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Squishy Turtle

by jakejake Apr 9, 2017
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Could you slice off the feet just before the squiggle on a flat plane so that we can print the feet in a different color? Then they can be super glued on. I've tried for hours to try and modify it in several programs and I finally gave up. Thanks!

So if anyone is thinking about buying the extra shells be warned, they all work EXCEPT the wireframe, for some reason it does not have the geometry to enable the H clips to snap into place, it's like that step just wasn't done...

Anyone tried TPU yet?? Or is this meant for TPU? Haven't tried printing it in PLA but how would it be squishy? Doesn't make sense. Made one in TPU though and i can throw it at a wall and it bounces so it's fun. Compliments to the designer.

I know this is late, but its meant for rigid plastic, not TPU. I've printed dozens in PLA. The legs are bouncy and if you drop the turtle it bounces up and down! (don't drop it from too high though :)

Printed couple of dozens scaled at 50% for my son's friends at the kinder garden.
Very happy with the design, that's why I bought the additional shells!

If you are printing this at 50% scale, don't bother with the connecting pins, they are so small and very difficult to be inserted without breaking them. I just printed the head slightly larger so that it holds the bottom and the shell together.
The downside is that this way the head not movable.

How did you add your name on the bottom without having outlines around the text? Everytime I add text to one of my designs it prints out with outlines.

Printed on a Anet AM8 all at 100% everything fit perfect, thanks!

Love it! First springy thing I've printed! To get the head and clips to work, I used the 85% head and had to reduce the size of the clips a bit. Flashforge Finder.

Comments deleted.

Your allowed to have an opinion. They are designed perfectly fine for FFF.

Comments deleted.

Neat but not particularly designed with FFF in mind.

I've printed over 100 on 4 different FFF printers. One at 350%. All printed perfect.

It's not particularly designed with FFF in mind. For instance, the long thin head/spine parts should have adhesion discs to improve print reliability.

I'm sure you managed to print them, but that's not the point. The point is it's not particularly designed toward the technology.

99% of things here have no supports built into the models. That doesn't make them any less designed with FFF in mind. This model was explicitly designed with FFF in mind. There is no brim or adhesion disc because it's not needed and would be an inconvenience and a waste for most people. If you have adhesion issues add a brim in your slicer as you would with any other model.

This the typical mindset around here. Deny, deny, deny.

The problem with adding a brim to the entire model is that you have to remove an entire brim from a model in post processing. Why would I want to add time and material for a brim on regions that don't really contribute to lifting in the first place? Just put it exactly where it needs to be.

Adhesion discs should be a slicer option since it's so specific to FFF in the first place. Until that happens, we have to rely on grey matter where available.

If you don't believe me, then try it yourself. Print a long, tall, thin object with significant double overhang. Something that pushes your printer's dimensions. Print one with brim, and one with two adhesion discs. In something like ABS. See which one takes longer to print, wastes more material, and takes longer to post process.

Again, the designer knows up front: "this is a long thin object with double overhangs that will be prone to lifting" and "I am designing this specifically for FFF".

Why would you not adjust the model to increase its likelihood of success on a wider range of printers?

Because what exactly?

Because crazy.

how about because different people use different layer heights and need different settings for bed adhesion parts, so it makes more sense for the end user to add these either in the slicer or with a separate tool like meshmixer, rather than the designer make arbitrary additions that will only suit how he wants to print the piece. are you really that upset people are leaving their designs more customizable, because it requires an infinitesimal expenditure of effort and materials on your part when they do. maybe don't use other people's designs if you don't like how other people do the work

So everyone should have to deal with removing an unnecessary support structure because a few people have adhesion issues. Again, you can very easily add a brim or adhesion disk yourself. If you don't want a full brim then add the disk in meshmixer or literally any other similar program. Even tinkercad could do this fairly trivially.

I never said adhesion disks didn't weren't useful, I didn't even say they wouldn't be useful with this model, but claiming that if they aren't included in a model means it isn't designed with fff in mind is just silly. You're expecting a minor problem that a small fraction of users experience be solved by the model designer.

Support structures of any kind should be an end user addition. Otherwise you're inconveniencing everyone that doesn't need them. If you can't understand that then you're the only one in denial.

those look awesome, I'm new to printing in 3D, struggling to atually print something. Can you help me?

