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Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny

by muzz64 Apr 7, 2017
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Something strange happened. First I made a g-code from the .stl-file with Cura. Everything looked fine and I started printing. The bunny was printed, laying on his side. After about 30- 33 hours the complete bunny was ready. To my surprise the hollow tube was in the middle partly filled with filament, so eggs could not pas. The filling was from the bottom and stopped halfway the “tube”
When I controlled the bunny in Cura with the Röntgen look, the tube looked fine. I have no clue how this could happen. It could not be repaired,

The I took just the body for printing. I controlled the Cura result and everything looked fine. I printed the bunny standing on his feet. After printing the “tube” was blocked again, but now on the entry and the exit. There was extra filament from the uperside. This can be removed with tools, but that should not be necessary.
The big puzzle is, how this could happen, as the model and files looked oké. I added pictures of both.
I have used a Creality 3Ender as printing machine.
Maybe you have an idea as I am just new with 3D printing

Sorry to hear you have been having difficulties printing this design. I always check files before uploading them, and print them multiple times myself, and have not encountered anything like the issues you are having... and lot's of other members have printed them fine as well. I did however check the file (mesh) again today and no issues found.

I have to believe this is a slicing app issue as, based on past feedback related to other designs, Cura users frequently encounter difficulties where there are internal surfaces with a lot of curvature. I believe there are special settings that can be used to help override the default settings and overcome things like this but I am not a Cura user to advise how and where. My MakerBot app has never had issues like this.

As a suggestion, try printing it flat again, uniformly scaled up say 5% and rotated 45 degrees on the Cura virtual build plate. That should force it to develop a different tool path and may help reduce the detail it is having difficulty with.

I hope this helps.

All the best

I am quite sure, the model is oké. I just think it has something todo with Cura or the printer. I will follow your suggestions and see what happens.
Anyhow, thanks for your quick reply

Great Design.
Turned out perfect, my daughter loves it :)

print came out well, head a little wobbly but works thank you

I printed it in one piece with the printer settings provided. Everything went well except for the hinge. The instant I moved it, it broke. I studied it also during printing, but I’m convinced that it is too fragile and should be thicker or build in a way like the flex dino toys have been made. But it’s still a nice thing and I don’t worry too much about it and simply will glue it on because the eggs simply can be put in from the down side. Thanks for sharing.

Well spotted... yes the front stop has been raised a fraction. The challenge is to have a stop but not make the eggs hard to remove. Hopefully this is better overall...

All the best

Sorry to hear your print broke I assume when you were removing it from the build plate. That shouldn't happen, and particularly if it was printed with a raft so build plate removal puts less stress on that joint, but I have had a few similar reports. Yes it is a thin area and only 3D printed plastic... and PLA is a brittle material for sure.

Anyway, as Easter is coming around again, and having read your email, I have uploaded an updated strengthen file. The pin diameter has been increased slightly but it also incorporates some internal surfaces that should make the print close to solid, not much infill regardless of the infill setting applied. This is now incorporated into the design file and .stl available here. Hopefully this resolves the issue.


Thanks for your quick response and adjustments. I first looked at it in a slicer and it certainly makes a big difference. Now there are 4 layers (2 per radius) instead of the previous 2. Btw, the hinge broke when the print was already taken off the bed, not during the removal. Another thing I noticed is that the eggs roll out very easily even with a minor touch. I think a little higher rim at the front may prevent this.

First time I printed with support . Bad idea very hard to get it out of the curve area. I printed it ok. but the hinge broke when inserting pin. standard PLA does not get strong until a certain thinness. I think a gap between movable parts should be .2 to .3 but I'm not 100% sure.
I printed it using Cura on a Hatchbox Alpha. I use.25 resolution and printed it very fast at .85 and movement 185.

Sorry to hear you had problems with your print however this is why the instructions provided specified no support. I also recommended other settings to make it as strong as possible. Please check the site.

