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by thebeetleuk Mar 30, 2017
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Does anyone know the MDF measures? Same as the photo?

why do i get 6 parts in a stl ?

i chouse 5 mm then i open it a table have 4 legs but i get 6 rizers ?

5mm version? thank you

Since quite a few people have asked I'm now working on a revised version. This will include a 3,4 & 5mm version of the setup.

and a 6mm setup!

thank you very much, I need the version with 500mm total height

Thats it uploaded at the new location. I'd suggest printing the test parts first before you print a full set.



Thank you thebeetleuk! I will let you know

np. should be live over the wekeend. I'll also make a variety of heights for people.

Hey you know the way you said people put ballast under the printer to reduce noise, would fixing a heavy weight directly to the underside of the shelf the printer sits on instead have the same effect do you think??

No harm in trying but I would suspect the best possible results would have in direct conact with the printer.

Hey thanks for the quick response. Yeah no harm trying it first I suppose.

I love this particular flavor of enclosure, can't wait to get it built! Have everything needed on order. I think horizontally swinging door will suit my needs a bit better, may remix for this ;)

For those unable to source 4mm plexiglass, I've published little wedges letting you use thinner (eg 3mm) plexiglass yet retain the 'click-lock' feature while avoiding to drill.
See https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2751672

IKEA Lack Enclosure plexiglass wedge

Is there a version for 5mm wall thickness and 500mm height?
Could you please make a remix for me?
Thank you

Can you explain me how you can get this to work? I just test fitted my Prusa i3 mk2 and this is what it looks like with the bed fully extended in both directions. I see no way that I can use this enclosure with this bed? When auto bed levelling it will either bang against the rear or the front window, and you can't print over the entire surface.

I had this problem with my ender 3 pro. I designed a cable pocket as a solution to this problem: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3624551 . Mount this to the back of your enclosure and it'll give you a full range of motion for your printer cables - you might have to tweak it for a different brand of printer.

Ikea Lack Enclosure Cable Pocket

Hi, Mine fits just fine when printing over the whole bed. I suspect the cable run for the heated bed might turn at a sharper angle that what you have setup. I'll take a pic when I can of my printer to show you.

Hi! Would it be possible to make it also for 2.5mm acrylic? I love this design!

If I get time I will but I'm too busy right now to do that. sorry. Main reason being is I have lost some of the files and would need to create from scratch :(

What did you model this in?

Any chance you'd upload the model files in their native format please? Is it .step?

Any chance you can remodel this to use 0.5mm plexi? I've remixed all of the parts except upper legs, as that little lock mechanism makes it suprisingly hard to move it 1mm

What height are you trying to print?

I managed to Edit All the files i needed, thanks for replying anyway

Love this design. It fixes one of my main concerns with the one it's based on. I'm currently remixing it to work with 1/16th" Plexiglass and I'm also adding holes/nut inserts to the Leg Top's and uppers so that the plexiglass will be held in place by M3x18 screws with lock nuts. I've already printed and test fit two pieces now, so I'm printing out the rest and looking forward to putting it all together. I'm working with the 500mm leg uppers.

Here's a preview. First time printing with PETG. I love the strength of this stuff though it is a little stringy.

Looking good. Why the bolts tho? the design will lock the plexiglass in place anyway :) Have fin and glad you like it!!

Hey there!

I'm researching putting together an enclosure and this looks awesome and well thought out!

A question for you: any reason why you chose to have the perspex inset so far from the edge? It seems to take up valuable space on the interior. I'm assuming structural reasons of the printed parts? or something else entirely I've over-looked?


No particular reason to be honest :)

Do you think you'd remix it to get rid of the offset?

I've done that - let me upload it now for you

Awesome. Are they the same height as the originals?

same heights, yep, but i had to change the perspex gap to 6mm (we have slightly different sizes here in New Zealand!)

I'll include 6mm for V2.

OK cool thank you. I can just make a tiny little insert with cardboard or something to tighten the fit. I used 3mm thick perspex.

that will be perfect i reckon - uploading it - I'll message once its complete :)

Here ya go, try this out:

If you are after any changes - lemme know - I can do them within the next day or so.


IKEA Lack Enclosure -- remix

Dear Jerry,
is there any possibility to have a version with 5mm glass wall thickness, thank you!

I certainly can do that for you.. but... i'm about to go radio silent for 2 weeks for xmas vacation. I'll message here once done though.


did it while the kids were asleep ;)

Dear Jerry,
I can't find the updated version for wall thickness 5mm. Where can I find it?

If you have not already printed I'm about to release a new veriosn that will accomodate 5mm plexiglass and I'll make a variety of heights for you. Watch the comments section above for the links. Should be live over this weekend. the link wont work yet as I've not published it yet :)

Dear Jerry,
I thank you very much for your contributions!
In reply to another post: 500mm height means to have the complete box 500mm height! The original internal height of the table is about 400mm, thus I would like to raise the height up to 500mm

troll : 5mm will be very heavy, consider that. i used 2.5mm

nnnah, i did 6mm and it feels sturdy and solid - not heavy (but that's subjective also)

I confirm that 5mm plexiglass is fine since I have been using it in another project with not removable walls. now I wanted to change the architecture in order to be able to work on the printer without unscrewing everything...