If you have the skills and your printer is calibrated well you will have absolutely no trouble printing all the parts at 100 percent.No support, no brim just the model. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:505654

Squishy Turtle
by bricor

Someone stole this on TinkerCAD and put a top on it, and it's been recognized by the staff and has over 400 likes (VERY high for TinkerCAD) and everything: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/94QYLdEdfKD

As long as they gave credit, I'm sure it would be fine

They did not. I posted a complaint on tinkercad. I would advise you to do the same.

Simply genial...many thanks!

Great little turtle. I first made it with PLA but the leg broke when it fell on the floor. I then made the base is PETG. Much better. Now he is two tone. I had to use the smallest head to fit. I also made the H clips a little smaller. Thanks.

Me too. Perhaps the author could give the critical dimensions that we need to design to.
1: Width of head slider.
2: Width of H clip.

I lowered the Y dimension on my H clip from 11.43mm to 10.6 mm. Then it worked fine. The original clips (on my machine were just a touch to wide for my shell builds.

Wow, nice work :)
did anyone created mine-turtle version from ASDFmovie? If not yet, I can't wait :D

Hmmm I like where your heading.... I might try that, it's a great idea.

If I do, I'll make sure I credit you as well as jakejake for the idea!

I'll be looking forward for that little mine turtle!

I really liked your model! I've made several and in fact, have modified it to fit a neopixel ring and battery in the top shell. I also made it so the head-tail piece is all that's needed to connect top and bottom. I tried the H clips but could not get them to work. I'm working on making the illuminated Turtle self contained. For now, its on the test rig and connected to external power. I will upload my modified files soon. Thanks, I tipped you!! I've tried to post two movies which were not accepted. I posted on Google Drive:




That's really cool! Maybe the pins could move out to the sides? I'm not sure but I'll take a look at the stl

Which head should I use if i'm printing at 100%

I see a lot of people are printing these at higher scales -- but has anyone printed them at lower scales? 50% scale would be much cuter, but I just tried it on my prusa mk2s and the springs were too stuck together.

What sort of speed do people print these at? My printer is having issues with printing and sticking the spring shapes to the bed. I don't have any issues with any models other than this and your monster truck. Any advice on settings to use? Thanks!

+100. I have the same problem. With bottom part. Even on 20mm/s speed first layer didn't cluing. Like some kinda curse on this part)) I solve it by rotating upsidedown and enable supports. But even this was not enough: one of the legs didn't wanna stick to bed. then I add brim 4mm. And only then I had printed bottom ))

Comments deleted.

I am having a heck of a time getting the supports out from under the leg spring area...any suggestions? I am sure it is something that I did, I am very new to 3d printing. I use simplify 3d and have a purse i3 2ks if that matters...Thank you in advance!!

I printed straight on the metal bed with PETG. No issues with PLA either. I have the MK3.

I printed this on my Prusa MK2, also sliced with S3D. No supports at all, and it printed perfectly.
The only time I used supports were either side of the head, when I scaled it up to 300%. Again, everything fitted perfectly.
Hope this helps.

Thank you for that I will try it again without supports!!

You're very welcome mate.
We were all beginners once and I'm happy to help.

Some time ago I printed this and posted my make, at 100% scale.
Today I just completed one at 300% scale, and everything fits perfectly, just like the original, even the squish/bounce is perfect.
Of course, I have posted this make too.
Once again, thank you so much Jake.

That is incredible! I have a new goal now, to print the biggest Squishy Turtle that my printer will support. :-D

Thank you! It is a fantastic design that works great when up scaled.
Good luck with your print.

about how long does it take to print this

Stupid me just added the 85% head to all other parts in a hurry Looked a bit weird standing on it's nose but probably for a reason. Ok start and then lunch and get the kids home...
Well it was a mess, but besides one H part and the head itself no big harm ;)

Can you take your name off the bottom of this? Otherwise i'll just make my own and call it squishier turtle.

It's funny when people complain about this. Someone makes something, offers it free to everyone with no caveat other than that their name is etched onto it, and then you ask them to do extra work to remove it, and then threaten to steal their work if they don't.

thanks for pointing this out. all of my designs will have some type of watermark from here on out. It is to make it harder for people to sell the design, and businesses use them for their own promotional material. The classy chinese company 86duino is doing things like this for example:

versions without the watermark will be offered for sale and through my patreon.

Exactly... It's even on the underside for heaven's sake.

I was also looking for that and found the version without name on the bottom on pinshape.com


what is the differince in the heads

The necks are thinner. 95%, 90%, and 85% thinner.