All the best

I printed the two-part version and it looks fantastic, but the head won't stay on because it's such a loose fit. I'm going to try printing an alternate version with a slightly thicker rod and see how that goes.

Sorry to hear you're having issues with getting the result you want. The problem is every different slicing spp and machine produce slightly different results. Some are loose, others are tight when using the same file. Obviously yours is loose so increasing the pin diameter slightly should work. However, use a tube shape to do this (not a cylinder) as I usually make pins with a very fine hole in the middle so additional shells are added there for extra strength. I hope you understand the logic with this...

Hello, do you have the file in .dwg? I need to make some changes so the kindereggs would fit in.

You should just be able to uniformly scale this up to suit. I don't think a .dwg file would be adequate for this. It would need to be a more advanced file type due to the design detail.

Well the trouble is, I cant scale in in Slicer, because I would not be able to print it, because it would be too large for the printing area. I need to make the hole for the egg a bit larger on the long side and AutoCad shows it as a net, not as a object.

I can send it as a .stp or .igs file if that will let you do what you want... if so message me your email address


Thank you.

looks cool. adorable.

170% for american full sized cadbury eggs

Don't the eggs come out the back end?

Had that suggestion before... and yes I already have an idea for the future around that.

I just wanted to let you know that I printed one of these (love it), and have used it as part of a demo of my OpenSCAD "SurfaceWrite"
software. ( https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2389564 ) With SurfaceWrite and "Your Name Hare", you can add text that conforms to the surface of an object!

Your Name Hare Bunny (SurfaceWrite) Demo
by Belfry

I love candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kids broke the head off from mild playing with it. I thought it was a bit weak looking while printing and now it's confirmed. Please consider upping the pin size (and hole size, if that's required, but it could probably use a bit of tightening anyway).

Thanks for the fun design !

It's always a fine balance to get things strong enough without compromising other aspects of the design. The challenge with this is that not all slicing apps and machines deliver the same results. I must have printed a dozen and no breaks whatsoever... obviously more shells and infill helps add strength which is why I almost always recommend far higher than the usual 10% infill for anything that will take a degree of force / load.

With 3 shells the pin is essentially solid, but the length of the pin compared to the cross section is the issue. But I can tell you don't agree. For adults there certainly isn't any issue, but even a modicum of side impact on the head breaks the pin (2 so far). Oh well, I guess I will have to just print in PETG, but the colors available aren't near as vibrant and clean looking after print as PLA.

Strength is always a concern particularly at this size. .. I kept it small as possible because there's a lot of machines out there with small build plates.

On that point you can easily uniformly scale this up which will increase the pin diameter.

All the best

hey muzz64. this is so cute. nice functional design.

well done looks grate keep building

Awesome design! I had some issues with the print stringing in the hinge causing it to break, this is due to printer/user error though. I modified the hinge with a metal rod and all was well. I finished it by sanding all of the layers and priming/painting with krylon spray paint. I gave this as a gift to my parents on easter and they loved it. Thank you for sharing this!

super job ! congrats for the nice and precisely designed model ! one question : which application have you used to design it ? I know it depends mostly on your personal skills, but just my curiosity :) thanks

Thanks for your feedback. .. I design in Rhino. Great program for 3D print designing

Printed well and a nice toy for Easter. The hinge on the one piece print is too weak. drilled out the failed small hinge pin in body and drilled the head at each side where the "bumps" are for the hinge pin termination. Inserted a steel rod hinge pin. Now works great. Also suggest the one piece could be posed with the head "open" a bit so the body and head don't fuse together with "fat" printing. First (bottom) layer on mine was fused. sides and top required just a light xacto cut to open head but hinge failed immediately... A few minor issues easily fixed for a nice Easter toy.

I am having the same issue and would like to use the metal pin as well. Please share what tool you used to drill the hole? And what kind of bit? Thanks!

