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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Imagine That Titian/Atlas, Creality CR-10, Afinibot A31 Print Cooling

by Mk42Workshop Apr 26, 2017
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I have a similar setup with two fans part cooling but I had to insulate my hot end block as it was cooling the block to much and causing a thermal under run. Just something to consider.

It seems like the extruder cooling duct is missing on thingiverse, is there anywhere else I might be able to find it?

Yes, I found this "issue" too. I think this design can fit but not tested yet: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3090393

CR-10 Hot end Fan Upgrade (Noctua Fan)

I found the original mount here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2481055

CR-10 50 x 15 Double Blower Fan Fang Mount
by dhien2

can you please upload a sliced file like a gcode

Would this design work for the E3D Volcano hot end?

So, I have come to the conclusion after much testing that this is great design but it simple works to well. It generates to much cooling. I was running it at 30% cooling and even that was too much. I do not run an enclosure yet so this might help in the future. I think this design needs smaller/ narrower tips and way smaller fans or maybe just one fan. In the interim I have switched to a modular fang setup and it works much, much better for me. It has narrower tips and just one fan. Keep up the good work. I might come back this setup in the future but time will tell.

Can i print this mod with PLA? Will the fan tips melt from the heat of the hot end?

I have not had any problems so far.

Love the design. How ever I have a BLTouch that I want to use. How can I mod your design for that?

OK this is probably but a stupid question, but do you just splice the wires into the existing wires, does that work (powering the two fans with a single set of wires?

Yes it works fine. I have done it.

What i did was cut the existing cable high up.(so you have some wire to play with). Then soldered the red wires to the yellow and the black wires to the blue wire. The blue and yellow are from the original fan (this may be different with yours, so don't solder them straight away test it first) You could probably get away with just tying them together but may come out so better to solder them. I also put heat shrink over them so they don't touch and for safety. It works great as i haven't had any problems with it yet.

I used this video for some reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u4LzjBI8cI&t=112s

Would it be possible to make a version compatible with the BLTouch of AntClabs?

Yes a BLtouch would be great

Comments deleted.

Am I missing something? How does the hotend fan mount?

It's mentioned in the description:
"Download the extruder cooling duct here:
It is nice and compact and raises up the fan away from the heat block."

How do you connect the fans to the control box?

It's mentioned in the description:
"Download the extruder cooling duct here:
It is nice and compact and raises up the fan away from the heat block."

I cant find a screw set with 10mm m3's will 8mm or 12mm work?

Is it possible to change the angle of the blower opening to redirect the airflow UNDER the nozzle? Currently i think there is too much airflow on the nozzle which reduce the temperature.

Comments deleted.

What should I put for the sensor offsets in my firmware? Thanks!

Any word on the offsets?

Interestet too :)


made a reinforcement for the right side of your blower mount!

reinforcement for Dual Blower mount CR-10

which exact fan are you using? is it louder or quiter than then stock fan?

Any 50x15 blower should work. They are pretty standard. This is louder. I have my printers in and enclosure, so I don't hear the fans much.

Hello and thank you for this design. I would like to modify the file in Fusion 360 to adapt to a BLTouch sensor. Would you be willing to share your step file or whatever file would allow me to design my mods in Fusion 360? Unfortunately the STL files are not designed to allow this.

Thanks again.

Los Angeles, CA

It was designed in 123D Design. Exporting in STEP wasn't an option unless you paid for a premium account.:(

Understood. No worries. Thanks!


Was thinking that this would be much better if the airflow from the 5015 blowers are more directed to the print and not only to the nozzle. And in addition to that that the outlet would be a little smaller. I have some problems with cooling the nozzle way too much

I haven't had issues. The best place to direct airflow is right where the material is extruded. If you haven't already, adjust the b lower nozzles as low as possible. Mine was just barely above scraping the print. :)

I am also in the process of switching to Aero extruder set-ups on my printers, so I don't have a way to test revisions anymore.

Any chance I can get the F3D file for this? I'd like to try a couple things.

