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Sanding stick

by workshopbob Apr 20, 2017
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Really cool kit, thanks.

Has anyone seen a box to store them in?

Could you please rename models in more cleare pattern? Now it's just blows brains out. I was needed only one stick type and messed up sizes of stick and clamp.

I'll have a look at it. When I started the sanding sticks there were only 4 of them and it was easy but following some redesigns and requests from others there are now 18 downloads to choose from. I'll try to simplify it

Where do you find 10mm, 20mm or 30mm sanding belt sizes? I've looked on Amazon, eBay and BangGood, but cannot find these belt sizes. Mind sharing a link?

I just use a sheet of appropriate abrasive paper, mark the sizes in the back and carefully cut them out. It does ruin a knife blade but you can get a lot out of one sheet

in which position are you print it ? on bottom or on side?

They are printed as shown in the blue file pictures. The sticks and clamps are printed on their side and the nuts printed as shown flat as they would be used. Hope that helps

Nice. I buy a Anet A6 and I want to try when it arrives.

Comments deleted.

Be very wary with the link shown as I was unable to leave the page!!!

" They are 20mm wide and 150m long."
Oh wow. I'm not sure my printer can handle that! ;)

It was a special request for large scale models :o)

Good design for a great tool. I have made #5 and already using it in my woodwork. I plan to make a whole set and use your tip to use different colour filament for the thumbwheels.

Actually the hole in the ends for hanging probably increase material cost. You're removing lower density infill to add probably pretty thick top, bottom and side walls including pre-wall support infill and that probably comes to more material than no hole+infill. The hole is a good idea but that's false advertising.

To find out if you are correct I have taken one of my designs and removed the hole then run both versions through Cura at 50% fill. Cura tells me how much filament I would expect to use on a print. The design with the hole is expected to use 8.28m whereas the one without the hole is expected to use 8.4m. It would seem that I am correct.

Fair enough, though it does depend on a lot of factors. Did you use one of the widest? At that point the hole surface area is much greater than the surface area of the ends (which is what would print if there was no hole).
It also depends on your infill percentage. At 50% you’re using a significant amount. As infill isn’t as important to part strength as walls, I tend to print 3 perimeters, 4 top and bottom and 25-35% infill. In this case I expect it will swing towards a loss instead of a gain.

My tests were done on a 20mm wide one although having tried it again with a 30mm wide and a 10mm wide I'm getting essentially the same results. I dropped the fill to around 26% and the results balanced out, increase the fill and the difference increases but then change other parameters and .... I think it's more a case of 'How long is a piece of string?' . As you say there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

Very true, sorry for the negative comment.

You may increase the hole diameter in the thumbwheel up to 5.2mm. The tolerances of 3D Printers could make it hard to get the screws fitting in there. Mine came out in 4.8 with a 0.4 nozzle.

these will come in very handy. thanks alot.

Super Cool . Thanks for sharing . Will definitely print a few.

Such a good idea! I need to print one of those thin sanding sticks. nice work

Just GREAT and truly useful.Thanks

joel from 3dprintingnerd and bill from punished props sent me here :) ill replace the old sanding block and wedge ive been using.

just what i needed. awesome project, thank you for the effort

Many thanks, been meaning to design something like this but never got around to it, now you saved me the trouble!


can you provide the source files .. like scad?

My sanding paper is 30mm and i have some other ideas to try ..

thanks and best regards
smuk :-)

I've expanded the sticks to be 30mm wide and added the files on here. Hope they work ok

Thanks for this ,,,,,,stevep