That's almost a year ago. I have a metal workshop as well as doing 3D printing so I had some SS rod on hand, the right diameter. Don't remember what size it was. Same as the plastic. Probably large nail could be cut down and used. As far as I remember I used a standard drill bit. I have a very large drill index with about every size. I picked one for a press fit on the sides. I drilled clear through. The end of the pin shows on the outside. My granddaughter has the bunny so I can't take a look. Wasn't difficult if you are willing to drill the holes...

Thanks for your comments. Most people haven't reported issues with strength however that is easily resolved by adding shells and infill so the shaft is stronger. The bottom line is not all printers and slicing apps work the same and some definitely don't seem to make prints as strong / dense as others.

I have had a couple of requests from people for a version with the head open. I have set this up for people who want it but in most cases the head and body don't stick so it's not necessary and I don't want to post it as too many versions tend to confuse people about what they need to download. That version is available on request and can be emailed.

All the best.

Very nice job. But my "monsters" broke the small piece that join the head and the body. I printed the one piece version, can i print only the head from the two piece version to repair it ?

Sorry to hear about your ,monster' attack... unfortunately they will have broken the shaft that links the parts. If you printed just the head from the 2-part version you wouldn't be able to insert it into the base part. I the 2-part base part there are slots that the2-part head shaft slides into.

If you do try this you would need to cut a slot/groove into your base part... if you can do that then yes it would work.

All the best

Do you think that this design would work for jelly beans?

A couple of people have already reported that they are using jelly beans and it sounds like it's okay.

can this be scaled up for full size cadbury eggs? I dont see any makes or comments of anyone trying it.

I did read a comment where someone had scaled it up to take Cadbury Crème Eggs... that sounded like it worked fine. I hope this helps...

That does help. That was exactly the question I was asking. Now if my printer parts will just come in I can get to printing it :)

Beautiful stylized design, Muzz. And perfect holiday timing as well. Great Job.

Always pleased to hear you like my designs!

Great design but the lip at the bottom that catches the eggs should be raised a little bit. I find the weight of the eggs when fully loaded can cause them all to spill out.

Thanks for your comment... I tried a number of different heights for the lip to try and make it stop the eggs adequately but not make them too hard to remove, bearing in mind there is the weight of the other eggs coming down the shoot behind them etc. Suffice to say I have versions with shorter stops, longer stops and the one posted. The bottom line is, and as noted in the overview provided, as long as people are reasonably gentle with how they remove the front egg it works fine... pull them out too fast and it can let the eggs behind gain too much momentum so the front one can skip the stop...

The type of eggs (size/shape) also makes a difference in this regard so I tried to make it as universal as possible, easy to load and easy to remove them. If that stop goes much higher it does start making it harder to remove the eggs. Hopefully okay...

Go easy, It's a hare trigger.

I've tried printing the just the head portion twice and both times it stops printing at 37%. I'm using a Lulzbot Mini. Any advice?

Sorry to hear you're having issues printing the head... I checked the file and have uploaded a revised version just in case. There were a couple of points on it that shouldn't be an issue but, from past experience, have been an issue for some slicing apps to deal with. As I don't use these apps or your machine I can't check it but hopefully this resolves it for you. The revised file is posted now and has replaced the previous version.

I hope this helps...

If you are using a program like Cura, try switching to layer mode and inspect layers before you print, saves misprints. If your printer has always stopped at this height, issue an M501 to inspect element 211, max position. This is the factory setting for my printrbot play: M211 X100.00 Y100.00 Z131.00. If z height is too low, that could cause the cutoff. The measurement is in millimeters.

I printed it but the head was stuck on the body. As I tried to gently tear it apart the hinge broke.
Wouldn't it be possible to print the bunny as one part but with the head about 90 degrees opened?
This would reduce the possibility of a sticking head and would also reduce the space needed.

Sorry to hear you had issues printing the bunny. Since uploading this design several thousand people have satisfactorily printed it with very few issues reported... but loads of photos of great results. Unfortunately the issue is related to either your slicing app and/or machine accuracy/precision. Also, if the print hinge is weak, it suggests under extrusion (i.e. too little filament to make it strong).