I ended up needing to use the 85% one so that it fit correctly, and I had to scale the clips down to 96%

I printed this awesome model out a while ago, and I am no trying to implement a similar spring/flex/compression 'mechanism' in my own model, like used for the turtle legs.
Any tips on how to model this to make it look good an function well. I've been trying for a while but I have not come up with anything decent yet.


Just finished a 'production run' of 4 Turtles. No problems but had to use the .85 version of the head. Compliments to the designer. How did you do that? Just how do you think in 'slices' in an assembly of parts?

Is anyone else having an issue with Spikey 1 shell where it says that the model has empty layers? :(

Turtles all the way down. Love this.

If anyone with S3D has trouble printing this (the clip won't fit into the "bottom" part) -> turn "Merge all outlines into a single solid model" off (advanced tab). Otherwise it will bridge / close a part in the model that is not meant to be closed.

Any tips on the clips? I am printing ABS on TAZ6 and the ABS could be the issue but those suckers just won't go!

If they don't fit, some ppl had success by scaling them down, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2238443/#comment-1341403. If you can't print them at all, you might just glue the top / bottom together. Good luck!

Squishy Turtle

Dear Jakejake,

Thank you for the honest response.

I may consider going for the same Ultimaker 2 3D printer for the sake of having a good printout at the end

Thank you

What world do you live in that you think current & most common printers will bridge on a radius???? The design overall is very cool, but you need to reconsider the design of the 'Bottom' if you really want to wow people... Yes, Im stubbornly OCD, but I expect better from a featured design model. Maybe Thingiverse has more to blame from that perspective

What world do you live in where support material does not exist? And there is no curved bridges. There is curved overhangs, but printers can do that easily.

sounds good dude :P

try to keep calm it's just a print

Very nice model! Printed great on an Anet E10.
I slowed the print speed down to 45% and the flow to 105%.
This produced a really nice and strong model.
No supports, just a small skirt for bed adhesion.
Great Model! Lots of fun to print and assemble.

Dear Jakejake,

Thank you for the great artistic work. They are awesome.

Sir, please could you share with me, and may be other newbies like me, how you smoothed the surfaces of the turtles. They look very smooth.

Thank you

I print just about everything on cura's quickest draft settings, with an 0.2mm layer height. My 3d printer is an ultimaker 2 which consistently makes clean looking prints, so that may be the reason. One trick I use is to photograph with diffused soft light, which makes imperfections less visible imo.

Would love to hear more about how you photograph, the pics are lovely.

What % infill are you using?

the default for draft settings in cura which I think is 10%

With what type of 3D printer do you made that ?

I used an Ultimaker 2, a really good printer if your needs can justify the cost

Jake, hats off to ya! What a great model... I did away with the clips by using the long neck in the groove to keep top & bottom together with a snap! I adjusted the slicer settings and still the neck thickness was too thick... so I held the neck in front of a flame for a few seconds and was able to stretch the neck uniformly using a table top to keep it flat. It got thinnned out just enough to fit the slot! Groovy! Many thank. I love turtle - especially after having this amazing adventure after getting kicked out of the MAUI WRITERS CONFERENCE for being too good a volunteer!! WTF! I wrote this short (4 page )story:
bit.ly/honustorybit.ly/honustory. (PS: I tipped you)

Thanks MauiMacMan! I appreciate the support. That flame seems like a good trick. I also released some necks with varying thicknesses for people with that problem.

Dude - These are freaking awesome. Please keep up the good work and let me know if you're going to do a Kickstarter project. I'm in if you're designing... Have you seen the 3DKitBash work? Thank You!!! (PS - Tipped U)

Thanks! I wasn't aware of the kickstarter route, that is really interesting. I have been looking for ways to earn money to support my hobby, maybe I will have to try that.

Maybe look into patreon too.

These are awesome! The kids love them. Thank you.

I made the mistake of printing this with rafts and supports.

Was so thrilled to see the Squishy Turtles featured finally! They print beautifully!

this is very cool, i love the designs of the springy feet and the pins you used to connect the two parts. and the option to push the head in and pop it out. the detail is amazing. great job man this is good work

jake jake, nice avatar photo.

when i set my printer to print,




Get get get get
Got got got got
Turtles rush to my
Head lit hot lock
bouncin’ off the
Fuckin’ block

Haha, stay noided

This is awesome! Printed wonderful, Thanks for making it. I love the customization options so much.

FYI: Even though it's meant to be printed in PLA I got curious and tried it on a Formlabs Form 2 SLA Printer with v3 Grey liquid resin.

