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Parametric Coin Sorter

by Pentland_Designs Mar 22, 2017
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Hi, I wanted to ask how everyone print of this turned out? My print did not turn out functional, I'm wondering if it was me and my settings and printer? I have a Prusa i3 MK2. Here are some of the issues I've run into:

  1. All the sleeves for the coins are "exactly" the right size. This doesn't allow for the coins to fall in and out. They fit only if you push them in and then are very difficult to get out. I printed these at .15mm
  2. The perpendicular gear is too loose and so it angles very easily making it so the teeth don't hit the main gear very often. I printed both gears at .2mm
  3. There is a notch out in the main holder at the bottom of the smallest sleeve that makes the sleeve flush with the top of the frame. There isn't notches on any of the other ones which makes it so the sleeves aren't flush with the sleeve holder. I'm not sure why this is. It makes it so that the nickels can fall into the penny slot in the tiny gap.
  4. I've had coins fall out between the outside gap. I think making the sleeves flush would fix this though.

Some other miner things are that there's no handle for the gear and it seems strange that all the sleeves slide out from the bottom except the smallest one, so you need to take the whole top off to get that one out.

For solutions, I've already made a handle, and I'm going to make a bottom cap that comes on and off that raises the sleeves up so that they are flush. As for the sleeves being to tight I am going to try and buff them out, if that doesn't work i'll have to print them again with the inner diameter bigger. :( Hopefully these things work out.

EDIT: I realized that the Euro version has all the notches at the bottom of the sleeve. The US version doesn't?

i F360 i see these errors: https://imgur.com/a/XVnrn

who knows what is going wrong?

the handle does not generate and also the hopper is not complete but maybe that is due to the errors?
are the holes in the spinner supposed to be all same size?

@Pentland_Designs, suggestion for improvement is to make the hopper parametric too for those that have a lot of coins to sort

a few more pics of how it looks after edit for the 6 coins we have in Denmark https://imgur.com/a/Yg5hM

tried the 8 slot link and modified the parameters to the same as in the 6 slot link. similar results at the top but it would not reduce it to 6 sleeves. pics here: https://imgur.com/a/bfKZR

How can I separate the objects so it would print one at a time?

Do you happen to have just the handle as an STL? when i try to put mine into my slicer its at an angle that is impossible to get flat making near impossible to print

Is it possible to get a 4 coin (f360) version of this?

Thanks for sharing the fusion360 file.
When openning the 6 coins file there is an warning error in sketch2 of the spinner.
please advise

hey there,

i'm looking fo a proper sorter for quite some time now.
1) i'd like to use this in class with children and i think the connection between the massive bottom part and the funnel is way too weak.
is there a way to make it a) way stronger or b) design it in a way, you can replace a broken connector easily without printing the whole stand?

2) well i sorted all the coins into tubes. wouldn't it be cool so instantly see, how much money is inside?
just like in this sorter (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:499177) there are small measurement lines next to the tubes.

Auto Coin Sorter for All Currencies

Well, I've tried to print your EU version for coins, but it doesn't work. The spinner holes is too close to the center, so coins aren't falling into proper tubes. But the design is amazing, just need some fixes

Printed this for Canadian coins on an i3 MK2 with the 0.35mm "fast" preset. The coin sleeves came out too small, but I modified them to print in vase mode and then they were the perfect size. For anyone printing this, if your sleeves are small, I suggest trying vase mode before you touch the hole tolerance parameter.

How well did the gears work? I have not printed this version yet so I don't know how well they mesh together

Sorry, I printed the gearless version.

Have you by chance updated your US coin sorter coin chute and gear mechanism so that it has the "spinner gear" as this one does?

Thanks. I love this thing!

Just added the new U.S version to this thing! If you need to know how to separate it into the parts I just made a tutorial: https://youtu.be/52DU7ZSRmR0

I have not done that yet, I'll have it done within the next few hours

The hopper failed when I input Canadian coin settings. I was able to fix it by editing "Sketch1" of the hopper.

Thanks man. This is great! Very clear video and I will print this as soon as possible. One thing I noticed in your 6 coins design file is that the diameters of coin 4 and 5 have to be changed in to be in order from large to small.

Awesome :D just what i needed, thank you ;)