To strengthen it up you can increase the shells and infill %. With regards to the sticking, the design has what should be more than enough clearance between the halves for it not to stick. However, it may be due to how your slicing app / machine deals with the bridging required in that area. The simple solution is to rotate the print 90 degrees in the slicing app before slicing. This will change the tool path so you can expect a slightly different outcome. That is one thing to try...

With regards to the head being printed open I did consider that at the start but, having test printed around a dozen of them didn't feel it was necessary.... however, if you want a file with the head rotated I can email it to you if you message me your email address. I don't want to post additional files as people get confused over which one they need.


This should be changed immediately so the bunny is pooping the chocolate eggs XD

You sir won the Internet that day...

Thanks... it was fun and it was Easter... I'm always pleased when people appreciate my designs!

I did think of that at the started but decided it wouldn't be quite as well received by some people...

Make another version for those of us that will receive it well. ;)

I have an alternative idea that will be better... I just need to get time t design it. I'm sure it will happen in due course!


Thank you very much for sharing this awesome design.

i just wanted to say that this is one of the best documented thing I have seen. the pics describing the loading and how it goes through the bunny are fantastic !

Thanks for your positive feedback. It helps make all the time and effort feel worthwhile!

Do these fit the normal Hershey chocolate eggs with no wrappers?

Yep! The Hersey eggs work fine in mine - with wrappers on. This rabbit is super cute. Well done!

Sorry but I'm not sure what size they are... however measurements are provided in the Thing Details so you can work it out for yourself. You can also uniformly scale the design up to suit the eggs if you need. Again this is explained in the details... but always allow a couple of mm clearance.

I hope this helps...

Thanks... always eggcited to get positive feedback!

Nice Job! I print it but the eggs don't feet correctly. They are a little bit bigger. Could you provide the 3D CAD file to modify it?

Just uniformly scale it up to suit your eggs... the standard channel is 30mm wide (as per the instructions provided). You need to allow a couple of mm clearance. It's easy to calculate. For example... a 32mm egg will need a 34mm channel. 30mm to 34mm is 113% of standard scale. This is the easiest way by far.

I hope this helps you achieve what you want.

Happy Easter!

Ok I can scale up, but I wanted to fix also the head hinge who is too loose and slide on both way. It's seems to be fragile on my print. If you don't want to share the file (I understand that) could you fix this ?

The problem with this is not all machines print as precisely / accurately as others so I have to allow greater clearances in my designs in an effort to try and accommodate all machines and slicing apps. The fact is a couple of people have reported that their heads on this design have stuck and won't move at all....

However, in you case I can edit the file and reduce the clearances in a couple of places (i.e. make minor changes not a complete redesign) and email it to you if you message me your email address. I don't want to post files like this for the reasons advised above.


Really nice - worked perfect! Thanks and Happy Easter!

This was a very nice Easter toy to share. Thank you ! I made it at 60% and we put jelly beans into it.
Son loves it !

Great alternative use... thanks for sharing!

I'd love to print these as gifts for my family on my MP Select Mini but the max print bed only goes 120x120x120. Is there any chance you can put up a scaled down version that still works or crop the ears a tiny bit?

The problem with a scaled down version is even the smallest eggs won't fit. However, I have set up a 2 part print for others with small build plates. I haven't test printed it but the head should slot on after printing then it will function as usual and at full size. If you want the files please message me your email address.

Awesome Design, head was flopping around right off the bed...lol Love it, Made a couple for kids, printing a couple more now.
Thanks so much, What a great Easter surprise.

Thanks for your feedback... Happy Easter!

I printed this several days ago full sized in PLA (and it came out great - without supports), but found that the head was attached so firmly to the body that - even after spending a lot of time trying to cut the solid side seams - I can't open it at all. I'll keep working on it...