I figured it'd likely not work due to the springs not being stiff enough with that type of resin or the body too heavy perhaps but I tried anyways. Unfortunately that seemed the case, the turtle sank to the table under it's own weight with no springiness / bounciness. No worry though, wasn't intended for SLA / resin printing! Still awesome!

This is a very nice design, Jake! Thanks for sharing it. :)

Hey, this is a great and cute design - well done! But I was a bit disappointed after printing it, as I thought the head would coming out again after pressing from the top (not your fault, wrong expectations). This would be a nice upgrade / update and a perfect use of your "spring system".

Comments deleted.

Just printed in ultrat, and it looks good, but the top is rock solid not squisy?

hey, whats the yellowish pla do you use in the pictures?

It's MatterHackers Pro PLA, blonde yellow

What is the layer height set at?

First one I printed with a skirt as this was the default setting but it was a bad idea as I messed up with the flexible legs. The second one I printed straight onto the bed and it worked great - now my daughters favorite toy!

Très bien fait! Imprimée à différentes échelles sur microdelta rework ;)

Ive printed out 11 of these so far. 1 for testing. 9 for the girls at the office. 1 for me at 200%. Everyone came out like a boss. The snapping turtle shell has an issue about half way up where its hit or miss on remaining attached. Maybe too thin walls? Id love to see more shells. Some more swirly patterns. One of the girls at work kept calling it a frog. Brain fart. But that did bring up a cool idea. Any plans on squish frogs that hop? I can already see no work getting done because everyone is seeing who's hops the furthest. LOL

Thanks for the hard work.

I'm LMFAO at "brain farting" part XD.

Great design dude. Really.
Impressive at least.
Can you add a plain shell to play with?


I have just uploaded a plain shell, you can find it in the thing files.

Awesome print. I have made 2 and plan to make the rest.

My granddaughter really liked this ..she wanted all the tops printed in different colors . Had to experiment with the scale as my dremel 3d40 printer uses print studio and imports it at too large a scale to fit n the bed so you have to re-scale it to fit the bed . the auto desk print studio allows for measure so I printed and measured the parts the adjusted the scale on the next prints to match what I measured . If you use 45 mm dia for the shell I found that 45 mm dia shell worked and I could print the head piece at size a that was strong enough and fit. i used 1.6 mm for the tail thickness to fit the slot . also could not figure out how to use the clips and what size to print them I used the same techniques to figure out the right size. I found the assembly in Jakes web site .

Thanks JakeJake, will try - printing now a upscaled model (2) will post when finished regards John

Hi i must print this in flex filment

JakeJake -- the tail is too thick for the slots in the body shells, anybody else had same problem, tried scaling the X axis by 1mm but still too tight and makes the head too narrow, great design - can the tail be thinner?

I held the neck in a flame for a few seconds and slowly pulled to stretch and thin the neck. worked like a charm! To the point for using the neck to keep them the two pieces together. check my comment.

Yes, I had the same problem. I am going to turn down my extrusion rate and try again. I scaled down the "neck" to .9 just to see how far I had to go and it still doesn't slide right. Will try a remix with a skinny neck if I can't get the ext rate to fix it.

You may need to re calibrate your printer or check your belt tension. Also make sure first layers are not too squished. I have had this problem before. Good luck man, I hope this may help.

I would recommend printing the bottom with more than two walls. I printed a bunch of turtles with two walls (0.8mm) and the legs broke off of several of them just from falling on the ground (which tends to happen if you give them to kids).

I'm printing my next ones with 4 walls (1.6mm) to make sure that the legs have plenty of strength.

Simply, fun, easy to print. Great.

Is it just me or did any one else hope that the head popped in and out when you squished it?

It doesn't?! Oh well.

This looks very cool I cant wait to make this ,thank you for this design :)

oh man, if you could've seen the smile on my daughter's face when I gave her this toy! priceless. Thank you for making her smile.

This is a great print. PLA, no supports, easy to assemble. Wonderful.

Fantastic job <3
Milion of kisses for you!

@ Silent1fd

I scaled one to %150 without issue, didn't have to sand anything because of increased size.

Awesome, thx I will give it a go after a few projects, thanks for letting me know!

I made one and they are cleverly designed. after a good deal of sanding the channels everything fit together quite nicely.

Comments deleted.

Should you use PLA of Ninjaflex?

PLA Will do. Tolerances are tight.

great presentation on video...wish all showed assembly like you did. Awesome little turtle. Cant wait to try it.

