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Egg Painter Mini (Eggbot derivative) v1.1

by Provlax Apr 12, 2017
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I don't know if anyone else had this issue, but when plotting designs that wrap around the egg, there is a huge misalignment issue. Apparently, it was caused by the difference in steps between the 28BYJ-48 stepper motors and the NEMA17 steppers for which the original firmware was written. After much searching, I found a solution buried deep in the comments of this other EggBot clone here on Thingiverse. I figured I would repost it here, just in case anyone else has this issue, to save you the aggravation of searching for a solution that I went through :)

Apparently, Thingiverse, among it's numerous bugs, really screws up code posted in comments, even when using the greater-than symbol for quoting (and I couldn't find anything that acted as a 'code' tag per se), so... I will upload the changes necessary as a text file.

Mini Spherebot
by PawArmy

This is a beautiful project, congrats!

I just can't seem to get it to work. Everything's printed and setup. Both pen and egg steppers are working from Inkscape. However, as soon as I attach the SG90 servo (brown - GND, orange - pin 13 and red - IOREF) it just starts spinning in pulses and the board becomes unresponsive until I remove one of the leads. I've just used the supplied firmware as is. Any experience with this?

ps. I've even tried to upload the firmware to a different Arduino with the same results...

With what configuration did you start on the software?

I am using 5V motors and everything is working well. There is a lof of play in the motors which causes slipping of the pen when the pen motor is at an angle. Does anyone experience this as well with the 12V motors?

Is there a way to update the code to keep power to the motors to avoid slip?


I am just curious as to how you managed to get a m5x20 bolt into the hole on the axis_r_holder? For the life of me, I cannot get the bolt to go through the hole because the upper bearing mount portion sticks out too far over the hole. The only way I can see doing it would be to wallow out the hole, which I know can't be right. I watched the video and right at the point where you push the bolt in, you cut the video and fade to after the bolt has already magically gone through the hole. I am really looking forward to getting this going, but this one little bittie insignificant detail is holding me up!

Just cut off the M5 x 20mm screw to 15mm. That will be enough. 20mm is too much. Then put the screw into the axis_r_holder with 'M5 Bolt Holder Bottom' not adjusted totally to it's final position (it has to be loosen on the screw). If it still needs to wallow out the hole, just do it a little bit. It won't damage anything, but I think after cutting the screw, wallowing out won't be necessary.

Looks very profesional, I'll do it. Congratulations!!

hello, very good job. sure, i make it later with my child, but for me ;-)

Has anyone modified the STL files to use NEMA 14 or 17 steppers?

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hi, i made one Eggbot but i have problem with motors. I used motor for 12V and when i tried to move with them they only do some little noise but no move. Do you have any kind of idea where is the problem? Servo works normally. Thakns!

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Found your design for sale for 70$ at ali-express: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Egg-Painter-Mini-EggBot-Egg-Bot-derivative-Easter-CNC-complete-assembly-kit-This-is-a-toy/32845564828.html
just thought it might interest you! great design by the way!

Hi, I have a big problem with the motors backlash (mechanical play when reversing rotation) that doesn't allow me to print correctly, especially with text, that needs continuous change in the direction (they are unreadable).
e.g.: if the motor receive the command to rotate 10 degree cw and then 10 deg ccw, due to this backlash the motor turns 10 deg cw, but when it rotate 10 deg ccw, the final shaft rotates only 5 deg because the other 5 deg was consumed for the play. Hope you can understand me.
This problem affects both the motors, arm and egg motor.
I tried to put a little spring on one side of the arm that keep the arm constantly in tension on one side. This improved a little bit the situation for the arm motor, but for the egg motor I did'nt find any practical solution.
I think that this excessive play is caused by the gears inside the motor and the internal shaft suport. Is this due to the poor quality of my 28byj-48-5v stepper motors?
Does anyone experienced this problem?
Thank you in advance for you help!

Hi, I have same problem.
This steppers have big backslash. I thing, that it can't be compensated absolutely. But I am able to found partly solution.
1) Arm: I am using rubber band from arm close to servo around motor to screw. It create minor force to arm and compensate backslash.
2) Egg: It is more complicated. I am using 1m long cord wrapped around egg carrier with 100g weight on the end. This weight create small force to egg motor and eliminate this backslash. Minor problem is that it allow only few rotation during print depended to length of the band.

Are there any software differences between the extensions you provide and the official Eggbot ones? Any reason I can't run their latest software?


