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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Anet A8 acryl frame

by SmallArtFly May 1, 2017
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can this be converted to be used in lazer cutting? im looking at getting a metal frame lazer cut. and a stock looking metal anet a8 would be great.

can i print an anet on an anet or would i have to scale it up a little

parts that fit on the printing bed can be printed
but ones that are to big need to be made elsewhere

Comments deleted.

total newbie I am. I loaded it in Repetier, sliced with cura, and it said it was out of the print area, print anyway, and all the pieces are standing straight up -- not laying down. The corners sagged horribly at 200 degrees. I really want to print this, but cannot figure out how to get pieces to lay down flat so i can print the parts. I'm missing something but can't figure out what. ur help would be greatly appreciated.

Curra lets you rotate,

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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This is fantastic job!! Did you happen to measure by pieces?? Im sure this will be helpful for some. Thank you.

I was about to ask how accurate the measurements for these pieces are. I want to make a project using these are a "frame of reference". lol Neat joke, huh? :P

haha! that's a knee slapper! "Frame of reference" because it is a frame....

You don't get it, do you...

(not really to be honest)
because it's work in progress ?
or because there are some minor differences between everyones machine ?

frame of reference (reference frame) is something used for taking measurements. the joke was a "pun" since the model is a frame itself.

maybe its a good idea to give the parts a name, now i need to check all the pieces with cura to find the piece a wanna print

that sucks.. you have to open cura now to find the piece you want?

The screw holes for the display aren't where they are in A8-0011.stl, at least not on my printer (purchased about a month ago). The two top holes appear to be closer to the top of the panel. How much closer, I don't know offhand...I didn't have my calipers with me. I should have numbers in the next day or two.

I was able to use A8-0005.stl to replace a panel that was broken in transit, so there's that. :)

Update: got the following measurements:

top of frame to top of upper hole: 8.0 mm
hole diameter: 3.6 mm
top of frame to top of lower hole: 59.1 mm

i think this is different on a lot of machines
maby print them without holes and drill them afterwards

Thanks a bunch, friend! I really, really, really, REALLY appreciate this. Stupid me broke the piece of the frame next to the left Z stepper motor. Now I can print a replacement without having to spend all that time modeling it. Thanks again!

All the measurements are a little bit off on this thing, not even self-consistent with its other parts. If you assemble it in CAD software you will see what I mean. It's still enormously useful and I appreciate all the hard work done to reverse-engineer it--just make sure you check all the measurements and the placement of the bolt holes before you start printing anything big.

How did you convert the files so they could be opened in CAD?

Probably should have elaborated on that. I'm using them as polygonal models, which is technically still computer aided design. In this case I just opened them in Maya after setting the units up to match. Sometimes I use that for editing .stl instead of more traditional CAD software.

The screw holes don't always line up. But this is more an advisory than a complaint; as you can see, I am not putting in the caliper work to make a half-decent model of the Anet A8 frame, I'm using this person's work gratefully and double-checking as needed.

i will look in to this.
last time i checked i didn;t see the miss aligning holes
maby it's model convertin issue

Comments deleted.

I wish I could reprint this whole thing but some of those pieces are way too long for the print bed to be able to print. Does anyone have a remix of the longest pieces broken up in two, with maybe adapter plates to bind them together?

I don't think is a good idea since these parts are in a lot of stress and even with acryl they bend a lot

what file extension do I need this in to send it to a laser printer or is what you have here I can import into corral draw

Thank you kind sir, definitely a project I want to start soon!!

Much thnaks! Helped a lot!


Thanks so much for putting the native files with it too!

Thank you, great work

Thank you!!! This is just what I was looking for.

need to say thanks for your work used it for mine without your changeable files,
it were not possible to convert the frame to leadscrew drive

Greate JOB!!!! Thx a lot off, have you got the files for solidworks? Can you export it from Inventor?
I try to import it to solidworks, but the version is incopatible.
Thx a lot off

can u give me the configuration
m new to it

Hi! Do you have the STEP file{s, I appreciate so much :D

Any chance you could add the entire assembly in .OBJ or something similar? I don't have a program to convert from CAD. Thanks in advance

.obj is not possibly
what program you use ? what extension is the best? .iges .sat ??? or what

Thank you! I was able to replace my z axis support plate before it cracked all the way through.

Let's talk about the project why again acrylic why not steel about 3mm with acrylic or wood we have gained nothing.

this is just only the 3d Modeled frame as it comes into the box
so people can model upgrades or other things with an already modeled frame
or if a part is broken replace it very easliy

it's saying nowhere you have to make this full frame of acrylic ;)

Enjoy :)

Hello! I was looking for a frame to make a new printer from spare bits I have. I reached out to a local CNC shop and they have asked for a PDF of the parts to give me a quote. Any chance you have one of those guys laying round? No worries if you don't, just trying to see how much this is going to cost me to get cut 8^)

i can make some drawings if needed
but i have to edit some dimensions first
lets talk in a private message further :)

It would be great to have all dimensions and measurements in a PDF file :)

Great Job on these. My back plate cracked so I printed your back plate (A8-0009.stl) 100% actual size but it is 4mm shorter(left to right) than it should be and the motor mount peg holes are 15mm to the right of where they should be when looking at it front he back of the printer. Did you scan these each of your pieces or create them from scratch? I can send a pix if you want to see. Thanks.

I had the same problem and need to print that part. Did you actually print it on your A8? If so how did you get it to fit in the build area. I'm sending mine to a local library.

i measured them by hand and modeled them in 3D.
15mm is a big difference
a picture will be nice so i can look in to it and adjust it if needed :)
thnx for the feedback

has this got the new Z motor mounts? I printed them from here (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1474131) and they where too tall for my printer

Replacement parts for Anet A8
by Simhopp

i can measure it if you want :p
i don't know if it is the new one :p there is not a version number or something on it

Thanks, I relay need this. this will help me design upgrades to my printer.

On my printer the y-axis motor mount holes are located in different place (Part 9)
Large hole: 107mm from the edge

Hmmm - I've been given access to a water jet cutter recently - I think the price of stock aluminum would make this pretty costly.

not only that it would make it also a little bit overkill.
for steel or aluminium you would rather have thinner material and different connections

I can source 8mm plate and it would come out at about £40 :)

Thanks for this job!
I love this amazing machine.

Awesome... thank you!

You beat me!!! I was looking for this the other day and couldn't find one so I started my own. I'm only about 1/2 way done with mine. Looks like there is no need to finish! Thanks!

i did it before i put my printer together :p and forgot to upload it sooner

Hello, I have just bought a Anet A8 from Gearbest and while putting it together i had to file BOTH of the top brackets the one with the serial number and the matching one on the other side. Not only that i used blue threadlock on all the screws as i put the frame together.
Well I got up this morning all ready to finish the assembly and as i got ready to start there were cracked parts everywhere!
My guess is i did not file enough off as it was a very tight fit and from the cool room of 65 last night it was almost 80 when i went to work on it today. I assume to tight a fit and thermal expansion caused it to crack all over. To get to the point, are all the bugs worked out on this design so that i can have it made for me and get this printer finished? I really want to use this but from reading everything i could find it sounds like Gearbest will be of no help, and besides they had done such a poor job i had to drill 4 holes that they forgot and file to fit 2 other pieces. I just got this July 18th so will this work with what i have? And or what do i have to verify to make sure it will fit?
Thank you for the long read and help in advance.

the acrylic frame doesn't handle the threadlock. It will crack youre frame :)
search help topics in the anet a8 facebook group: