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Moon city

by kijai Apr 12, 2017
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never understood these. a crescent moon holding its shape is physically impossible, it would slowly collapse into a smaller orb.

Very nice!
Printed the updated version, which turned out very well - the detail is unbelievable. Printed 0.15 layer height, 40mm/s, gold PLA. Going to leave it "as is".


Moon city
by HowardB

Hola, me lo he impreso y ha quedado de lujo, lo hice un poco mas pequeño y quedo muy detallado, gracias al diseñador...

I've seen it in magazines and online before and it looks really awesome! My printer is a little small though, so I have been reluctant to print it. Great job!

Looking it over really closely, something seemed a bit 'off' to me, context-wise, about the design of this city.... The inside of the moon, behind the city, looked a bit plain, and then it occurred to me that the inhabitants likely would have added structural supports like buttresses or scaffolding to keep the moon-shell from caving-in on them under its weird off-center gravity. Artistically, I think adding a small amount of elegant scaffolding at the upper edges of the moon might even create a neat artistic frame. Just an idea.... Even though it's practically impossible to improve upon something already so lovely. ^__^

You really gave it much more thought than I did, although I also had the idea about the scaffolding and even tried to do it but couldn't get it to look good, it's definitely something to improve on. This was actually one of my first bigger models and I've since learned so much, even updated this model... but I've also learned a lot since that too, so maybe sometime in the future it's time to update this once again! And thank you for the lovely feedback, so awesome to read :)

This is so beautiful I'm tearing up!! TT___TT

IMO it's so Vernian.......so I'm going to print it nice n large and shelve it next to my 3D-print of the Nautilus! :D
(I guess that means that Captain Nemo will be visiting Space soon....)

Yeah it's all cool, they contacted me about it and we have made a deal. But thanks for the concern :)

Fantastic city... I really want to visit there.

Looks like New Cronus from DC comics. Great work

I just made this and it is amazing

i loved moon city!this should get 1000 comments!i love your work!i hope you make more things for me to see!we will print a moon city.

Thank you, that's very kind :) I've been doing a lot of new stuff for another site here, in case you don't know: https://www.myminifactory.com/users/kijai

Thank you for responding. That was my grand daughter writing to you, who is 7. She shows a real interest in technology and computers and I am encouraging her. I just bought a CR-10 and we came across moon city which she loved.

Ooh that's great! Keep encouraging her and one day she'll be making wonderful things :)

Great model! Thanks for creating it and thx for sharing it!

Inspiration from 'The Adventure Zone' podcast by any chance?

how did you paint that it looks amazing

It's painted with silver and copper spray paints, nothing special really :)

What a great model. 19 hours on my flashforge finder on high resolution. No supports needed, just a little cleanup around edges of buildings inside.

Kijai, this model is really really fascinating! I printed one scaled down to 70% and did not think about any supports - I am a newbie to 3d-printing- and found the model without any imperfections the next morning! I painted it with a "natural-stone-finish" outer surface and painted the whole inside with a very gleamy gold color. Looks great to me, I will add some pictures ASAP.
Greetings and thank you for this fantastic piece of art!

Edit: Here's a picture of the unpainted object, sorry for the blurry quality, it was made with a poor tablet cam with really low lighting:

Edit_2: finally pictures of the painted object:

That's a very nice print, especially for being scaled down! Thanks for the compliments and the picture, I'm glad you enjoy the model :)

Gotta tell you, your models rock man. I am printing some and the detail is really nice. I will post them after Christmas ;)

Thank you! Happy to hear you enjoy my work :)

Is that where Pluto Nash lives?

These really seem to be popping up lately huh, thanks for letting me know.

no problem, I have had several of my designs put on ebay, I understand that i put them on a free sight but most of them stole the picture of what i printed and posted it also. It is frustrating, but what do you do. Anyway great model and will be printing it soon. (not for ebay lol)

Very nice moon city, I made one for my grandmother. What are the names of the other buildings if you don't mind?

DO you care to share your slicer settings? This is coming up at 24 hours in Cura and no ice why so long! Great model BTW!

I can't remember the exact settings, but I use Simplify3D and usually print these with 0.2mm layer height, 10-15% infill with speed at 50mm/s. Those are the main settings affecting print speed, should be around 12h print.

very very very nice one !!!

I printed this recently at 100% scale I believe and it came out AMAZINGLY. I don't think I have been this impressed with a print, right off the printer before.
Great model, only used a little support for the base of the moon during printing.