PROVLAX and others. I made eggbot but i have a problem with installing it. I made like it is describe change name in colon 52 save it and it still found it like ch340g driver. I have win 10 (64 bit). It is anything else to do? What i`m doing wrong?


Sweet design and great instructions and guidance


I have assembled one of these yesterday and it's being recognized great! Just when the egg rotates, it rotates out of the right hand (ie: the one without the motor), causing it to eventually fall out of the holder (and a terrible drawing result....)

Anyway got an idea why this happens?

Hi. Can you record a video?

Okay, I was able to fix this issue by replacing the gaskets with suction cups from those foam dart thingies :D
Now I have another issue: My hand motor is losing steps, even at 100 steps/s. I'm not really sure why this happens now, but I'm thinking my spring may be too strong.

I made two more changes to my bot today. For one thing, I exchanged the non-motorized hand with this, and removed the spring. I'm pushing it on the egg with the spring holder all the way pushed through the bearings.
And another change I made on a whim, I replaced the hand motor with another one. At 300 steps/s I'm no longer missing steps now.

I have been able to print Elmo now, although the first layer is visibly off. I blame the conversion from 90 to 96 DPI:


All the links to your "owncloud" don't work anymore :-(

Yes, they automatically time out.
What I've done now is use the tip of a nerf gun dart on both hands and replace the spring with a lighter one, now I have no more problems.

I'll do that later

Why are the drive end and spring loaded retainer offset by 4mm?

I went ahead and made one that was 4mm longer. We shall see which works out better.

4mm longer case right in case anyone wants it.

Hi. Can you illustrate this with a photo?

See attached. I reprinted the sprint retainer support and it the egg rotates fine now.

Comments deleted.

If the Inkscape does not connect to the device, please check name of your Arduino in to device manager. And change it in ebb_serial.py on line 52 instead of "USB-SERIAL CH340".I do not understand what to do .Can you give specific instructions with pictures or clips?, thanks

open your Device Manager and under "Ports (COM & LPT)" you should find your Arduino's name (my Arduino's name is Arduino Uno )...

in the file ebb_serial.py scroll down to line 52 => if port[1].startswith("USB-SERIAL CH340"):
change this line to => if port[1].startswith("Arduino Uno"):

I followed your instructions but did not, thanks so much, you can give me a few more innovations

I switched from COM3 to COM1 in Device Manager, just to rule it out, and at the beginning I had problems because the Arduino Desktop APP was still running

Looks like there are two spaces between "Serial" and "CH340". It should be one space.

It is a space I have checked and still can not, thanks for the comment

This morning I installed the Inkscape with extension on a Windows 10 laptop. I changed both the port name and VID/PID to match the device manager information and it communicated fine. Perhaps use only "USB-SERIAL" since you only have one device/port identified. Hope it helps.

thanks for the help, i am using win 7, maybe i will reinstall win,Let me ask you what software to use to open egg_serial.py

Добрый день. Собрал аппарат, всё отлично, но есть вопрос. Если в прилагаемом Inkscape нарисовать, ну хоть полсотни спиралей, бот отрабатывает отлично. А если вставить ч/б картинку (например окей-фейс из вашего рендера, или любой простой ч/б паттерн) и векторизовать её, инкскейп примерно на 10-20% процедуры рисования выпадает с ошибкой.

Error reading serial data.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "eggbot.py", line 1154, in
File "D:\inkscape\share\extensions\inkex.py", line 268, in affect
File "eggbot.py", line 200, in effect
File "eggbot.py", line 440, in plotToEggBot
self.recursivelyTraverseSvg( self.svg, self.svgTransform )
File "eggbot.py", line 500, in recursivelyTraverseSvg
self.recursivelyTraverseSvg( node, matNew, parent_visibility=v )
File "eggbot.py", line 556, in recursivelyTraverseSvg
self.plotPath( node, matNew )
File "eggbot.py", line 981, in plotPath
File "eggbot.py", line 1142, in plotLineAndTime
if strButton[0] == '0':
IndexError: string index out of range

И еще вопрос. Для корректной, не растянутой отрисовки, приходится сжимать изображение по вертикали. Использую опять таки прилагаемый шаблон Инкскейп..

I can't connect with the UNO, what do You mean when You say "Please check name of your Arduino in to device manager. And change it in ebb_serial.py on line 52 instead of "USB-SERIAL CH340", especially about " line 52" .Thanks in advance.

"ebb_serial.py" - it's file of plugin for inkscape.
For "device manager" please see - https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc754081(v=ws.11).aspx

I have been playing with this for a couple days and its working quite well now. when you go to eggbot options in inkscape uncheck x axis wraps all the way around. that corrected the issue with the egg painter losing its place. I'm pretty happy with the quality of my plots now.