Does this scale up well? I would like to make a big one, but i'm not sure if it will mess with the springiness/ not fit together.

I have not tried it so I am not sure. The only print I've seen was by twitter user @MCHRISP1 at 275% scale:

Great model. Printing my first trial now. Anyone tried scaling it down?

All right thanks, I might give it a go and let you know.

Someone else did it and say it worked. they did @silentf1d but didn't reply

Yeah, been a bit busy, haven't tried it out sorry. Thanks for grabbing my attention to remind me of this! :D

Cool design. Printed one for my daughter. She loved it.

every time i try to print this the shell dosent match the body in size as in its smaller and i printer the files as they come

Your designs are very good! I am raising money for my music department, and I would like print out and sell some of these designs for that purpose, with your approval, I am planning on writing where I got the designs from on paper that comes with the turtles. I would also like to know how you made some of these designs, with what software I mean.

Thank you! My designs are done with solidworks, since I use it for my day job I know it well.

As for selling the designs, take a look at the creative commons license information on the "thing details page". Since this design is listed as "non-commercial" you can't use it for monetary compensation. I have given the 8-bit mario a public domain license, since it is basically the original Mario, so that design can be used to sell.

That's just awesome, coolest thing I have seen here.

Included a picture too. You can tell I had fun playing with my colorizer at the same time. This is just awesome. Mostly I made this to get my daughter jealous (told her it was mom's toy).

What's a colorizer? Is that a physical device of some sort?

do a search for filament colorizer and you will see several methods here. Mine is based on another's design (cited in that topic). It is a little device that holds a sharpie (mine holds 4) to color the filament as it enters the extruder. Saves buying multiple colors of filament but is not a perfect solution.

WTF You draw so good and designed it so well. Wtf. Teach me senpai.

I just think about a cool thing, then draw it, then build it. its pretty easy. haha

Printed beautifully on my Anet A8 using Rigid Ink PLA. The slider was a bit tight but I sanded it down. I didn't bother with the clips and used a tiny bit of Blu-Tack instead.

Kids love it. Thank you Jake!

Great job, only a defect in my case.. binary head a bit tight (with bottom and Hclip in abs and head and top in pla).

This should really be featured! Awesome design. Printed fine in PLA with good head-sliding and body-bounching. Got a bit of curling around the turtle's neck, but that's expected for parts that are barely held to the build plate.

One piece of constructive feedback: would be nice if there was a small detent to "lock in" the head in both positions, ideally with a satisfying click.

Also: I'd suggest the Slic3f Prusa edition - was able to get smoother dome shapes with a finer resolution near the top.

good tips and thanks for the suggestion, that would be nice and I already have a component pressing on the neck so that would be a simple update

Should I use supports and if so on what parts

the sliding part of the head is to tight.
could you make the sliding part about 5% smaller?

I'm sure you could scale the part down yourself with whatever 3D print software you use. It's been possible in all I use, at the least it's a good feature to know how to find, so worth looking in to.

I've been thinking of how to address this discrepancy between printers and will release several neck sizes along with a test print to help people determine the right size soon!

theres no need for supports for the shells correct?

no supports needed

printed it with petg on my anet a8, looks very nice. thanks for the design!

do you need to print this in ninga flex or can i use abs

Ninja Flex might be too flexible

just standard abs or pla is what it's designed for

I dont think would will read this but i was wondering if you have thought of making themed heads and/or legs, like having the low ploy shell and having a head that is sort of low ploy, just an idea

yea that's a good idea, I am just busy with other projects, but maybe in the future. I have also gotten some requests for a separate legs / shell so the entire shell can be a different color.

I made a few of these. Jake, you've come up with a great design.

My turtle came out beautiful, I made it for my mom for mothers day because she collects turtle figurines. She absolutely loved it. Can't wait to make more!

Awesome! I'm glad it worked out for you.

Is anyone having trouble with the Spikey 2 shell? I've tried printing it twice and every time I do there's a gap to the right of the head hole that goes all the way to the back (sorry my describing skills aren't the best). I'm not sure if somethings gone wrong with the download (I tried re-downloading and exporting it) or what, but if anyone is having the same problem it would be good to know. Thanks!

I've printed that one a couple of times with no issues. What slicer and settings are you using?

Very nice, thank you.

I printed it on a ULTIMAKER 2+ in PLA and had to reduce the head to 97% and the two H to 96%. Now everything fits and I am happy.

