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Rocktopus 2 ( 2 hands and hair )

by joeostrander Apr 15, 2017
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BTW, on the new PrusaSlicer 2.1 the multi-color slice for this model is broken. The hair will terminate in air right next to the body. If you print all one color it's fine, but 2 colors and the slice fails.

Not sure how you are doing this! With a single color the hair ties into the head no problem, but as soon as I change the hair extruder (color) the hair will stop in mid-air right next to the head.

I uploaded 2 pics to demonstrate. Maybe there is a secret PrusaSlicer setting?

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Salut :)

vous pouvez donne les réglage pour cura :

couche, paroi vitesse
si y'a rétraction et combien ?
support ?
paramètre de pont activé ?


Is there also a Dual-Extrusion version? (Hair one, the Body another color)

Hmm, I like your thinking! I don't have a dual extruder setup anymore, would you be willing to do the testing?
I'll upload the hair and body as separate parts:


Notice the 2 versions for part 2... I'm not sure which will work better...

Made it! It worked perfectly fine, i have also uploaded some pictures :)

Wow! That turned out beautifully! Was this with the alternate hair part then?

Yes, i think otherwise the hair wouldn't stick in the headd. Thank you really much for the Rocktopus :)

Can I add a picture of your make to the main pics?

Yes no Problem, you can add one :)

With the Hairy Lion it worked great, but i like the humor of the rocktopus :) i will have acess to an ultimaker 3 this week, so i can print it really soon. I can upload some Pictures afterwards. I will try to print the alternate one, because the hair has to go a bit in the heat to be "glued" in there, otherwise it wouldn't work i think. The hairy lion was built similar, so i think it will work. Thank you really much :)

Sliced it with Slic3r, printed it,
nearly no "hair" was stuck to the print...
Infill/perimeters overlap was at 35%.

Any tweaks to improve the the sticking?

/e: Even with 100% overlap i cant get the hairs to stick....

Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. Did the layers look OK in Slic3r slice preview?

On my printers, I use fairly basic Slic3r settings. The critical part being 0.2 layer height and no scaling. I've made no changes to my infill/perimeters overlap setting (I have used 2 different printers, 1 at 15% overlap and the other at 25%).

Could you provide more of your settings? Layer height, extrusion width, perimeters, etc.

0.2 layer hight
0.4 nozzle
100% scale (tried both small and big one)
35% and 100% overlap (both failed)
Infill was at 12% (rectilinear)

Model came out pretty perfect, but without any hair sticking.

Hmm, sounds pretty good. Your profile says you use a Prusa MK2, that's what I have too, so this is very odd. On this printer, I've used both PLA and ABS, both with the stock MK2 profiles from Prusa.

What type of filament were you using?
Did any of the layers look weird in the later preview?

I used PLA.
Nothing looked weird in any way.

Maybe u send me your .gcode,
so i can see if its my printer or the filament

It's been many months since I've printed one of these, so I had to re-slice it just now. I've attached that gcode to the files list as "UNTESTED__prusa_mk2rocktopus_2_hair10_percent_infill.gcode". I can test this later tonight.

Printed it by 80% atm.
Works pretty well.
Could you maybe upload your print and filament profiles?

Glad to hear that it appears to be working.

I'll see if I can zip them up my profiles and attach them temporarily*. I think you can also view many of the settings in the bottom of the gcode file.

Are you using the Slic3r Prusa Edition? I just downloaded a newer copy of it from here
(top link under Drivers column)

I haven't tried this newer version, but the settings seem pretty close to the ones I got when I first installed. Notable differences in the "0.20mm NORMAL" profile:

Vertical Shells - perimeters:
Mine: 3
New: 2

Horizontal Shells - Solid Layers:
Mine: Top = 6, Bottom = 5
New: Top = 5, Bottom = 4

And in the Filament profile "Prusa PLA 1.75mm", nothing really stands out (other than some new features).

I'm betting that the new settings will work fine too, but I haven't tested them.

  • see "for_Paddes.zip" in the thing files -- I'll delete it after you download

I see your sense of humor: Rocktopus, Spocktopus. I like it!
But please don't do a Cocktopus. ;D

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thats awesome hahaha i will print

Has anyone printed this using Simplify3D? Almost all the hair fell out. I printed the Hairy Lion just great but this was mostly crap.

Sorry to hear that. I use Slic3r for everything, so I can't guess what happened. I would test in Simplify3D to see if I could replicate the issue, but there's no demo version.

I'll put a warning note in the description about Simplify3D... I'm guessing they print thinner walls or something. My extrusion width in Slic3r is 0.45mm.

Can you provide some info on your print settings, nozzle diameter, etc?

Love the build!!! I did a timelapse of it printing and a forming of the hair!! check it out it's on youtube!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaWEMHqow1qr5-r7qcs-skA check it out when you can :D (if you don't see it, it's because I didn't post it yet but it will be out either the same day or the next day this comment was posted) ITS OUT

Comments deleted.

I just printed one. Awesome design. Thanks!

Nice, ive always wanted a Don King Rocktopus

This is to large to fit my print bed, if I scale it down it loses the hair and outer rim. Is this not scale-able? Nice adaptation BTW

I uploaded a new mini version. Hope it works for you.

I gave it a shot but it seems that it only printed the back of the supports for the hair- I sued .20 layer with 15% infill. Sliced on Simplify 3d , printed on Qidi X-One. I took a picture upload it in the "almost" made section lol.

Ouch! Did it pop off the bed or warp?

No I stoped it and tried to remove it before it cooled- it was in good shape until I removed it other than the brim for the hair. I also attached the slicer picture- it actually shows the shell in mid air and not solid. No biggie.

I used Slic3r on mine. Mostly default settings, no supports or anything crazy.

I wonder if changing your perimeters or something could fix the preview. Can you post some more of the settings?

I addded some on the make side, I can try Slic3r and see if it makes any difference tomorrow. My new Prusa i3 MKS wont be in for about 2 months so .... lol

Thank you- I appreciate it much I will print it out and see how it goes. Good work man I like it.

Sorry it's not scalable. I can see about making a mini version though. Maybe tomorrow.