I got the egg painter going. I'm having some issues . I'm not sure if it's the settings in the software or the loosenss of the steppermotors. The designs are not turning out. The parts of the design are misalligned . Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Please describe your problem in more detail. Attach the photo if possible.


I am starting with this project, but cant open file 0000010.М5_Bolt_Holder_Top.stl with slic3r.
How can I repair this?

Thanks in advance.

Please export yourself from the CAD files - https://tinkercad.com/things/6ssilKq50JS

I figured it out - I am dumb. The changes I was making to The ebb_serial.py were not being saved because of the program I was using. it was a garbage program. it showed the changes even when I opened the file later but it didn't actually change the file! Anyway Yay I got it! once it's finished I will post some Video. Thanks for the help.

I Tried your suggestions but no luck, I read all the comments on the eggduino page. it's probably something on my end with my computer . I guess I'm gonna give it a rest for now-I have been at it all day. Maybe I will try again closer to Easter.

I have installed the firmware on my arduino uno and installed inkscape but it wont connect to my uno.I can see in the instructions you tell how to correct this issue but can you please clarify ? I cant seem to get it to connect. do I have to disable auto reset? any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been struggling with this for awhile. Thanks.

Comments deleted.


  1. Please check name of your Arduino in to device manager. And change it in ebb_serial.py on line 52 instead of "USB-SERIAL CH340".
  2. Did you separately install the inkscape 0.91 and copy the extension to it? Or you use inkscape+extension.zip? Please try separately install. This installation sequence can solve the problem.
  3. Also try to reduce the speed of the motors on the page "Timing".

Good derivative! But I want to see that 28BYJ48 motor was using the template Eggbot, how to eliminate the error? Because graphics are distorted. In the example of EggBotExamples_v2.8.0, and in NEMA 17 all seemed normal.


This is a bug in the firmware. Please download the latest version from here - https://github.com/ProbotXYZ/EggBot/blob/master/Firmware/Firmware.zip

With the latest firmware, you need to use a template with dimensions of 4096 * 1100 px

May be the inherent defect of the motor, It can not get the effect with the Nema 17 motor even the 4096 x1100 pixel template settings.

This is a really well designed thing. I have printed it and was impressed by how well the parts went together. I am waiting on a few of the components to come and was wondering how well this will work ? how precise will it be? can I do the cool designs I see on you tube? There weren't many videos showing this design on you tube. If i get it working I will make some.

The stepper motors have a reducer. So they play a little. This slightly affects the accuracy of the drawings, but this is not critical.

I was wondering what type of connectors are used in the photo that shows the wiring? Will the electronics fit in the enclosure with the standard arduino headers and the ready made style prototyping wire?

It's XH2.54 connectors - http://canbemake.ru/recommends/xh2-54/. For use it you need this - http://canbemake.ru/recommends/sn-01bm/.
Also you can use this curved pins - http://canbemake.ru/recommends/2-54-uglovaya-grebenka/ and standart prototyping F-F wires - http://canbemake.ru/recommends/duponts/.

Thank you for the information and links. Your designs (and documentation) are very impressive.

files 9 and 10 are showing bad files for me.

Благодарю за выложенную в открытый доступ замечательную работу!
Скажите, а исходники недоступны для скачивания? Только готовые сетки .stl и .obj?
Просто хотелось кое-что изменить на свой вкус.

Добрый день.
Ссылка на CAD файлы есть в описании.

Прекрасная подготовка проекта до мелочей! Спасибо, хочу сделать по вашей инструкции. Подскажите, насколько принципиален блок питания в 2 ампера (есть 12v 1 ампер)

Не принципиален. Можно обойтись и без блока питания, если использовать 5в движки. Схема их подключения также есть в инструкции.

Спасибо за ответ! Я заказал движки на 12V, как соберу выложу фото. Удачи в проектах!

Hi, I'm currently building this, nice design! I've got a question: the steppers I bought have some play on the axis, is this normal or did I get bad ones?

Hi. Yes, it is normal. These stepper motors have a reducer. So they play a little.

Great build and i have to say it's reasonable accurate to. I found there was a little play in the arm holding the pen as there was a gap either side of where it connected to the main arm so i wedged some paper in and put the pin in and it made it a little more stable while still moving easily. I might try scaling up this part and reprinting so it's a more snug connection. Speaking of which my M3 nuts must have been slightly larger so i had to scale up the top by 1% and then they fit, could have even done with slightly more maybe 1.25% would have been perfect. I was printing in PLA so not a shrinkage issue. Other than the above it was good, just need to get some gaskets as i'm just using some packing material which can move a little.