Thanks for the tip!
I printed two heads directly. One 100% and one as you suggested. Did the same w the clips. Though on my UM2+ 100% worked just fine too.

That's good to know, maybe I will make a test part so people will determine what clearances work best with their printers, but I'm not quite sure of the best way to do it.

I think the problem is not your STL, because each printer prints differently. ;-)

I MUST (!!) print more Turtles, for the family :-) I like your colours, but my printer only have
one color at the same time.

you can print the parts seperately with different colours right?

Nice model, easy to print in PLA. Only problem I had was that I had to size the head 92% and then still had to sand it a bit so it could slide back and forward.

Can you make a frog with bouncy legs?

Can someone please tell me what the Hclip is used for??

The H-clips (need 2 of them) go in the center on either side of the Turtle Head (actually neck). The main purpose is to connect the shell with the base. I highly recommend watching the video if you can.

I didn't get the video working, I did figure it out though and I made the turtle haha. I was so anxious to make it. It came out so nice!

yea, some people cant help them selves and have to be rude just for the sake of it. You might have gotten it together by now but if you didn't, the clips go in center hole to snap the bottom and top shell together. Make sure that they are lined up for the "neck" to slide between the two clips. Hopes this helps

I did figure it out. I made it for my mom for mothers day because she loves turtles. That's why I was so anxious for an answer. It came out awesome. Thank you for your help anyway, I appreciate it and your kindness!

Yes, watch the video.

Lmao rude much? It will not play on my browser, hence why I asked in the comments.

Comments deleted.

Hello! What is the Hclip? What is that used for and do I need it to make the turtle?

Comments deleted.

so good! thanks for pushing 3d printing techniques even further!

you're welcome. Its fun and inspiring to see all of the creative ways people are using 3d printing!

Great design. Head is a bit tight and required me to shave it down a bit. I'll try it at 90% next time.

A maker had success scaling the h clips to 97%. That's maybe something else you could try. Let me know if you have success with any different scales.

I'm realizing that 3d printers have very different tolerances.

Just curious, did you get the idea of the spring-like system from the Simplify3D supports?

I don't think so, but is basically the same shape, now that I think about it. Maybe that thought was floating around in my head when I made the design haha

Anyone figure out how to successfully get the h clips to work well?

One of the makers said that they tried scaling the h clips to 97%, that might work for you.

They are a little persnickety! But I have 4 turtles made after messing with them some. I slightly bend the "H" legs inwards some on both sides and then they seem to pop right in. Put them in like Jake shows in his video, just give those clips a little help to fit.

Any chance on a redign of this with room to put a vibrating mechanism like the hexbot toys?

Thats a neat idea! maybe ill buy one of those little motors and try it.

are you using flex filament with this, or just PLA?

This was designed to be printed with standard PLA or ABS, I used PLA for these.

These are the best! I'm having one problem printing them out. The pieces come out looking beautiful - such a nice design. But the neck of my turtle's head does not fit into the tracks for it on the shell or the bottom piece. The necks are too fat. I'm new at this and my printer is an inexpensive entry level 3D printer, so I'm guessing its an issue with my fun, but cheap printer. I'm going to try increasing the size of the shells and bottom to see if I can get the neck to slide in. The head is big enough looking I think, that it won't look out of scale to a bigger shell.

No problem! I will save out a second head version with a thinner stem when I get home today.

You are awesome! Thank you so much!! Making these for my kids' easter baskets!

These are so awesome, such a nice design... Well Done!

Hi there. I just printed Spiky Top2, I hadn't realized it, but it's one rectangle isn't all hollow. Looks like there was a couple layers that got filled in. Is there a way to rectify this?

I checked the mesh and it looks fine from what I can tell. I'm not exactly sure where the problem is. It might help to see a pic.

Is there an email I can send you pics to? I have a pic of what I printed showing how I tried to tear through the fill in and a picture of the object in Simplify 3D. It looks like it happens around layer 14. I printed out the "orignal" file and it turned out great! These are awesome little turtles. Makes me think of Mario turtles. Haha. Just need to make one Red, Blue, Yellow and Green!

You can send the pic to hello@jacobstanton.com and I will take a look, maybe it's something I need to tweak on my file that just wasn't occurring on my printer.

Email sent. Thanks

Gonna be an awesome gift for my Mom!, She's got a collection of over 50 smallish turtles.

I've got quite a collection too, just from making this!

Why has this not been featured?! I love it!!!

your wish has come true haha