Sorry to hear you're having trouble freeing the head. The clearances designed in were intentionally made loose to avoid this. I've printed off quite a few now and the heads have all been free straight off the build plate (as per the images ).

Unfortunately not all slicing apps or machines print the same and aren't as precise / accurate as others. In this case I suspect it is related to your bridging capability.

PLA is very hard so even a small piece joined can be hard to break away... but it should free up.

If not you could try reprinting it rotated on the build plate as this
will change the tool path. This could make all the difference. Failing that I can supply a 2 part version that clips, together after printing. However that still requires good bridging so the linking joint is clean.

I hope this helps

this looks amazing(as i click the follow button under your username) ive been looking for one of these and this is great,

Thanks... pleased you like it. Happy Easter!

I love this. I want to make 3 of them for my grandkids. I'd love to put the kids' names on them. I use 123D for designing. Is there a way that I can convert this so that I can add their names?

Depending on how you want the names, you may want to try tinkercad. It's pretty simple, but gets the job done for simple modifications.

maybe you can use microsoft 3D builder, it is standard on your computer i think that is easy to use

Unfortunately there is no easy way to add that with 123D Design. I'm also not sure where on the Bunny you intended putting there names so maybe message me what you are thinking and we can arrange it via email. If messaging me please include your email address.

I can add the text easily with 123D. I can't seem to convert the file and open it in 123D.

123D doesn't handle mesh stls too well... It has an option to import them but runs extremely slow on my 4gb RAM.

Not quite sure what you are trying to do because the .stl's are ready to print. I assume you are wanting to edit it in 123D Design?

If not you shouldn't need to import it into 123D... just slice it and print it... maybe explain more about what you are trying to achieve.


The easter bunny is giving this to my little sister this weekend!!! Can't wait to print it/see her face!! Thank You So Much!!!

Thanks for your message. .. I hope she likes it.

Happy Easter!

congrats on another feature

How many features u got now,5-6?

Just 4 so far. ..

What exact eggs did you use? Cadbury mini eggs?

Yes... Cadbury mini eggs and also Lindt mini eggs. The maximum dimensions are provided in the overview but you can uniformly scale the model up to suit if required...

The Cadbury mini eggs I got here in the US measure 31mm x 22mm so don't fit in the default scale bunny. FYI to anyone else printing this.

Every market will have different size eggs... but as per the instruction provided you can scale the bunny up. At standard scale the channel is 30mm wide. If you want to go up to 34mm (as you need clearance) wide just scale it up uniformly by 13%. Easy solution...

Understood. Just pointing it out in case it helps anyone else reading the comments. :)

First of all, great design! I love it! I want to print it and but a ribbon on it (^_^)
Then... My printer is small (140x140mm). I think if I scale the bunny, the eggs won't fit. Any suggestion? I don't like what I'm going to say, but maybe cut it in two parts and glue them together?

Thanks for your comment about my Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny design... I've had a think about this and the best way is to make the head removable by putting a slot in the bodies head retaining part. The head has a shaft that runs through this part which usually fully encloses the shaft so the parts don't come apart. By putting a slot in it you will be able to print the parts separately then push the head on after printing. The head should rotate back and forth as usual albeit able to be pulled out again and not a single part as in the original design.

I have this set up as two .stl files to be printed separately. Assuming you want to do this please message me your email address. I won't post it onto the Thingiverse site as it would be confusing for people to know what is/isn't required. I try and keep my listings simple and as easy to follow as possible.

Ok, I'll do that! Thank you, keep the good work!! :D

You are great at making me think," Why didn't I think of that?"

Thanks for your comment... since I started 3D printing I've changed how I look at almost everything. This is where ideas come from... can I change it and/or make it better.

Fantastic! As if your previous versions weren't awesome enough.
Great work Muzz


Have fun with them...

beautiful idea ;)

what stores can u get the eggs at

Just my local supermarket.... they had a good range of small eggs