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Outer Ring Customizer (OpenScad)

by SavageRodent Apr 3, 2017
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Are you serious???
Are you Nazi ???
Why do you put a Nazi logo?

No I'm not a Nazi. You might also be interested to know that im also: not a woman, not radioactive, don't have a Twitter account, and own no Adidas products etc.
The Swastika like most of the other images is simply there because it is a highly recognisable symbol.

highly recognisable symbol???
recognisable symbol to whom??
this is NAZI symbol!!!

I don't understand what part of "highly recognisable symbol" you don't comprehend. Perhaps it would help if you were to use more words and less punctuation.

I'm having some trouble with a particular font; trying to make a ring using the official D'ni font from here: http://linguists.bahro.com/essentials.html, but the "3" numeral and "8" numeral (which is made using a composite of the "3" and "5" numerals, so it's clearly something wrong with the "3") won't compile properly for some reason and leave the faces blank. Could someone help me get it working, please?

As u say, it dose not like the 3 numeral.
I can think of two possible solutions.

1) Use an image editor to create .PNG image of the offending numeral then use the updated version of Custom Ring Creator to import the image in place of text character. Read the notes in the Scad file, regarding image import, before creating the image.

2) Assuming the .TTF file is open sauce, use a text editor to clean up the broken character. I imagine it has overlapping lines that result in inside out geometry, which is why scad is getting upset.

good luck and don't forget to post a photo

Finally did it - learned just enough FontForge to open up the ttf and, wow, it's a mess in there. The font is beautiful, and the numerals are beautiful and clever, but there's just no denying that they also (just the numerals, mark you!) merrily violate font rendering rules, with intersecting line segments and overlapping vertices all over the place. I won't publicly speculate as to why this might be, but I was eventually able to clean them all up and create a set of numerals that exactly matches the shape of the originals, but renders properly. Fortunately, FontForge is a powerful program that made the repairs very quick and easy, once I'd actually learned how to drive it, which took considerably longer!

Out of respect for the original creators at Cyan, and the beautiful things they make, I left all the original glyphs in the font file untouched, and placed my copied, repaired ones in the file's Unicode "private use" area, which was empty. I also rearranged my repaired glyphs so they increment numerically with Unicode address for ease of scripting; bafflingly, the Cyan originals map to decimal Arabic numerals 0-9 as one might expect, but then numerals 10-25 (and cyclic zero, and whatever that double-cross one is supposed to mean) just jump all over the character map seemingly at random. I have tried to speculate that they might have formed a sensible typing layout on some particular SGI keyboard they had at Cyan back in the day; I must admit, however, that such conjecture is futile.

No photos yet because I've not actually completed the make, but at least I can reliably render them into valid STL files now. I'll put up pics when I've got 'em, but I'm very hesitant to upload the repaired font or the STL, because I've no idea what the copyright status of the font or such a derivative work would be and whether I'd actually be allowed to do that. The make is, of course, for my personal non-commercial use only, as a massive fan of the game.

Sounds like it might have been easier to recreate the runes from scratch :) I've been there before when editing slt files.
anyway I'm glad you solved the problem. and bad thing to have learned to use a font editor in the process.

Did the font download with any other files? Often fonts come with a text file that acts like the CC license, outlining what you can and can't do with the font. It might be that the creator would be happy for you to publish a repaired vetion of the font, so long as they were credited.

Unfortunately, no, I only found that one file on that link above. As far as I know, it's the one Cyan wrote themselves and used internally to actually produce text in the game Riven, way back in '97.

Hey! Cool thing you did this! Love the possibility to customize the outer rings in such an easy way. But please, consider removing the swastika. It may be quite offensive to lots of people...

Hay blastervla
Thanks for the comments. I'm not insensitive to your concerns, however I believe most people are level headed enough to consider context before taking offence.
Most of the images were simply chosen for being iconic / recognisable. There is no hidden agenda to offend or be provocative. Nor am I promoting or for that matter denouncing any of the thing represented, not even Apple :) There for I don’t really feel any concern about using the swastika in this case.

Haha! I understand. I would, however, include a disclaimer message (maybe in the Readme, or whatever), stating exactly what you just pointed out. Just in case anyone doesn't see it that way. I'm just concerned someone can take it the wrong way and rant about your awesome work pointlessly :)

I have used the OpenScad Customizer btw. Great work! It's great what you did there. My acknowledgements to your hard work! Also, it's quite a nifty mechanism the one you created. Really nice

First things first: I love the design and the concept of customizable outer rings. Heck, I even created this account to comment!

But: beeing a nitpicking f*ck I have some problems with the provided pictures!
An Autobots symbol, but no decepticons?
A STOP sign, but not a GO one?
And the worst all: Zerg and Zergling, but no Terran and Marine? COME ON! REALLY?!
Literally unprintable!

P.S.: Maybe remove the swastika from the folder though :/

Thanks dude. i'm flattered that you'ed create an account just to leave a comment. :)
I guess my post rationalisation for not doing the counterpart to some of the symbols, like the "stop", would be that, it would discourage people from creating their own images :s
Funny u should mention the zerg stuff. i did acturly start doing a set of starcraft image including a Terran and Marine :O. true to form though, i got sidetracked and then forgot all about it :)

Hi nice job
thank you for share this file works very well
I really appreciate it

Works perfect!
@SKYBuilder: You can't use the customizer on the website. Download the scad-file and open it in OpenSCAD.

the customizer doesnt work

This is exactly what I was wishing for! I've been unable to add my own letters using Fusion360 because the font I wanted to use wasn't being recognized. Using this file made it really easy for me to get all seven rings printed with a Star Wars font!

Thanks for continually making this project better!

Thanks dude, glad u like it :)
Would love to see a photo, once you've made them.
let me know if u think the instruction are in anyway unclear.


Just added my make picture.

The instructions were super clear to follow. My font was pretty wide for some letters, but I didn't want to make the letters any smaller so I was able to shift them around in the third section of your scad code.

It worked out great!

thanks for the feedback.