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Retrocade - Desktop Arcade Machine + RetroPie

by christan Apr 4, 2017
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Please help me, I have an Anycubic i3 with an area of 210x210x205 and that's why I can't print your beautiful arcade.

Hello, if you have a Printer with a big Bed (like anycubic chiron 400x400mm) then you can download both complete Sides from the arcade Machine

Did someone used a 10 inch display instead of 8 inch? I think only the two parts for the display have to be modified

hi, im busy with putting it all together but how do i config the joystick ? retropie boots to the point where you config the joystick but he asks for more buttons then there are. Can i skip it ? Holding down a button longer wont skip it to the next button. Please advise

Hello, i have Problem to assemble the Joystick on the body_-_controller_panel. The Holes for the Screws are not in Place. Can you provide me with the original File you have constructed in Tinkercad (for changing the Position of the Holes, if i load the File in Tinkercad, i have only one Piece), that would be nice, thanks


I also have this problem. The holes do not line up on the joystick. I am currently designing a new stl which I need to test, I don't know or not whether it will work but I will post it here once it does.

can you use a 7 inch screen with this? Thank in advance!

I think yes. As well as other people have done. It's just about resolution. Most games will be better on resolutions 4:3 not 16:9

I am going to try this option as I also have a 7" on order :)


Retrocade - Desktop Arcade Machine + RetroPie

Thank you so much!

Great work! Ordered the parts for my xmas present and I'm printing the body as we speak. Any chance we can get a wire diagram? Having a hard time figuring out how you wired the speakers up. Much appreciated.

Yeah, same issue. Could you just plug in a USB speakers? Have you @Cold71 done something? :)

I was able to examine enough photos of it to figure out what needed to be soldered. However I ended up just buying this..


Same thing he used but you don't have to solder anything and can just use a male to male cable from the Pi's audio jack.

Hey man its very nice desin I'm accely printing it right now.
But i wasnt saw that you put the screws and nuts.
So with of them did you used?
And Can i get link for ebay\aliexpress?
Thank you so much!

I love this idea so much that I brought a Creality CR-10S because of it. However, I have one question.. I've tried to start with printing the marquee and both times I've tried I get some nasty scratches in the middle of the two grills. There is nothing on the heat bed (I print on the glass). Anyone encountered the same issue or has any idea on how to fix imperfections like this? As far as I can tell that part isn't covered by the vinyl...

Bad image, but I hope you see what I mean...

Hi, I am just starting to print this and am very excited about it all, it looks an excellent piece of work. I know this may sound a little cheeky but would you consider doing a version that has a vertical screen as most of my favourite games from the arcades were in this format - stuff like 1942, Circus Charlie etc.

Hi Christoper,nice job!i have two question,this arcade cab can mount the official raspberry 7" touch display?can i print with 22cmx22cm hotbed?thanks

Can you splitt the Disply screen panel? My printer ist a Anycubic I3 Mega. 210x210x205. Thank you. :-)

just was wondering where you got the board to solder the led and resistors on? Also if anybody has a link to a 40mm speaker too. Thanks

Already printing. Thank you very much
I have one question, I saw you uploaded the PDF of you design plan, can you provide the Photoshop or the raw file where I can make my own edits.

Your page in hackaday.io say "This project does not exist anymore", is there another place with your information, a need some information about the audio.

Yeah I print with the Prusa MK2S. I use the new Prusa Control software for my G-Code generator and everything always works fine

Anyone printed one of these on a Prusa i3 MK2S? I'm looking at the top left/right pieces and can't see why I couldn't add the top tips back into those STL's and print as one piece. When I pull the top left/right into Slic3r PE it looks like there is still plenty of room on the bed to add the tip back in.

I just hate the idea of gluing and sanding that tiny little piece on the top if I could do it as one. Anyone with a Prusa MK2S print one of these? Any thoughts on how tight the top left/right pieces fit on your bed? Anyone try adding the tips back in and printing as one?

P.S. I've begun printing the other pieces and must say this is a superb design. Cannot wait to get my electronics and finish the build. Thanks!!

How much are all of the electronics?

Anyone knows how much filament is needed to print all files ?

I'm printed it by 50% infill, spent 1 spool (-1kg)

Is there a setup for smaller built tables? my A8 which is based off of the pursa i3 but when opening the files in cura, they appear too large for the build plate.

My other question is, where would I even get vinyl graphics printed for something like this?

I know this is a bit late, but what files are you having a problem with? I have an A8, and we've got 220x220 to work with, which is plenty, including skirts.

Amazing work!!
My 3D printer has only a 150mm x 150mm x 150mm print area. Is it possible, in your opinion, to modify your files to print with this constraint by someone like me who's experience is limited and is only using tinkercad?

Fantastic build. thank you
Has anyone uploaded a larger screen?

I've just about finished building this and i have to say well done on the painting and sanding. I am sanding it and painting also and discovered that it's bloomin difficult!

Did you use u-molding for the edges?
Very nice design

its awesome.. wish my cetus could print it.. some parts too big :(

Please share the artwork as this this would help people to design there own with the right dimension and so forth for each part. Awesome stuff here! Also some more pics and info on how you wired everything would be great! No matter what great project!

I have uploaded it, see the files section :) ... I printed this at 60cm x 60cm. There are a bunch of extra stuff in there cause I was trying to use up all the space.

Would you be able to upload a file with your design outlines/dimensions? Not the actual designs but just the outlines of the shapes so that when we design our own stickers we can get the proper sizes to cut. Thanks!

I have uploaded it, see the files section :) ... I printed this at 60cm x 60cm. There are a bunch of extra stuff in there cause I was trying to use up all the space.

which company did you use to get the vinyl sticker? Love what you did!

Hi Christian, wondering if you can provide the name of the company where you ordered the vinyl stickers? Thanks in advance.

Edit: I was able to order one online for about $10 shipped, 24x24inches but I haven't cut it yet to see if it fits since I haven't receive my screen yet and joystick yet.

Great design, thanks for sharing!

Awesome sauce!!

Awesome, thank you! :)

Wow, I thought the pieces were laser cut from wood when I first saw the pictures. Nice job!