Please can you upload the 500mm lower leg connectors separately? When I split them in my slicer it removes the male adapter parts too

So I eventuually got round to doing this. Uploaded as "Upper_Leg_Long_500mm_Corrected" Can you check please and I'll update the comments and delete the old one.

Can anyone tell me how much noise reduction this enclosure provides?

Obviously acrylic sheets aren't going to block everything but could someone advise me before I build it please.

Even without sealing the gaps, it has reduced the noise considerably. 3mm thick acrylic.

Hi, Its not really designed with noise reduction in mind but it is quieter. Since building I have installed a granite (some use concrete) slab under the printer. This was the best noise reduction element I used. If using a Prusa Mk2 then I'd also suggest the noctua fan mod.

Any chance you have an Imperial version? :) 3/16 or 1/8 inches plexiglass is what I can get. The 1/8 slides out and the 3/16 is big enough that the parts that hold the glass tend to snap off. :)

Source files would work if you have them.

Sorry No. too much work to change Im afraid :(

It is not possible to print the leg extensions for 500 mm splitted. Because every extension consists of two separate parts that both will drop down to the build plate: https://www.instagram.com/p/BXoLgqwDyGf/

Can you merge them please?

So I eventuually got round to doing this. Uploaded as "Upper_Leg_Long_500mm_Corrected" Can you check please and I'll update the comments and delete the old one.

Hi, you are right. Let me take a look and I'll see if I can correct them. Like an idiot I didnt save the original files so will need to create them again.

Great design, thank you.
How big are the inner dimensions of the cube? I have mountet a fan on my Anet A8 psu so it has a with of around 515mm plus air flow.

Its 515mm inside the cube from each of the plastic walls so you might be a bit tight!

Thank you very much.
I like your design so much, I am going to mount the psu under the table.
Tomorrow I will go shopping and start printing.

Comments deleted.

Hello, Thanks for this Ikea Lack mod :-)
I want to print the "upper leg long 500" separate, but in the file there are all together.
Is it possible to split them into 4 pieces ?

Thanks Andreas

Just split them in the slicer you are using. Check out one of my grommet models fore more info on how to do that. Ping me if you get stuck.

Ahhh, i have totally missed that. thanks for this :-)

Andreas H

Hi, thanks for your sharing !
With which software you designed these parts ? Is it possible to convert all your parts in as a 3D model format like .stp or other?

Hello thebeetleuk :)

How did you finally solve the door closing?

More precisely. Holding the front door? Do not they look out?

Still not done that. I'm waiting on some magnets being delivered before I continue. the door jammed shut for a while but that didn't last too long. I'll post here when I solve it. that said I would prefer not to use a magnet but it seems like the best way to go :)

Thanks for the answer and the tip how best to solve :)

Hi, could you please add a 2nd version of the legs for a 500mm high plexiglas? I would appreciate it, thank you!

Added the 500 mm version for you. see the files section.

Sure. I'll take a look and upload for you. I have 2 sets of legs already but cant remember what size the second set lets you build too.

Thank you. I would also like to hinge the front panel, could you please add a version of the lower front and top front legs without the plexisglas holders? I can always just cut those parts off but it would be nicer to have the ready part.

I have added the Lower Front No Tabs file. I think this is what you are looking for but let me know if not.

Don't you also need an upper front no tabs for this to work?

For the front section the other parts don't need modification as they don't hold the glass in place. The original design only allows you to sit the base in the grooves. The door is held on with magnets (I still need to upload pictures of this).

I do not see the STL for the power cable guide is that included? (never mind I did not read far enough! typical me~)

Could you add/send you source files? I want to add same details...
Best regards

What details are you looking for?

for ex:
If you could share source file(s) for 'Lower_Leg_Front_Right.stl' I think I could change (in Inventor) your project. :)
In short: I would like to add the possibility of opening all plexiglass (but without front - the front is to be hinged).

Hi, So you are looking for the back, right and left to act like the current front design? And then the front to be plain (i.e. no tabs at the bottom?)

Hello mate! wich type and how many screws we need for this project? thanks!

Each fixing on the bottom of the legs takes 4 screws. So that's 32 in total. The fixings for the top of the legs don't need anything as the table leg will clamp that in position. something like this should be fine https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pozi-wood-screws-20mm-pack/dp/B00E9F7CGC/ref=pd_sim_60_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=BVVS99CZR3BJDD3K890X

Looks great. Is the height insode 460mm?

I have dampers under my printer and worried it wont fit

Yes its 460mm tall in the inside. What dampers do you have? I have some as well and all is OK :)

Noticed that my printer anet a8 is just about 45.5cm tall and with dampeners I need to raise it about 3cm.

Would it work to lengthen the bottom a bit? Or what do u think would work best?

Is it only 3cm you need? I can probably make a set of legs at the different lengths if you like?

I have added longer legs so this should give you what you need. See the Upper Legs Long stl file which will give you the extra height. this is a set of 4.

i missed your comment, thanks alot for adding them :)

Looks very very nice, exactly what i need

Just noticed that you have the same ones I am printing right now :)

Looks perfect, the front door just comes right off?

Yes the front door just lifts off. Keeping it simple :)

whats the window dimensions to use?

Hi, I'll put in the post printing section when done but I cut each window to the same size. 4mm thick plexiglass. 444mm wide and 460mm tall.