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Screw on bottle citrus juicer v2

by tammo66 Mar 30, 2017
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Hello, would you please publish the solidworks file as well? I'd like to make some adjustments and doing it with STL is more hassle than it is worth. Thanks very much!

Hello, thanks for your interest in my design. I usually tend not to share my CAD files because I want to keep control of my intellectual property (that's also the reason i licenced it under the Creative Commons licence of Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives). Although, I'm interested in what you are trying to do and maybe I can change it for you or help you in another way.

I was aiming to make the branches blade-like, so that I can get the pulp (flesh?) out of citrus too. In the end I modeled it from scratch, using center slice of your stl file for the pet thread and general shape outline (the difference can be seen in the outlines.png, yours is green dotted).
I'd publish it here - is NoDerivates concerning publishing on thingiverse non-commercially as well?

The bmn666 account is shared account I posted from, as I couldnt register at the time.

Wow! very interesting concept to improve the design. I assume that turning in one direction will ensure getting the pulp and turning in the other direction you won't get it, so you can still choose what you want. I struggled a lot with the design of the branches, but never thought of this... very nice. How does the design work out for you? Does it work as intended?
The licence NoDerivatives indeed also concerns publishing on Thingiverse, but because I very much like your concept and want others to improve further on the design I changed the license to: Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike. This will mean you can make derivatives now, but only if you give attribution, do it non-commercially and share it with the same creative commons license.
Please let me know when you uploaded the design :)

I'll let you know when I publish it (in the next two weeks I think), if it is successful. Right now I haven't even sliced it for printing yet and Im not sure how it will work.

Thanks very much for changing the licence!

You can add South Africa to your list.
Nice design, THX.

Thanks for leaving a comment!

You can add Israel to your list.
Great design, thank you

What about an interchangeable filter. It it a little conical on the outside to fit very tightly. You also could make two notches that it spnaps in. Feel free to use my files

Very nice idea! Hope it will help others that wanted a filter as well :)

What was this designed in? And what kind of screw threads are those? As in, what standard? I need to make one with a different application. Help would be appreciated! :)

The program in which I designed this is called SolidWorks and is quite a nice program. Unfortunately not free, but there are some similar free online base programs just like SolidWorks (have a look at OnShape or Fusion 360).
I unfortunately do not know the standard of the threads. This was designed quite a while back, and the pdf I then found on the standard screw threads is on my old laptop. Which is very unfortunate because I remember it was quite a search to find it. So with that I unfortunately can't help anymore...

I have worked in and known SolidWorks for a few months now and I have designed a lot in Fusion too. I found a video yesterday that shows the threads standard to be SP-400 L6 thread. However, If you happen to find that PDF, would you be open to share it with me? :-)

I had a quick look if I could find the pdf again, which I used. And I think I've found some interesting ones that can help you further!
On this website (https://www.bevtech.org/threadspecs-downloads.asp) you can have a look at different thread standards and download some VERY detailed product drawings. Have a look at this one (https://www.bevtech.org/assets/Threadspecs/sp400.pdf) for your SP-400 guidelines. Be warned: you probably need some experience in reading product drawings to understand them properly... but every detail you need to know should be in there!
Some other more general but useful documents:

Hope it will help with your project :)

Thank youuuu! This helps a lot. Appreciate the help! :)

Hey! Cool model, printed like a charm!
I used 3D-Fila green PETG. It ended up a little stringy, but nothing to do with the model.
You can add Brazil to your list. It fit perfectly in our PET bottles.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing your make! I will add Brazil to the list.

I just made one of these. United States, but you already had them on the list. I ran out of one color of filament, so I switched out colors mid print. Looks great.

Just printing out your design of a citrus juicer - hardly cant await till how it turns out :)
When I examined the model in meshlab i realized that it is not watertight and has some non-manifold vertices and faces.
I corrected that and if somebody is interested I attach the fixed stl file to this post.

BTW: Thank you for providing such a cool model !

