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Dead Trooper Helmet Extra Large

by Jace1969 Apr 27, 2017
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I am currently printing this model. Thank you so much for the work you put into it. Would it be possible to have the entire .stl file not split into pieces? I have a 300x400 CR-10 printer and I would like to print it in one go.

If you look in the description details you will find othr links to this model ; ) cheers Jace

Yes, I see those but I want your hollowed out version just not cut up. Am I not seeing that link?

This was ACTUALLY sculpted by Paul Braddock, https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-death-trooper-32710

He's been working on some crazy intense stuff lately and I thought I'd give his death trooper a try myself. I'm sure he'd be amused to see a life size version of it!

Check out the Mandalorian trophy version of this he did...crazy good.

Hi there, Yes I believe it is most likely his. He wasnt to happy about my modification to it and sharing it here on Thingyverse. He had actually requested I take it down. I said I was more than happy too if he pulled several other references to it and I'd be happy to retract this one too.
But I never heard back from him and I see the dozen other copies are still floating about on the net. The only thing is, that every one here has duplicated it, but I dont think anyone has actually done a full size one like mine ; )

That will be extrem cool with a Terminator T800 Head inside..:-)

Ohhhhhh I like it ; ) Stay tuned : )

Yeeeeees you will make this? Wow that will be Great . With a Red LED in the Eye will so nice looking.

No promises but i will give it a go ; ) Cheers Jace

has anyone found a way to make this wearable?

Hello! quick question.. do you have the complete stl? not divided. thanks

I've looked into it, but you'd loose to much of the eye and cheek to try and accomidate fitting your face. I guess you could make it bigger, but it may look a little odd ; ) Cheers Jace

what do you mean by "lose to much of the eye and cheek"?
are you saying that if you wanted to make it fit you would have to take out tho the point that it puts a hole?

Yes I've made mine the same size as the original storm trooper helmet in the pic. But you would have to shrink the jaw and the eye socket to the point of being non existent to fit your head in it. Then it would loose its depth and impact. Well thats my take on it. I gues anything is possible ; )

Check the "Thing Details" and all will be revealled ; )

Comments deleted.

I have the original file from my mini was thinking about printing it full size to put on the displace I have my vacu formed armor on. What percent did you find was full size ?

Hi I’m after the file for this model if you have it, please message me!

Please note there was so many revisions of this helmet, if you get stuck on a file. I will definately have a fix for it some where ; )
Cheers Jace

I believe it's still up at myminifactory

Yes but that one was a solid pendant. I hollowed mine out and emlarged it to the correct size and split it up print ready.

317mm high and 300mm wide , Cheers Jace

Hi Jace, I don't know who this Hedin person is on your first link, but he took my file and re-uploaded it. I appreciate the credit, however if you read the license on Myminifactory, it clearly says the file is not to be shared or re-mixed.

If there's any question over the origins of the file, here's one of my instagram posts from March, 2014, before I shared the file.


My original version was a pendant, which I first shared on my own website, then later with the loop cropped off. It has been taken and uploaded to various other sites by third parties without permission since then.

Everyone has access to meshmixer, or other free software for cutting up models, resizing, whatever, they can do so themselves with my file.

Please remove this file from thingiverse. Myminifactory will contact thingiverse directly to have it removed anyway.


Sorry about that my original post had been flagged for some reason Your model hasnt been taken down else where, so why should my adaption be banned? Thanks & Regards Jace


Starwars GraveTrooper SLA Print
porte clef deathtrooper

Thanks for the reply Jace. Myminfactory usually chase this stuff up, so I'll pass on to them. I no longer put any of my work on thingiverse.

Oh thats a shame, it is a very cool model and your right some people can split it up and modify and recreate something different for them selfs, but most people cant. I myself enjoyed modding this file and remerging it to full size, hollowing and splitting it ready to print.
And of course like everything here, I like to share for all to enjoy. I'm certainly not in it for the money. Ofcourse it is your prerogative to request it be removed But you need to pull Hedins version down as thats where this model came from, Cheers Jace .http://3dmag.org/en/market/item/3803/


Starwars GraveTrooper SLA Print
porte clef deathtrooper

Hi Jace1969 what are your print settings ? Infill and support mainly thanks

For my Wanhao, I found the sweet spot for my machine with a 0.6 nozzel at 0.2 layer, (top - bottom & outter layer shells all 3) infill layer 20%
100% extrusion width. Infil support 70% and dense infil supoort 60% becuase I have had better results with a better quality infill support ; )
I use home made ABS so I dont have to worry about the amount of plastic I waste or use. Hot end is worked well at 240c and the bed is at 90c with a small amount of ABS slurry to bond the first layer to eliminate warping is a must and an enclosure with its ambient temperature of around 50c + Good luck Cheers Jace ; )

Thank for getting back to me iam just having a bit of trouble with support my slicer only has 2 setting a little bit of support or support everywhere. Planing on making the full size one thanks anyway

With this being hollow and scaled up to helmet size, would it be wearable or would it need to be scaled up a bit more?

I did wonder this also, but its sizing is spot on and it is impossible to wear due to the depth of the skull eye socket. So unless you wanted to remove most of the detail there I guess it could be possible, Cheers Jace

Is this full size?
Would make an awesome display, but only new, i have abs etc, is it a hard file as a newbie

It is a large project and full size. I did mine in ABS only becasue its cheaper and I make my own filament.
ABS tends to shrink and delaminate a little. But as you can see a little patience and a bucket load of acetone slurry can make all the difference : ) If you have done much in the way of ABS can be challenging. The hard part is once you have all the bits is gluing it all in one sitting so you get them all to lign up. Im my experience gluing one piece a night can make it end up being out of shape. I did the front half first then the back. Good luck cheers Jace

Cheers mate thank you

I made Paul Braddock's Minifactory version a few weeks back which i resized to beer can height, and its one of my favourite pieces i've printed/painted. But a full size version is just brilliant. Thanks for posting this, going to be my next project!

Oh cool, look forward to your posts, cheers Jace

Could I get a IGES or STEP file for this so I can remix it? and what do you use to fill everything? Thanks!

I got it from here in a solid format
Sorry I dont know how you convert it to those file types sorry

Finished the easy part printing. Now for the sanding, filling, sanding, filling more sanding and then some paint. Used 1.5kgs of plastic so quite heavy but extremely solid : ) When I finished the front half I was almost tempted to leave it as a wall hanging. Would have looked really smart. Cheers Jace

A few splits and cracks being ABS. But nothing a little acetone slurry wont fix ; )

Just started printing this and discovered it is big, as in realy big. For those that havent printed this yet I'd suggest knocking the prints back 10 - 20% all keep going with it now since I've started but it is going to be a big model ; ) Cheers Jace

what would work best for trying to print this?

With regard to fillament? Printer? Software? Sorry can you be more specific ; )

Oh, OK then, take my filament. :)

Oh go on then, but you gotta show off some pics finished : )