with the counter sinking etc to make sure the sink still had contact but there are no clamps or anything in place keeping it there apart from the original design.

It works, but I had to add

  • 2x 3Mx20 screws to fix the stepper to the extruder block,
  • 2x 3Mx35 screw to fix the fan and the dissipator to the lid

It closes pretty well, I hope the heat is dissipated enough.
I'm a bit skeptical about the fact of removing the heat sink and fan altogether: if they put it there,
there must be a reason!

You are missing something. With this mod, are you are NOT removing the heatsink or fan- you are just making it easily removable for filament switching.

I am perfectly aware of that, and I love this mod, as I am using it all the time.
What I mean is that the heatsink is not touching perfectly the metal block anymore, and it's like removing the heatsink altogether.

Greta creation and just what I needed. So tired of unscrewing the fan to check or fix the filament. I made slight revision to the extruder fan cover by adding a bit of decoration copied from Tech_Junkie fan cover, and to give the outside of the fan a little more protection than the wire shield that came with it. Just finished printing mine and putting it on shortly. I hope it works/fits.

Wow like it i ll reprint this parts !

Awesome build and makes the extruder stage look great! Made it with no issues and changes to your design.
I was actually able to re-use most of the spare screws/nuts from the A8 kit which made it a really simple install.

Added a locking nut (nut with a silicon ring) and washer onto the hinge which tightly holds the fan door in place.
Added a little cord guide on the fan cable to ensure it stays high and away from the belt and rods.

If you're looking for a quick fix, a small zip-tie also worked well in the hinge. It tightened the hinge, but it just looked awful.

Comments deleted.

You are truly a saint.

No I am but thanks for liking

Is there any point in using heatsink with this? Fan alone would at least provide some cooling, but in this configuration air is redirected to sides. And without firm contact of heatsink and extruder there's no heat flow, fan is just blowing air around already cool heatsink. I just don't see any any benefit of this configuration.

Dont use it and anything is fine

Thanks for liking and use

I would think about this mod except there is nothing that holds the fan closed tight to the extruder block when closed. Fan just flops around while printing!

I made that one, really simple, nothing fancy: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2601600

Annet A8 "Clamp" for Fan MOD
by smntms

Try using a locking nut on the hinge, tightened until it doesn't have any free movement but enough that you can still turn it.

I made a mod to allow for the fan shroud. Never mind the filename, it's a Tinkercad thing. I am too lazy to change it.

Cancelled my print job to print this file ty vm !!

It allows for the fan ducts that slide over the outside of the fan?

This is great. Mine printed fine (I printed them flat instead of trying to do the crazy supports. Just polished them up a little with my torch). Here's a tip, instead of the 50mm long screw, try a 3mm allen wrench. It fits perfect and is easy to pull when you need to make more room for maintenance.

Instead of the 50mm screw. you may try printing out the pin found at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2573278 and drilling out the hinge with a 5/32 bit.
And because others have asked:
The screws for the fan/heatsink is two flat head M3X30mm (or if you have them M3X35mm) screwed from the inside out with two 3mm nuts bolted on the outside of the fan.
The aluminum block and step motor are held in with two flat head M3x20mm screws.
The parts fan is held on with two M3x20mm screws (tight fit). depending on the cooler upgrades you are using, you may want a 25mm screw+washers there.

Love the design. Thank you for the upload.

Anet A8 Extruder Hinge
by ograf

I used the screws mentioned for the aluminum block. They were the ones that came with the printer. They extrude from the aluminum block as the screw head is tapered.
Did you find a place to source the screws you mentioned or did you drill out the aluminum?

I drill out the aluminim block

Hi snow_man
thanks for your explain to add the mod.
Thx for liking and useing my mod

Could you please modify the drawing -make the hinges stronger (marked with read)
I broke one of them when I removed the support material

is done use mod1v3

Thank you very much!

no problem, thx for liking

Ok will do it. Give me a day

mine just wont stay shut unless i zip tie it??????

I flipped the smaller piece in cura and it printed well.

Me parece cojonudo ! GREAT !!

can you send photos by PM?

I counter sunk the screws when put heatsink agiasnt extruder its flush but when I close it there's a big gap from heatsink to extruder mine looks exactly like yours. When I close it the hinge with heatsink on it just won't stay closed

In your description you said you need the sink the heads in to make them flush. How does one go about it doing that? Wouldn’t just drilling into the block mess up the threading?