Hopefully your print turns out great!
Personally I didn't have any problems with slicing this model, but very nice that you corrected the file. Maybe it will be helpful for others that want to print the citrus juicer!

(ps: don't forget to upload your make, I love to see everyone's print)

The print turned out great - just uploaded it :)

thank you for the great design!

Got it printed! It works, but here in russia we have oranges of much bigger calibre
Gave it to ants..

Works just fine in Hungary too :-D It doesn't fit all water bottles, but it's OK if you hold it.

Nice! Enjoy your drinks!

This would be cool designed to fit on a beer bottle such as a corona so that you could add lime juice easier.

Thanks for the feedback. It indeed would be cool! But I have not found a nice solution to attach the juicer to a glass bottle yet, because it of course doesn't have a thread and a snap fit didn't seem to be strong enough.

I recommend printing this with a raft.
Mine failed when trying without raft.

Sorry to hear yours failed... at the end of the print the design may become a bit top heavy (moving beds have extra trouble with this, because of the inertia of the print). When you have trouble with adhesion a raft or a brim might help. It just requires a bit more of a clean up.
I hope your print with raft turned out well!

add Peru to the list! :)

Awesome! I added it to the list

Made one! Thanks for the design.
Fits PET bottles in Poland...

Awesome! I added Poland to the list. Thanks for commenting :)

How does is screw on, do i need to put a bottle cap in it ?
When I look at the layers in Cura is see now screw part. I printed 1 but stopt it after 30 minutes because the inner part was a big mess.
The middle part was not a solid line but a bunch of strings. Seems like move string rather then a juicer.

Printing it again, inner line goes well now. Now waiting to see how it screws on to a bottle, bet it will be fine :-)

Hopefully all goes well this time! Please let me know how it turned out

Turned out great, and sorry for the late response.

Great to hear!

Made one, fits a US 20 oz Fanta bottle...

Awesome! Will add it to the list

Sweet ! Thanks for the design !

it works! nice design.

Good to hear! Is there another country I can add to the list? Or is your country already in?

A sieve would be nice to keep seeds out

Thanks for your comment and feedback!
I was also thinking about adding this, but while testing I noticed that most of the seeds where already stopped by the pillars themselves. Also I am afraid adding an extra sieve would restrict the flow to much. Therefore I decided not to add an extra sieve, to keep the design simple.

Adding a few bumps to further lodge the seeds might be a compromise.

That's indeed something worth looking into! Thanks for the tip

Hi. Want to make one for my soda stream. Can you please send me the cad file so i can remix it.

Works Perfectly for Coca-cola, fanta etc! Not in water bottles, at least for Greek water botlles :(

Thanks for your comment! They should indeed fit most soda bottles, and great to hear they fit yours too! As for the water bottles, the juicer doesn't fit all of them in my country either because of the different thread they use.

nice piece! Thanks!
Printed with original size on Black Widow, worked perfectly.

First, I think my printer is quite well calibrated and yes I printed 100% and I was able to "overscrew" the juicer (I mean I couldn't tighten it without coming loose again), it also had a bit "slanted" feel in the screw motion. I tried a 93% which was too small, the 96% had a real nice tight fit, exactly like an original cap.
To be sure, I measured the inner diameter of the screw tube (the smallest bottom inside diameter) with my digital caliper and 100% measures ~16.85mm. The 96% measures ~16mm. There's about 0.1mm error depending on measure angle.

I had to scale down to 96% take make a perfect tight fit on a dutch 0.5L coke bottle.

Hi! I don't think this is necessary to do, to be honest. Just like normal plastic caps you put on a PET bottle they are a bit loose until you screw them completely down. This ensures that putting them on is easier, because you have more play. I designed this with the standard design rules of these bottle caps in mind. Maybe this is also due to printer calibration that your print has a bit more play than intended. Did your print at 100% scale did not fit at all and came loose? Then please contact me, and I will look into this.