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AM8 Modifications and Additions

by thaug29 Apr 29, 2017
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Thaug, can you give me a quick measurement on your 30A PSU hole spacing? I got an ugrade and want to make sure you mount will fit


I Cut all the Aluminum for 25-2550 Profile extrusion where could I get the solid model files to remix them to that width?
I am using solid works and it chokes on importing .STL files to a solid. At least a solid that is easily editable. (Too many triangles to work with)

I don't understand what you are looking for. Are you looking for the original AM8 stl files?

Comments deleted.

If there are SOLIDWORKS .SLDPRT files for the original AM8 parts or any modified versions of the parts, I would love those files. I could then mod them to fit the 25-2550 (8020) frame pieces I cut with Solid works. Solidworks kinda hates on .STL files.

Were all of the original AM8 files created as .STL Files?
Is it possible to get them as ".SLDPRT files"?

If there are SOLIDWORKS .SLDPRT files for the original AM8 or any modified versions I would love them in that format.

I guess I just need to download an .STL file editor and get busy with that.
or I can reverse create the original part models and resize them with Solidworks.
Or I could just toss the 25x50 Aluminum extrusions I cut and make the AM8 like the original with 2040 extrusions.

Thank you

I don't have Solidworks models for the original AM8 but I do have them for my AMV8 design https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2596722 I took the original STL files and saved them to STEP files then I was able to work with them in Solidworks.

AMV8 All-Axis V-Guide
by thaug29

I'm a bit confused - are all the parts I need here? Or only the ones you've changed from the original AM8?

I just want a list of files I need to get mine looking like the above

Use the Remix from file for the parts needed. This is just the items that I changed or added for my needs like the Bowden mount, LCD mount, dual large mosfet mount and PSU switch mount. I have moved on from this and when to the AMV8 build.https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2596722

AMV8 All-Axis V-Guide
by thaug29

Hello friend, what would be the support for the extruder motor? Is the same z axis support used?

The Z motor uses the same mount. I have a E3D Titan extruder so I have it mounted above the frame with the Extruder extension-5.stl and the Extruder mount.

I understand, I have the bowden with the original motor, I already bought a mk8 for the extruder. I believe it will work with the attached photo holder. I just wanted to confirm that the Z holder is the same as the photo.

Yes, it's the same holder.

what did you use for your LED strip

Can you take a picture for this Stl, because i didn't understend how you caught this on the perfil.

This clip works with exterior led strip and v-guide extrusion. it will not work with standard extrusion.

My profile is the T-slot, can I use the part?

You could make one and try it. It will be tight and you may have to heat it up to make it fit. It is also for exterior LED so interior LED's will be loose in the clip.

I don't know what I'm doing so is there any way you can modify this for me I have a 8 mm wide LED strip from what I can tell it is setup for a 10

I'm sorry but i didnt understand where use this



The Y-Chain EXT Mount is only used if you are going to use a Y-Axis Chain. It connects the chain to the Y extrusion on the left side of the bed. The Extruder Extension lifts the Bowden extruder up off of the top extrusion because I found that when printing very tall prints the Bowden tube would kick and cause jamming without it. Both of these are optional and not needed.

thanks a lot for the files.
What kind of chain do you attach to the chain holder ?
I can only find ones where the connection pins are reversed: studs to the outside instead of inside.

This file has the chain links and the end for the hot bed. I currently do not use a cable chain on the AM8.

Anet A8 Y-Axis Cable Chain v2

if you have the mounting hole dimensions I could make a stl file. The Amazon link does not have this information.

I attached 2 links one is a stl file for the dimensions or would you prefer if measured it?

I added the mount for two small mosfets. Let me know if that works for you.

AM8 Modifications and Additions
by thaug29

Thanks I am printing it now shorted it a little il let you know and post a pic.

Posted a pic under makes

Great timing, I am finishing printing for my AM8, this should be my last print before I disassemble my A-8 and build my AM8. I will let you know how it works out. Thanks!

I could not print the original motor mounts so I created my own. They are different because I just had a photo to work from.

just curious but, I realize the size for the z motor mount left and right is slightly different from the original?? is this because to use less material or is this an improvement to make the motors and z rod more aligned?

The first picture - looks like a mount for a 12864 display with buttons under the display (and not on the side like the A6 display). Do you have a link or STL file(s) for that part as well ?

What software are you using to create stuff in? I really like Sketchup but from all I've read it seems like it is a real pain to convert from Sketchup to STL.

I'm using SolidWorks

It would be nice it you could design a Y axis endstop that will hold the RAMPS mechanical endstops. I run a RAMPS board on my AM8, I have used the PSU mount and wire channel covers on my build.

What size of mosfets fit the mosfet mount? Mine are 5x6cm and I am wondering if this will work.

As the original Endstops are not very good, i'm looking for a makerbot endstop compatibel y-axis rod holder.
Any ideas where to get that?

The Y-axis rod holders are no good? They are the ones I am using and they seem fine. I did design a new one that holds the y-axis limit switch because I changed to the one piece H plate and my bed knobs hit the original rod switch mount.

No the Y-axis rod holders are ok, but i dont like the original endstops if the anet.
The Makerbot Endstops are a lot better and i replace all of the stock endstops with makerbot ones.

You get them really cheap from aliexpress.

Is there a version of the mosfet mount for the smaller mosfets already made?

Sorry, I don't have one for the smaller mosfets and I don't know if there is any out there but if I had the dimensions of the smaller mosfets I could make one.

can you post a link to your e3d mount ? this one looks great

Comments deleted.

Hell Yeah!!! Thank you man! I was about to go figure out how I was gonna mount my uprated PS and the mosfet I added... and now i dont have to! High five!

Glad I could help.

Thanks for the collection. Any chance you could list each item in the description and describe what makes these parts better than stock?

Nice work, thanks. Can you provide some photos of your machine with these installed please?

I am still putting it together sense I only have one printer I keep finding more things to print and I am still waiting on some parts, butI will supply photos.