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Surprise Egg #1 - Tiny Haul Truck

by agepbiz Apr 17, 2017
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I just set all surprise egg models to print on Photon S three times, and I had a fail each time. I even went up 10% on the scale with no luck. Congrats to all you who it worked for. I am not sure an sls is able to print. I am using anycubic resin.

These are really not designed to be printed on a resinprinter. The problem with resin is that it gets trapped inside the hinges and cures. The resin needs to drain. I did make a resin version of my jet fighter (have not published it though) and it had to be scaled to 150% with increased tolerance and add draining

I just printed the truck with transparent PETG. All works like it should :)

Just printed it on my Ender 3 following your specs (0.1mm layer height, 40% infill, and set a lower speed of 40mm/s down from the default 60mm/s) and both the egg and truck came out perfect - nothing sticking, all parts move/articulate as they should - thanks!

Please make more models!
We need a boat, helicopter, tank, a tractor, bus, garbage truck, ice cream truck, ambulance, police car, trailer and so on. :)

Thanks for your creativity dear, I have printed one to test using PLA but the tipper part didn't work

Sorry to hear it didn't work. It does require a well calibrated printer, and remember to not use support structures. Feel free to upload a photo of the failed print here so that I can inspect the print and see if I have any suggestions

Also make sure all belts and screw on your printer are as tight as they need to be

Seeing how your corners are rounded, but should be sharp I suggest slowing down the printspeed a lot. Also try lowering the print temperature a tad. I also suggest printing it at 0,1mm layer height since lower layerheight handles overhang better

Ok, I will try to adjust the settings you mentioned and inform you the result

AWESOME!! Keep up the good work!!

Man these are amazing designs!!!

I have printed one to test my settings on my ender 3 printer, the egg comes out near perfect with the hinges working but the truck even though the quality is very good the wheels do not rotate. I printed this in 0.12 quality 40%infill and 3 walls. I want to print the whole series for my son but need to get the wheels rotating first.

You can try lowering the Feed Rate (In Simplify3D this setting is called "Extrusion Multiplier"), in case your printer is overextruding, but then again your egg printed fine as you said? If you want to try to free the wheels, unless they are completely fused, try wiggling them sideways, in and out, that might release the axles and thus make them rotatable. Don't force rotate them, they will most likely break off

The entire collection is great. The 3 yr grandkid loves them. Perfect for little hands, but a bit small for really young kids. I had a little trouble with this print, but I think it was my fault. I sped up the print and the moving parts fused together. I'm going to print at <100% during the critical parts next time.

Absolutely brilliant! Kids LOVE them. I hope you continue designing more :)

Thank you!

Does it work for Ender 3 3d printer?

I believe so. I designed and printed egg #7 on a Ender 3, and this model has the same tolerance
Make sure the printer is well calibrated and the bed is as level as possible

I printed the jet fighter egg but unfortunately when the print finished, the egg was fused together and the only way it would open was to drive the spatula that came with my printer down through the crack using a hammer. When it came to the hinge I was unable to go any further and when I finally forced the egg open it broke off above the hinge :-( I was printing at 0.2mm layer height using a 0.4mm nozzle and 220 degrees celsius as the PLA+ I have prints best at that temp and above.

My toddler would love these trucks, but I don't want to print them with small parts. Have you or anyone printed them at 200-250%?

And here is a 400% print I did of the Egg #4:

That is sick! Love it. I'll keep you posted if I make a big set!

Thanks! Please do! I love seeing the makes. Remember no support structures on the big prints either

These egg designs scale very well. Here is a 250% print someone did of this egg: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:468588

Surprise Egg #1 - Tiny Haul Truck
by stigids

Awesome, thanks!

Love your work. Printing my first one now.

this is cool. Im going to give this a try. thanks for the awesome builds

I’m not sure about any of the technical details since I’m very new to printing, but when I get to the top of the egg where the hole for the truck closes, the code seems to bug out and the nozzle runs into the part of the egg that has already printed. So it won’t finish printing because the nozzle will run into the egg and break the adhesion at the bed and knock it loose and just become a mess.

Do you have a photo of the print where it fails? it is hard for me to visualize the problem. My suspicion might be that due to the overhang, if the fan cant cool the filament fast enough it might curl upwards making the nozzle hit it?

It did the same thing with the fighter jet. These are both the tiny haul truck eggs.

My Egg won't crack! I did deviate slightly from your settings. I am using cura on an Ultimaker 3. 0.4 mm nozzle, and 0.15 layer height with 20% infill. It seems like my two halves of the egg are stuck together a bit too well. I can see the hinge at the bottom. Am a touch new to 3d printing, so perhaps my altered settings messed it up. Been trying to cut the egg apart, but worried about cutting my hand. Any tips?