It was done in 123D Design before they made it obsolete and I learned F360. It only saves/exports in 123D specific files. I need to see if there is a way to convert.

No worries, thanks for the reply.

Hello, mine was a bit wobbly on the right side and it made noises, so ive made a spacer for the unused hole of the fans. It helped alot.

Anti Vibration fan spacer for RebelRousingProps CR-10 Duct

Or you can be lazy and use a rubber band. Lol

Comments deleted.

I would recommend adding a brace across between the top/back corners, or extending the existing brace on up to the top. I know you have a recess on the back side to accommodate the upper right carriage roller bolt head, but it was not enough to clear on mine, I had to pretty much drill almost through the existing upper brace to get it to sit flush against the back, leaving almost zero structural integrity on that upper brace.

Do I have to adjust my settings for the sensor mount or can I keep the same settings from the EZABL mount?

I don't know. I imagine they are different.

Is ther a Way to fit a E3D V6 and use is with this Fan duct on a Cr-10

No, but check the derivatives, someone is working on it. :)

Unable to fit my 50x15 fan. Is this design for a specific fan type or model?

It should work, just push it in a bit harder. Did you use ABS? If so you have to scale it 2-3% up.

Question about the right fan flapping around a bit, what are people doing about that?

Edit: Also the fans aren't running unless its at 100% (255 speed), just a ringing noise.

I have the same fan problem. 100% or nothing. Did I get two bad fans? That sounds unlikely but myabe plausible. Did I reverse the wires maybe?

I printed them with high infill and PETG. Mine doesn't flap. It is not very stiff, but doesn't wiggle in use. I also have my jerk settings set a lot lower than the factory settings.

The fans not running sounds like a bad fan

What's your jerk and acceleration settings? Do you set them on the LCD panel?

did you find an answer to this? I'm having the same issue... Are there two different types of fans?

Yes I did figure it out, certain fans only run at 0 or 100, not in between. I bought https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MJU6JR2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and they work between 0-100 fine. I moved on from this model though because the right side flapping was making too much noise.

should I buy 24v or 12 v fans?

I used 24v fan and they are running. Why did you prefer 12v can you explain it to me please?

Do you splice both fans to the existing 12v part cooling fan cable in parallel? What do you think about using a terminal connector?

and do you hook up both fans in parallel?

Thank you! ... What flapping? And what model are you currently using?

Not a problem. The right side of this specific model with the right side fan. It moves around too much because there isn't any support for it. I bought a E3D V6 and found a mount for that, you can search it up on here.

Comments deleted.

Hey just had a few questions. Is the fan mount https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2184575 part necessary to add in? How do they both even fit together on the extruder? How does the installation process go?

You need to have a fan cooling your hot end heat break or you will get jams every print. They bot fit on my printer as the print fans mount to the bracket and the extruder cooler directly to the extruder. You do not use the print fan from the other duct, just the extruder duct portion.

Ok thanks, can you tell me the size for the extruder fan? Also, the extruder fan connects to your dual bracket files

The extruder fan that came on the machine is re-used.

oh ok, thanks for the reply!

Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

Does this require moving the hot end to install? At first glance I am trying to figure out how it all assembles. Nice design!

Yes it does. I had to add support under the hot end as well, otherwise the right side fan flopped about. :)

The 50mm radial fans have a history of not always running correctly at less than 100%. Are 2 fans overkill?? Will this be too much cooling? My fear is so much cooling that it bounces off the part and starts cooling the hotend

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How did you mount the center fan that cools the hot end?

3mm bolts and nuts. I am currently making a new fan shroud too.

"Download the extruder cooling duct here:
It is nice and compact and raises up the fan away from the heat block."

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Any way you can post the STP?

I designed it in 123D Design. It will not export STEP. I need to learn how to import 123D files into Fusion 360. :)

Do you have any images of this printed and installed? I'm trying to decide whether I should go with this or the fang.

There are a few on the CR-10 Facebook group.