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Wind speed and direction sensor

by Yachta Apr 20, 2017
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I am very interested in making your design for my 42" yacht, I even went to the trouble to try and redesign the "cup" that holds the magnets as I am NOT ABLE to find the magnets you use.
But the magnets i could find are way to big and it failed as there was just not enough room.

Could you link to the tiny magnets you are using?

Great design by the way.

Thanks Frewie, but i am in AUS, and shipping is stupid here.

I am now changing the design of the impiler. there will be other magnets. Only 2-3 details will change.

How are you going with that update Yachta?
Before i look at shipping these magnets from another country, can you share the new magnet sizes?
You never know the new sizes might be available locally......

Cant wait.
Please keep us updated.

Like your design very much. Question, how do i open the .brd and the .sch board and schematic files? One of the reason I would like to build my own is that my mast rotates about 45° on each tack. Is there a way to add an offset value to compensate? i have printed some of the parts already in black Inlands PETG and they came out vary nice, good modeling, thanks.

Awesome design. It would be great if you could provide some more info about the parts needed. I ordered the PCBs etc. and try to get it running :-)

Ask your questions///

Thanks for the reply.

1) Would you please provide a parts list for the PCB? Which capacitors, resistors etc? I could only get the socket sizes from EAGLE. I think a high resolution photo of the PCB would also answer it.
2) Did you program the chips before soldering it to the PCB or can it be done on the PCB? Do you have a programming interface?
3) What material did you use for printing that withstands UV radiation and weather over longterm?

CoPet. I continue to test it for durability ...

Sorry for my english... :(

R: 7 pcs 103 (10k)
1 pcs 470 Ohm

C: pcs 66 mF 6v
ATMega 168

In first version I'm use Hall sensor from computer cooler, but i can't find it in store/
I'm change to US1881 (http://mini-tech.com.ua/download/datasheet/sensors/US1881.pdf)

For programming ATMega i use ISP Socket. Before programming remove 2 jampers (RX TX to ESP8266)
fuse for ATMega:
"avrdude -v -patmega168 -cstk500v1 -PCOM4 -b19200 -U lfuse:w:0xe4:m"

ESP8266 i programing whit USBTTL dong. I soldered wires то 2 jampers RX TX, and close GPOI0 to GND.
After flashing NodeMSU - upload LUA files.

Hi, nice design, would you share the code for the Arduino and esp?

EDIT: found it attached here: https://www.thingiverse.com/asset:78416

could you give a link to these tiny magnets?

I saw your comment on my wind sensor.
I really like your build. It is a bit more compact than mine. Are your anemometer cups printed as one piece?

Wind speed/direction sensor

Yes< as one piece. Need mirror this part.(as on photo)

Do you have a list of what hardware you used? screws, nuts, bearings?

Looks like 625 bearings, but not sure about screws M4?


M3x8 and M3x10
may be M3x6
M5x30 Z

what sensor are you use ??

For direction: as5040. For speed: Hall sensor US1881. Controller Atmega168 or Atmega328.
WiFi ESP8266.

i just print one

hello i made one of your wind gauge could you explain me for the electronique and calibrage thinks for this my boat need this home made for all thing the picture is my job https://www.flickr.com/photos/59191376@N03/

Great design, I really want to build one
What kind of electronic and magnet are you using on this?

Do you have link where to buy them (especially the top one with rotated magnetisation) Thanks!