My suggestions still stands. Your nozzle is to close to the printbed, fusing the first layers, relevel your printbed, and raise the nozzle up a bit. It also looks like you are having some heat issue, try lowering the print temperature, and a cooling fan towards the print might help. Still I would try adjusting the flow rate, it looks like you are over extruding

Again thanks for the comments, I started using a raft of water dis-solvable PVA, so the bottom is perfectly clean and the hinge looks awesome! The problem is that the hinge internally is fused at the area inside the egg (not bottom, and only internal 2 teeth of hinge), from the 3 broken attempts so far (first attempt was completely fused). Re-leveling my bed won't change anything as the Ultimaker 3 levels itself before every run, so even if I change it, the printer will change it before printing. I have slowed from 70 mm/sec to 50 mm/sec. I have also scaled the design to 125% to try and get better clearance. So I am stuck beyond trying to print even slower at 1/2 speed. The Ultimaker 3 has fans around the print head, so it is already cooling, but I have covered the opening for better temp stability, perhaps I should open it. I will also lower the temp when slowing the print speed down to see if that combo works.

As the UM3 is a dual extruder I am printing a PVA raft below the egg and slowing the speed further. 6 hrs will know if that works.

Does the print itself look clean and nice? is the parts fused all the way to the top or just the bottom layers. If just the bottom layers you might need ti relevel the bed, raise the nozzle a tad. If it is fused all the way to the top your printer might be overextruding (too much plastic is coming out) and might need to adjust the flow rate. I use Simplify3D and in S3D there is a setting called "Extrusion Multiplier", not sure what it is called in Cura

I am reprinting and slowing the printer from 70mm/sec to 60mm/sec. Bed autolevels for the UM3. I did print a brim, which I have removed from my second printing. It will take about 7 hours, but giving it a go.

There is a nice indention between the part, but it appears to be fused all the way up and down even though the hinge doesn't.


Hi, these are just brilliant. I'm in the process of printing them all. If I have one thing to say is that I would've liked all the eggs externally to be the same size. Only minor, apart from that its just awesome.

Thanks! It is not possible to have the eggs the same size due to the shape of the toys. The jet fighter for instance is a lot wider than the truck at the bottom, so if the jet where to have the same shape egg it would need to be twice the size, then I would have to upscale the truck to twice the size, and the it would no longer be tiny, and the egg would have a lot of unused space. The eggshapes are not made at random. Basically the proportions of the toys decides the shape of the egg. Different birds lays different egg shapes. Poor little sparrow if it had to lay an eagleegg :)

Hello, I made that dump truck and the excavator. These are truly wonderful designs.
I couldn't get the wheels to turn though, one even got broken off. I have an 0.4 nozzle. used the same settings you suggested.
What printer did you use to get those great quality photos above ?

I have a old Makerbot Replicator 2 with 0,4mm nozzle, model sliced using Simplify3D.
It is a bit hard to pinpoint you exact problem, it might be multiple things. It kind of looks like you are underextruding, have some heat issues and have some mechanical wobble. First make sure all parts of your printer like belts and gears are tight, then try to increase your feed rate (in S3D this setting is called Extrusion Multiplier). I also suggest that you download and print a temp tower to make sure you are not printing with wrong temperatures

Excellent. Thanks for your help, I'll do that

Hello, I made four of the eggs; all worked on first try; wonderful designs. Sent you a tip to say thank you. One issue was the front-end loader hinge appears to be weak and it broke after being moved a few times. Please make more egg designs that aren't equipment like a bunny rabbit, Santa Claus, a baby Chick, a baby dinosaur with wiggle tail, maybe something silly for Halloween like an eyeball with moving eye lashes.

Thank you so much for the tip! I will help me buy filaments for future projects :) So far I have made vehicles because they have real hinges and I feel that is more "realistic" than a hinged tail. But in the end I am not saying I will only make vehicles, I dont know yet. I'll let it be a surprise :D (for me as well I guess)

Hello, I made it and I love the way you designed the egg hinges and clip. Can you share an egg CAD file to use to design the inner stuff we like? Which offset are you using between the egg and the truck?
Thanks for such a great design.

Thanks! I am sorry but I am sharing these with Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives license

Thanks so much, These are really cool, and they are also to scale with Galoob MicroMachines, which I enjoy collecting. Keep up the good work.

I've had a few come out where the egg wouldn't open because the bottom part was "sealed" so I couldn't see the hinge. Would lowering the number of bottom layers help with that?

Fused hinges often means overextruding. Try lowering your feed rate. in Simplify3D this setting is called Extrusion Multiplier

Comments deleted.

I'm printing this on a flashforge creator pro. PLA at 210C, 50mm speed, 40% infill and 3 shells. I used these settings to succesfully print the awesome excavator but here I have two prints already with the hinges all stuck together. What setting can I adjust for it to stick less? Lower temperature? slower printing? Should I raise the resolution to the highest setting?