I have built this, but was wanting to scale this up using NEMA 17 Steppers, what would need to be done in the firmware to do this? I am not very "savvy" in the firmware area. Or could someone point me in the right direction?

hello.can you help me.trying to install the software on my uno, and can not get it to work.thanks

FYI - step 2 of the assembly guide calls out M4 nuts but the parts connecting to it call out M5 Bolts...

Comments deleted.

Спасибо! Отличная вещь, все работает, но сильно греется мотор поворота яйца. Не могу понять причину, буду признателен за подсказку

Ответил вам в 3D today.

Hi, I am getting ready to make this but realize all my 28byjj steppers are 5V. Can this work with 5V steppers?

Had the same issue. Working fine with 5V steppers too. Just make sure that you move the stepper driver power wiring to a 5V port on the Adruino. Don't leave it on the "Vin" port as shown in the documentation as it get's it's current from the power supply (e.g. 12V).

Please help. i have been trying to install the software on my uno, and can not get it to work. I am not very good with electronic portion, but i have spent 3 hours trying to get it to upload, but i cant seem to get it to work. anyone have a step by step?

What UNO board do you use?

figured it out, downloaded the firmware from a different site, and it worked.

There's something wrong with the files for parts 9 and 10. They have strange symbols embedded in file names and won't open in CURA, all other files work OK.

What Cura version are you using? I checked 15.04, everything works fine - https://yadi.sk/i/GoUjaezd3Kc8uM.
You can also try to import files from the CAD - https://tinkercad.com/things/6ssilKq50JS

21.03, download the zip file from thingiverse and look at the file names , they are a different format for these two parts.

This also looks correct - https://yadi.sk/i/qlzYzY723KcCFK
Can you attach a screenshot?

Can't attach a jpg in this app.
When I unzip the files , there are what I'm guessing are Cyrillic alphabet characters in the file name for only parts 9 and 10, in front of the '5' in the file names.
I just tried renaming the files , deleting these characters. When they are eliminated then CURA opens the files just fine.
Apparently CURA can't handle these characters.
My problem is solved by simply renaming files for parts 9 and 10, but the next person may encounter the same problem.


can you explain 1 x 2x18mm Iron Nail without a hat ?

Thank you very much! It works great!

Do you have any picture of the wires inside the eggbot? how did you manage to fit all the cables inside the case? I am having some trouble
s in closing it with standard breadboard cables.

Thank you very much, everything worked.

Hello, I collected yours Pro bot, everything connected, installed the program, but the program does not communicate with pro bot/
Tell me what to do?

I've same experience with you.
In my case on Fedora 25, I've modified ebb_serial.py as below and it is working.

48 if comports:
49 comPortsList = list(comports())
50 EBBport = None
51 for port in comPortsList:
52 if port[0].startswith("/dev/ttyACM"):
53 EBBport = port[0] #Success; EBB found by name match.
54 break #stop searching-- we are done.

### serial port test code.

# cat test.py
import serial
from serial.tools.list_ports import comports
comPortsList = list(comports())
# Print to how they express serial ports
for p in comPortsList: print p,"\n"

serialPort = serial.Serial( "/dev/ttyACM0", timeout=1.0 )
serialPort.write( 'v\r' )
strVersion = serialPort.readline()
print strVersion

Please check name of your Arduino in to device manager. And change it in ebb_serial.py on line 52 instead of "USB-SERIAL CH340".

Comments deleted.

What changes are there in 1.1?

This files:


Is there a serious reason to print some parts in PLA, others in ABS?

No. This is only for visual effect.

Thanks! :-) This will be one of my next projects. Hope to finish it before Easter next year ;-)

Well done!, been looking for something like this with the low cost stepper. Thank you
My kids will be delighted.
Just becareful with the AXIS_L_Holder, the top of the stepper holder is very thin.

You have it broke?

Nearly, it's quiet fragile though, printing on ABS, used Acetone to bend the cover, very smart box design. Thanks again.

Thanks for sharing and for the excellent, very detailed, and complete, documentation. Awesome job!!!

I completely agree with lgv2016, great job, great description, thanks! :-)

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing, my grandson will love this. Does it use the same arduino script as it bigger brother?

Software added.

The software of this EggBot is based on the software of the original EggBot. A little later I'll attach the firmware and control program.