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Toyota 22RE Engine Starer Motor

by Mindless Apr 7, 2017
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I sourced the original motor here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YQ2N9SZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

It takes about 3 weeks to get (from China.). But it's the exact same motor Mindless used. 20mm hole spacing.

Not sure why no one has mentioned the typo in the title to you in the 21 months this has been uploaded. People probably didn't want to be mean (or didn't notice), but that typo may have hurt your views/likes with thingiverse's archaic search engine.

No worries mate,,, all done
i just added it to the rest of the STL it's Called - xxx 17mm 3mm_StarterMotorMount

Damn that was fast!

No worries mate,,, it will be a tight fit but all good --,,

Hi again,
The starter motor for the Toyota engine looks great. Is it a gear reduced motor or is it controlled by an outside source? I see it is 12 volt.
Can you please give me the model etc. and a good place to purchase. Sorry for being a pain in the butt but I'm totally new at this.
I intend to start on this engine as soon as I get my printer. I'm thinking if I print all the small things first that will get me familiarized with how things work before tackling the block etc. Is that a good plan? I'm getting a Pursa MK3. Is there anything I need to know? What kind of slicer program etc? Getting so excited!

Thank you in advance ever so much for your speedy reply to my request.
Much appreciated!

No Worries,,The Motor is in it s R&D stage and will problerly change,,,( bit it might not) i have been busy working in on the " Inmoov" project but i will get back the this motor soon - i found this motor ( link at bottom) that is the some as the one i have got but with a 3mm D shaft --it should be ok,,,, i dare say i will change the motor to 540 Motor because there are a standard R/C Buggy /Car motor and are stock standard in the R/C would so there very east to find -- ,, you have i lot of work to do before you get to the motor install section so i would wait a couple a of weeks until i finalize the design -- Heres the RepRap link for trouble Shooting,,, it can very handy-



Thank you! will wait for your update.
MUCH appreciated!

Hi, I'm brand new to 3D printing, in fact I'm presently waiting for my first printer to arrive which is a "Pursa MK3". It seems to be a moderately priced machine with very good reviews. I'm very interested in building this engine and some of the others. My question is, where do you get the various hardware components that are needed for the builds? Eg:bearings, electric motors, screws etc.etc. will this be available at hobby shops or is it kind of a scavenger hunt? I'm so looking forward to talking to all you guys in the near future.
Thank you in advance ever so much for your speedy reply to my request.
Much appreciated!

Hay oldmufflerman,,
Hardware—Nuts/Bolts—Screws/Bearing etc,,, I source from ebay,,, sometimes i buy local ,,,,but most times I get the slow boat from china,, (you get so much more for your money for the same quality it just takes 15 to 30 day to get it ,,,, so order in advance and keep a slow and steady lot of stuff coming in,,, its really is the best way to go in the long run,, same for Bearings)

Buying the Mix Pack of Screws and Bolts is the only way to go when getting started ,,,,and then you just by the Lenghts you need as you use then up,, ( I brought local for the Startup Packs but buy from china to refill them)

I run Mixed Packs of M3- Both “Pan-Head” (Flat) and “Counter-Sunk” – in M3 and M2 –,,,,there the most common size used in 3d printing Projects – ( but have every size now)

So basically you have one Mixed Pack of M3 Screws that will have lengths starting around 6mm and go to 30mm or 40mm --,,, then mix pack of M3 Bolts starting at around 10mm and going up 45mm in lengh,, etc ( really long Screws/Bolts you normal have to by separately )

Some Projects say use M2.5 ( Erics Engines)– But there a Pain in the Ass to find – So M2 or M3 Screws with do the job,, the Same goes for the Bolts&Nuts – M2 & M3 Mixed Packs with cover 90% of Jobs –- But I did finally track down M2.5 Mixed Packs—

Bearing i just buy all different sizes – the project will tell you what size to use – so I buy them plus a few others sizes while I’m there shopping,,,, there so cheap from china it’s not funny ---

It takes a bit of time to build up a good Supply of Hardware but it’s worth it – a small Drill Press is a must have ( i have i big bench one) if you going to serious with 3d printing it is so handy for many jobs,,, and a Vice too suit it,,

A set of Small “Metal Files” is a Must have too – you buy them in mixed pack of about 10 different shapes for $10 / $15 –
Scavenging parts is good too,,,, just get as much hardware as you can,,,, and over time you will have a awesome collection – iv so much hardware over a couple of years it’s not funny – I can build anything anytime and know I have gear there to do it --,,,
Hope this helps a bit,,,


Back again,
Where is the best place to buy the electrical supplies, like the motors that turn the various engines etc?
Is there a recommended stock I should have? Sorry to be such a pest but this so new to me.
Thank you in advance ever so much for your speedy reply to my request.
Much appreciated!

Thank you ever so much for your informative response to my request. MUCH appreciated!
Can you please supply me with the best (your best buying places) contact points to buy the Chinese bearings etc.? It's a
jungle out there to find suppliers. I definitely want to be well stocked for being able to make
the upcoming projects. I intend on making most of the engines, transmissions etc. that are available. I was a mechanic for
over 40 years so I'm familiar with them. I can hardly wait for my printer to come. So excited!
Thank you in advance ever so much for your speedy reply to my request.
Much appreciated!

Hay,,, here are some ebay sellers i use a lot,, but theirs always other seller i uses at random for some things ,, i lot of these seller are actual connected to each other--,, it dose pay to look at few prices for the part cos they can be a quite different -- The great thing about buy from china if part does not turn up the will say sorry give you your money back or resend the part-- They just want Good Feedback --
Type what toy looking for in the "Search Box" or just pick a category and look around,,, theirs some " interesting hardware" out there...,, i have brought from all these sellers over many years with only a couple of parts having to be re-sent --- funnily enough after they send the new parts out the original ones arrive you get 2 sets,,,,,All they want is "Good Feedback" and they will look after you ,,,,






Thank you for all your great help.
MUCH appreciated!

No Worries Mate,,,, with your mechanical background you will take to 3d Printing like a fish to water,,,

Catch Ya,,,

Any chance you've thought of doing an inset nut and a set screw like many of the motor and transmission parts have?

Yeah,,, there are a few ways I have done it ---M2/ 3mm Length knurled insert nuts work well in very tight place like this pinion gear,,—very few people know how to use this type of hardware so I rarely upload the Parts/STL for them – so I tried using the “D Shaft” method – which to my surprise works quite well,,,, I still have plenty of STL files if you looking for a particular setup configuration---