Hi, I may be not versed in the screw world, but I can't seem to find a 3x50 machine screw. The longest I can find is 3x40, is there a special place to find these?

I purchased some 3mm x250mm threaded rod of ebay. I got black and staineless - just because they cost so little! I run 2 3mm nuts uo to the required length and use then to guide a small (8inch or so ) hacksaw with a fine cut blade.
Originally I used this to lock in the extruder mechanism - and slide the heat sink and fan into place. A bit more fiddly that the original struggle to thread filament...now replaced by this far superior mod.

How do we build the support for this. Just wasted one print without knowing about the support part

you can always opt to lay the parts flat on the heat plate... hing parts on top - the finish may not look so good...but it saves problems with support/rafts etc

Hi only one part need a support. you can see pictures in my gallary how to place it and wich one need support.
Sorry for wasted material

I dont use the fan, and I just started with ABS extruding in 235 degrees, but its not getting even warm!
Anyway, i liked this design a lot, and I plan to start using the fan just in case, I plan to use a thermal paste so when I close the "door" I dont need the extra tightness, hope it works

Good info.... in truth I can feel very little airflow coming through the heat sink centre hole and as it happened after a filament, change - I did not cloee the fan in place enough... went in to check after abiout 30 minutes...found the fan"door" swing open.... touched the extruder gears and they were not much is any about ambient temp in the enclosure. I have a fan with a few blades knocked out... so I stripped out the motor to leave the outercase which I am using as a "spacer"to replace the heat sink and so it looks OK!

I just did a 18h print, ABS at 235°c with no heatsink and no fan at all!
After that I got secure enough to don't use that fan and heatsink anymore!

Comments deleted.

I here this question more than twice. My fan is blowing in right direction

Great Mod !
The only "problem" is the lock system quite unsecured (loose). Perhaps a V3 would fix that ^^
Really loving this mod, thank you !

Thx for liking. You are right its not the best lock. Maybe I will make some new if I have time.

I like this idea a lot and notice comments about the heatsink not being tight against the extruder. I think you could possibly extend the end which swivels out to have a slight hook on the end and possibly use the first screw to the bearing mount to hold something for this to clip against. To release you would pull the clip in towards the extruder then it would swing out. I've only had my printer a few days so not too experienced on the design but will have a go and see what I can do.

Great mod! I remixed it a little to better fit my needs,

ill make one great design

Thank you very much

Out of curiosity why is mod2_v2 modeled upside down compared to what would be the ideal orientation to print? I added support and then realized how much filament is being wasted printing it the way the files have it laid out.

hi sorry for no responce was on hollyday trip, if I can I will upload some pictures later.

Okay no problem, pictures would be great thank you

I add two new pictures where you can see the right position. Only the one part need support.

thank you, thats how i printed it as well but when opening the stl files, they orient the parts like the previous too and wasn't sure if that was intended or not.

Comments deleted.

Hey brother did you really print this with no support?

Hi, the part for the fan and aluminium block is printable without support.
the part wich attach on the fan for the duc is printed with support.

Comments deleted.

Looks great, but I don't understand how the heat is transported from the aluminum extruder block to the cooler fan's aluminum block - are they pressed against somehow? Even the slightest air gap would make the fan worthless IMHO.

Yes many people told that, but at the moment it works with no problems on my printer

Actually I printed a lot with PLA and hotend set to 180C without the extruded fan at all, and that worked reasonably well, too. I started using the fan with ABS as the carriage was getting hotter as I felt good for it.

I dont use the fan as well, and I just started with ABS extruding in 235 degrees, but its not getting even warm!
Anyway, i liked this design a lot, and I plan to start using the fan just in case, I plan to use a thermal paste so when I close the "door" I dont need the extra tightness, hope it works

What type of screws are being used...I understand were the 3x50mm goes. But it appears that you are using two screws in the extruder what size are theses? And it looks like you have to different types of screws on the extruder fan and aluminum block it looks like there is flush screws on the aluminum block side on the fan side looks like a axial cap head screws!
So all to gather it seems to be a total of 7 screws needed! Sorry just not sure what to use.
To simplify my rambling.

3x50mm goes on the hinge.
Your picture number 5 extruder side What type are being used?
Your picture number 5 aluminum block side What type are being used?
And picture number 2 are these the original screws being used .

The design looks great Good job!

great question an i have no clue either

I think you need to drill them out so the screws sit flush