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Engineering Stick™

by GregoryHolloway Apr 1, 2017
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Shut up and take my money!!!

Thank you for this. I cant stop laughing.

mmm looks great i will recommend it to my friends but have you ever thought about making a gas powered stick? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQwHbmjx38w

Well, i WOOD definitely buy it.


i'll just take my coat and go now...

This should be a new melee weapon for the TF2 engineer

When I load it into my slicer I have to make it smaller because I have a 6" cubes build area, no biggy, but It's almost LEVITATING. Can you please explain how to print this??

ummm, I need more information on what you mean by LEVITATING.

I mean It's like floating off of the build plate! There is just one stick thats touching the build plate when i load this into my slicer. (I haven't tried rotating it yet because people are saying they didn't have to.)

Also people are saying they used a "brim"... whats a brim exactly?

Check out this | https://amzn.to/2JvTSeJ (afflink)

Great book, I know one of the authors personally. Check his website out at | https://richrap.blogspot.co.uk/

Ok thanks, but can you please explain how to print the stick?

Rotate it and add a brim.

There are so many everyday chores that I’m glad I have the engineering stick for. Turning on a light switch, grabbing my sunglasses, pushing the tv remote, etc... The engineering stick has made my life simpler.

Is there any chance this could be adapted to be a 'sh!tty stick'? There are plenty of things I wouldn't touch - not even WITH a sh!tty stick, but having one would greatly reduce that list.

Cool! You printed it upright without a brim?? How did it not fall over?

Maybe it just . . . . . . . sticks?

Sorry, I'll get my coat and go . . . . .

This is the file that makes me sad my print area is 120mm cubed. I even was prepared to print it with wood filament for that added touch of authenticity.

Scaling is your friend!

I had to drop it down to about 5mm/sec when printing at 50% scale. It's especially important to drop the travel speed since one little jerk of a Cartesian printer will give it a case of the wiggles. It's hilarious though... thanks for sharing it! https://www.thingiverse.com/make:440186

Engineering Stick™

lol awsome :)
Who says you can overthink a solution!

so what was the thing that needed proding?

No doubt this should be a featured Thingiverse thing. Brilliant !!

can we get a tactical stick? might need to mount it onto a rifle...

great idea, i could use a stick on my rifle

With Cura as my slicer, I got 3 failed prints in a row immediately above the first branch. The nozzle kinda jammed into the print and it was offset and then spaghetti, it's aggravating since I really want an engineering stick. I had great bed adhesion but the print is so tall that the slightest contact with the nozzle makes the entire print wobble above a certain height.

I used things like cups and spray cans positioned against the stick to support the stick as it is being printed.

Thanks for the advice, That helped me get to the second branch but my acceleration was still too jerky and so I'm up to 9 failed prints at the moment. Currently on Sticky V10.0 which has a shit ton of supports, 50 mm/s print speed, and 12 hour print time compared to the original 2 and a half. Fingers crossed so I can hopefully begin my engineering poking endeavors as soon as possible.

You sir, just made my day!

Made this as a present to my boss on our work 3D Printer. Told him I wanted to give him a gift that was as useful to him as he was to us (His subordinates)
He loved it!

That. Is. Awesome.

OMG I love it!!! Laughing really loud here.

Hahhaha i laugh my arse off that is pure genius of troll or joke it's awesome

Is this available in different specialities?

I need an electrical, mechanical, structural, and chemical engineering stick.

I can look at making an electrical shielding glove that fits over the lower handle portion of the stick. I recommend printing a PEEK engineering stick for use in chemical poking processes. For Mechanical I recommend the Pointy Engineering Stick and Structural situations the Standard Engineering Stick should work just great!

Brilliant! pure genius!

I see we have a very well designed stick here, now all I need is to find something that needs engineering.

The perfect addition to any toolbox.

Exactly what I was looking for.
Best thing to "engineer" the sock out of things.

Unfortunately I printed it with TPU, sooo its a bit less poky now but still, performs exactly as expected.

Thanks Greg!

Is it suitable for outdoor use? Could be an alternative to nudging things with the tip of your boot.

Maybe an idea to include optional prophylactic tips to prevent contamination from schmoo.

It should be fine for outside use. A 'sock' or prophylactic is certainly an idea!

Is there really a difference between the "Engineering Stick" and your standard load bearing stick? You see because I was working on a project that requires load bearing sticks but "Engineering Stick" is much cheaper and looks the same as load bearing sticks. Thoughts?

The Engineering Stick is not structural. However you could use it to probe a load bearing stick for potential faults.

I know it's a joke, but in reality sometimes we use "Automation Sticks" from time to time lol.

Loving this man :D definitely gunna make one!

Needs the "Eye protection must be worn when operating this equipment" labels on it ;)

I hadn't considered that!

Do you have to be an engineer to use it?

I've not downloaded to check for myself.
Is this stick metric or imperial?
Is it right handed or left handed? Or can I use x = -1 scaling to get one of both?

It's metric (this is 2017 not 1917) and ambidextrous, it works just as well in both hands. However if you want to keep your Feng Shui in check you can you can can use x=-1 scaling.

| "It's metric (this is 2017 not 1917)"

So I guess I can't use this to work on American made small engine products - lawnmmowers, generators, etc - or American made mototcycles/ATVs. Crap.... Sigh... oh well....

In any event... lol... I love the description and this is just too cool overall!

You just need to convert inches to mm (http://bfy.tw/7vIY) and it will work fine.

"this is 2017 not 1917"

Best reply to this question !

For use in off-shore business, one may need this in AISI 316 stainless or (Super) Duplex.

Dont forget the extra long stick (telescopic or multi section will do) for poking potentialy dangerous items with a lot of stored energy.