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Galaxy S4 speaker horn

by rophos May 23, 2014
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One note from me, a ballsack holster should be comfortable. and the phone gets in the way of my relaxing. 2/10 would not use again.

I had no problems printing this in ABS on the Maker Bot TOM but it doesn't have a fan on the extruder. If I try this on my Maker-Farm (which does have an extruder fan) the part cools too quickly and warps off the bed.

Things that helped or will help

  • try to duct the air (and drafts) away from the heated print bed. (I used card stock and the blue tape to direct the flow)
  • the slic3r program which doesn't have rafts showed me to add disks, to the corners of the object, just 2 layers high to stick to the bed
  • if you don\t want to cut off disks after the print is finished you can add a lip to the edge instead - again 1 or 2 layers thick and 5mm wide.
  • use liquid cooling instead of fan cooling on the extruder neck.

Just printed horn on a lulzbot 5. Abs bed 110, heated enclosure. Worked fine nothing on bed. Now to glue it all together.

will this work for the samsung s5?

No, I dont think so.
You would need to make some modifications.
I´m really busy at moment so I dont have time to do it for you.

I made it on my Replicator 2 at std resolution. Glued it together with hot melt glue. It came out great.

Works Great. Nice and loud. Thanks!

I can't seem to get the Horn to print, it always lifts at the early stage of the print , ? Don't know what's up. Bill

Hey Bill
would you please describe what part exactely cause the problem?
What sliceing software do you use?
Did you get a message of the fault from your printer?

Thanks for getting back to me, I printed the part that the phone slides into, and the part that attaches to the phone part, But the Horn , the largest piece, when I print it, it starts OK then the item starts to lift off the table, eventually becomes loose, then the print scrambles, and is failed. I think that the table is not sticky enough??? I have a Maker Bot Replicator 2X, I am using the software that comes with the printer, I clean the table with acetone before every print, ( as recommended by the dealer ) , It seems as though the abs when cooling shrinks and lets go of the table?? But I can't seem to print anything large

Yes I know. This is normal for printing with ABS.
I get best addhesion of printed parts to table with kapton tape. This works well for ABS and PLA.
Bed need to be heated to a minimum of 100°C for ABS prints.
Even if you do this ABS will shrink and loose contact to the heated bed.
Best is to us for such bigger parts PLA. This will work much better.
Then you also need a coolingfan during the print.
Use cyanoacrylate glue for assembly PLA parts.

I continued the chase, in Instructables, someone suggested to use a mixture of Acetone and filament, apply with a Q-tip, to the print surface, It worked, I printed the parts, Thanks

Three things to try for getting ABS to stick to print bed:

  • glue stick
  • hairspray (spray on glass plate outside your printer area)
  • "abs glue", mixture of ABS scraps and acetone

I made one and it turned out great, awesome design!

I would also love to see an otterbox version of this, the design is awesome btw

I'd love to make this for my wife but she uses an otterbox case. is there a way to change it to fit?

ok.. the tag for the horizontal version is "http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:469522 "
Please give comments!

Galaxy S4 speaker horn horizontal
by rophos

sorry for late response. I was really busy and a kind of sick.
I have otterbox to. Especially "Commuter". So this won´t be a problem.
I think I need some time for this and make a new thing to get your comments about designintention and so on.
I will reply and give you a new things tag.

Oh dude that would be amazing! Yes my wife also has the commuter otterbox. I'll go look at the horizontal one now

That is really nice that it is a stand and a speaker, how hard would it be to rotate the screen so you can watch movies and still get that great sound.

oh yes... I think i can do that. But it needs to have a new design.
So... I will contact you if i finished.

Looks great. How do you glue together? Do you recommend sanding? Thanks.

If I want to have a good finish for that I would print (like I mostly do) with a good ABS with low friction.
After print is finished I brush everithing carefully with acetone to make a smoother surface. After that I assambly everithing with acetone and flatten the joints with a brush. Finally I sand up to K180 and paint with airbrush in my favorit color.
Are you able to print this with ABS?
What is your experience?

When you say you use acetone to assemble what do you mean? Does acetone partially dissolve the plastic and cause it to become sticky? Also, I only have PLA to print with and what are your recommendations for assembling with that material.

Yes, exactly ABS become sticky by using acetone. For PLA I sand the joining surface with sandingpaper about K100 and use superglue to glue together. This works great (for me).

Exactly what I was thinking............beat me to it. Good job.