Your print looks great, that filament color is somehow very fitting! I'm glad you like it and thanks for the feedback :)

Nice work. Beautiful detaill on the city. It's a bit of a stretch to call it a moon, however, given the relative scale. Overall diameter couldn't be more than a few hundred meters, so probably more accurate to call it an asteroid than a moon. Does trigger the immagination though.

It could be a "moon" of another solar system, not ours. That why they would build a "city" inside a hollow moon is not all that it's cracked up to be. :)

Hi, very nice model! Do you have the 2D drawing somewhere?
Never mind I found the drawing :)

Why print a fidget spinner when there are fantastic models like this out there. Woke up to find my print finished and perfect this morning. Photos to come :)

when yours printed, was there a decent amount of travels to remove? awesome design!

Thanks! And nope, the picture on the print bed is how it came out.

Someone by the name of “ano044” posted a made of this with a light inside the tall tower in the center. Did he do this himself or is there a model made for this? Thanks

Not sure if you're still looking for it, but there is a remix that I believe is what you want.

Where's the remix with the hole in the tower?

I believe he means this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2574125

Hollow Moon with hollow tower for lighting
by esuorc

Could you add a picture of the far side. Edit: Oops I missed the one that was there.

This looks amazing! Planning on printing one at 300mm tall (11.8" or roughly 200% of original model) but what was your infill percentage?

Thanks! I think I used 20% infill for my print. Can't say if you need higher when scaling up, you should check how the infill lays under the small flat surfaces like stairs so they'll have enough support and you won't have holes on the surface at those parts.

Thanks for the quick reply! Will definitely do and post pics when it's done :)

So I'm guessing you never got around to doing a huge print. I am also interested in attempting this.

I actually did finish my huge print! :) It's about 300mm tall (larger than a basketball) but I haven't gotten around to painting it yet. I posted progress pics on the "3D Printing" facebook group. You can see it here:


DotScott1 --->Curious...How long did it take you to print it and on what printer?

94 hours on the CR-10-S4

WoW! Almost 4 days. I'm printing the original size and so far at 20+ hours using 20% infill and settings or Fine+ (not Extra Fine but close).
Also using a CR-10.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Great job. I love it!

What type of material did you use for this print, PLA, ABS???? What color?

Thanks, glad you like it!

I used Hatchbox Bronze colored PLA.

Just made this.

Did you use any support in build. ?

I did a 5% but now having fun removing all the little bits :-)

Only used support at the base, the buildings and whole inside part of the moon doesn't need any supports. I can imagine how fun it must be clearing that up :p

Thanks, yes cleaning it up is not so good :-)
Just doing again without supports.

This is beautiful. Fantastic work.

That's really cool...really cool!

This kinda reminds me of the city from Disney's Treasure Planet. I don't remember the name, but it was like the lunar city or something. Absolutely beautiful!

Simply. Amazing.

i´m sock, beautiful thing

WOW.. its beautiful.. thanks..

wow brother, that's amazing!

This is the stuff of dreams. You could probably alter the model to install LEDs and have a beautiful, living city as a night light.

Heh, that actually was the original plan and I do have a version of the model where the round buildings have "piping" leading to the base for wiring LEDs. But I didn't have small enough LEDs to fit through all of those "pipes", thus I scrapped the idea for now. The buildings would need to be slightly bigger as well.

On hindsight I should've just printed those buildings separately...

This is one of the best designs I've found on Thingverse...Congrats!
I was thinking about how easier it would be to paint if the inside was separate from the outside. Also, maybe the inside could be printed with clear filament for lighting it up. Now that would be cool.

Maybe run fiber optic wire and run off 1 or 2 leds.

14 Hours into print and looks good so far at 0,15 layer hight. How did you post process it. The copper paint looks amazing what sort of is it ?

Post process was simply by spray paints I had available. I did few layers of filler primer (forgot the brand but it wasn't anything special, any primer would do) and for the copper I used this:

Hope your print finishes without issues!

Did you just spray the entire inside with Copper Paint? I wouldn't have the skill to just do a targeted spray on just the buildings, this looks amazing

Yeah I did only that at first, that's how it's on the main pic. Later on (as you can see on the second pic) I applied some other metallic colours by brush, trying to improve the look a bit. Still unsure if I should've done that at all...

Wow this is art! Very well done ;) This will be my next project after the huge amount of upgrades for my printer. Keep up the good work ;)

Thank you, I'd be very interested to see how it turns out!

Much better than the "thousand and fifteens" fidget spinner in here. Very creative! I will not build it, but I like it!