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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Creality CR-10 E3D V6 Mount Dual 40mm Cooling

by CabDesign3d Apr 4, 2017
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I can confirm that this thing will NOT fit the new 2018 CR10S model. After a 4 hour print I assembled it and there isnt enough tolerance on the main mount and so the fan hits the carriage. If you however extend the mount it will hit the X tensioner bolts and if you extend it even further the nozzle doesnt suspen over the bed anymore and the fan hits the X axis pulley cover. I don want to say that the authour didnt't do a good job. The thing looks amazing but sadly doesnt fit yet. Props to you for the effort though! Just as a heads up to anyone wishing to print this.

It printed beautifully from cura. I have it mocked up however and it only looks like there would be 2mm of clearance from the bed. The nozzle hotend is only sticking down 2mm past the bottom of fans. This worries me

It looks like the left fan would bump into the ender 3 X drive motor.

Can someone confirm this works for the e3d v6 with volcano hotend?

hi all. this is word for e3d volcano?

oops sorry that was suppose to be 40mm fan lol

Has anyone remixed this to fit micro swiss hotend? and maybe a 400mm fan for the extruder body cooling?

It doesn't fit very well and the whole bottom section moves so the fan move around. The whole assembly is too close to the carriage so i had to turn the fans round to have clearance or the left fan wing hits the end stop. Although i did make it glow so that's fun :D

I do not advise printing just yet until its bed clearance is sorted and the angle the air comes out is sorted its currently blowing on the heat block not the model

I made one, but the holder is about 0.5 cm to near at the back plate, to fit the left fan.
On the mock up, one can see that the E3D-holder should stand out/up from the screws of the back plate. in reality it slights perfectly on top of them.
That gives the whole thing way more stability, as the backplate fully touches the holder.
Therefore we are about 0.5 cm shifted to the back.
Very unfortunate, as the rest works perfect!
Making the left fan fit (adjusting the part where it is srewed to the center mount accordingly) would make this an absolute fantastic design.

What size side mounted cooling fans does this take?

made for 40mm fans

Hi you modeled this on a ( sorry for the name im giving it ) a gantry piece with the wheels and hot end. Can you post that model?

Any update regarding the previous comments? Did anyone print it and can say how it works and does fit on the machine?

hey is it possible to share me your files? i wanna edit itin fusion 360 myself on a certain screws.... im using pan screws cause i cant find any for the recommended ones

I'm going to try this out; are you by chance willing to share the source files? I'd like to try adapting it to work with a genuine e3d v6 as well.

I just printed this and it looks like it'll almost work well for the e3d clones; the issue I'm having is that you have it standing too far out from the bracket. I see that you've done this in the mockup as well, which I don't understand... this is intentional? When I mounted it it seems like it should be flush -- you've even left a cutout for the screw head at the top -- but if it's flush then the fan shrouds don't fit.

I'll probably remix the base mount myself, but I'm confused as to what your intent was/is.

Did you get a chance to remix it?

The heat sync on the E3D sits past the lower part of the fan shroud. It can be raised but this means the nozzle is too high.
The section that the E3D heat sync sits into is also a little too loose and will move during printing.

I hope you fix it though - it's a nice looking solution.

1 thing I did do is use MESHMIXER to make Tree Supports id recommend this. I used Cura to slice not S3D(not sure how well it supports haven't tested it), and it didn't do to well with the supports. It could've been that I selected "from build plate only". Even tho with Tree Supports it's way better. Thanks you

im printing now have u printed this yet?

I have not, yet. I am waiting for a V6 clone to arrive from China, then I want to check my measurements. This is a work-in-progress, but I think it's a good baseline. If you run into any issues that need to be addressed, please let me know. Thanks!

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