Z :)

These designs prints best at 0,1mm layer height or better. If the hinges gets fused it sounds like you are overextruding. Try lowering the extrusion multiplier

I did 0.1 mm. Next time I'll try even lower and I'll lower the extrusion multiplier, let's see how it goes :)

I'm having problems getting the hinge on the egg to work. Do you have any pieces to trial different settings that don't take so long print?

By the way, what kind of problems do you have with the hinge? Does it fuse?

It seems partially fused. When I try to move it starts to move ok but then breaks apart in two pieces. This is for the egg. For the truck the dump moves ok and the wheels turn at first but then easily break off where they meet the axle

Sounds like you are overextruding. Try lowering your extrusion multiplier as a start

I lowered extrusion to 80% and hinge works good now. Thanks for your help. Truck is moving good too but the surface doesn't look good. See picture.

the picture shows a clear under extrusion (and a lot of under extrusion), when playing with extrusion settings you should not be changing it more than around 5% assuming you have done a proper step calibration for the extruder

Hard to tell what the problem is. What kind of printer do you have? What is the nozzle size? I have 0,4mm nozzle

Qidi Xone2 with .4mm nozzle. I was watching the next one print and it looks like it's not getting good adhesion on the first layer. I am printing on blue painters tape with no glue. I was using glue directly on the table but always broke the wheels when removing.

My printer do have a acrylic buildplate so I always use gluestick. If they always breaks it might be because your nozzle is to close to the bed (that will also fuse parts). I suggest try again with glue but relevel you bed, make sure the nozzle isnt too close to the bed. The glue will hopefully provide enough adhesion

I have isolated the hinge and exported it to the following stl file. hope this helps;
(I have not tested this file myself)
Please let me know how it goes.

Here is a picture of where I've printed two of the trucks: https://imgur.com/a/leyq6. On the dump truck I used a brim and the facing down side was all connected together. On the log truck I used a raft and it wasn't glued together but the facing down side doesn't look good. On both the side facing up looks amazing. What can I do?

Try recalibrate you bed leveling. Looks like your nozzle is to close to the bed on the first layers

Maybe so I am brand new to this. Right in the middle where it is printed I have a piece of paper folded in half. It barely has some drag when I move the paper under the nozzle. Maybe this sub $200 printer just can't handle it or maybe my filmanet isn't expensive enough? I could also try playing with the temps: 195 / 55.

Unfold the paper and level it again.

It says no raft but one side of the truck is all connected together. I am having to cut along the wheel line and the truck bed line with an xacto knife. Would rafts or some different settings make a difference?

Monoprice mini v2, PLA 195/50, brim, 20% infill, speed 50, layer height .1, wall thickness 1.0.

Have you tried without a brim? I didnt use a brim

Brim is just around the outside edge, like in this photo: https://bigdanzblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/p1020719.jpg

I have had great fun making this entire series - and they are great for a lot of reasons.

  • The quality is amazing.
  • They are fast prints, so the kids enjoy watching it (and I can make multiples quickly).
  • They are great for showing off print in pace hinges.
  • They are excellent for getting my print settings dialed in.

Hope you make more!

can't agree more, these are so good and print so well. I hope you make hundreds of these

Keep up the fantastic work :)

Wow, thank you very much for the nice comment! It is very motivating! I sure hope to be able to make more of them and I do have a few ideas what to make next, but have not tested it yet :)
Best regards

This is awesome! Single print hinges in both the egg and dump truck. This is what I'm am showing as when people ask, what can you do with a 3D printer. I hope you can create some more of these surprise egg. Maybe something for a girl. or even more cars\trucks.

Thank you for the nice words! I hope to be able to make some more of these in the near future

I did print the car in different size. Orgional size in 0.2mm was ok to and 20-25% infil. However the tire was hard to get working normaly without they did snap off. However when I did scale the item to 1.2 that problem was solve. So if you want to print the item in little low infil and in 0.2mm I recomend scale it up little.
When scale the car to 5x of orgional size 10% on the car and 10% infil on the egg is all you need.
I did get a high qualety print of them in 0.1mm and 0.2mm :)

Wow, what a super kool idea!

You got good print results too.
I would bump your Infill overlap to 5% more than it is currently set to. That would give you a almost perfect print on that truck.

Thank you for the comment! I use "MakerBot Print" but I dont see any "Infill Overlap" setting

Which slicer do you use? Cura Simplify3d?

"MakerBot Print"

Don't know that one.. but I found this for you..

search for "percentage"

Change it to a larger precentage in my slicer I have it set to 20%

I thought "Infill Overlap" was an extended setting within "Infill". The Truck is printed at 40% Infill, and with 0,8mm roof and floor (8 solid layers before starting the infill)

This is how far into the inner most shell the infill will overlap. A higher percentage of overlap is going to fill the holes in your truck and maybe give you a near perfect Print. I am impressed how well that truck came out!

Comments deleted.