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X3 Z Brackets with Adjustable Tension

by kencam Mar 21, 2017
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Any chance you can upload the editable file for V3? I need to move the hole towards the back by about 2mm and its a pain trying to edit the stl....

Sorry, I don't have it anymore. What kind of alignment issue are you having?
The mount is designed so that the brass nut attaches to the bottom of the mount. The mount should rest on the flange of the nut. (see the 1st picture) That will give you the max adjustment left to right on the lead screw. The front to back adjustment can be made at the stepper motor.

Print with Support?

Supports not needed

Thanks i will test them on the X3S. The original are a pure shit!

Nice - I Might be using these as soon as I have a printer up and running.

What legs have you chosen on your printer please?

I have 2 printers. Using these on one
and these on the other

Shapely Tronxy X3 legs
by idig3d
Sturdy Foot For 2020 Extrusion - Folgertech 2020 - K8200 - 3Drag

I have printed these parts and I am going to install them instead of the stock parts (when the package arrives).

What is the center-to-center of the lead screws at the top of the screws when they are installed using this fix? I am looking to use a belt driven system with one motor driving the movement of the Z axis (I am going to upgrade the electronics to smoothieware) and there is no support for two Z motors on most smoothie boards.


I'm running an MSK SBase running Smoothieware on one of my printers. It only has 1 z motor plug but you can run 2 motors from it. You just need to run both sets of wires to it.
Something like this will come in handy

I have printed these and have installed one side (only had one side printed when I needed to work on the printer) I really like the design but I would love to see one small change... A alignment bump on it to help align and keep the X 2020 straight and true to the rest of the printer.
I'm printing all the new motor mounts and all that I can that have these bumps to help avoid small issues.

I thought about doing that and removing the adjustment slots in favor of aligned holes. Not sure if there would be a downside...
I don't want to tear my printer down (again) but I'll work on it if you want to be my guinea pig.

Installed this morning and worked perfect.... only item I would change is bring the face of the X mount back a little I had to move my x drive gear all the way out to align the belt with the slot in the 2020

That shouldn't have changed from the original. Got a picture?

you should post the files with the bumps as there work perfect for me and have now sense day one... To the point I designed the extruder side piece to match...

I totally forgot about those. I'll look for the file tonight and upload them.

Cool I think others will enjoy them like I do...

Cool... I have been doing a lot of design work myself and everyone asked what parts I use I like to give links when I can.

Pics here in a little bit... I never had the originals fully installed.. Just the factory ones

I will gladly be the guinea pig... I have half of the ones posted here installed and still haven't installed the second one as it wasn't printed when I had to take the printer apart. Now I just need a new mount for the outside as well with the extruder motor mount and acrylic replacement in one piece... It's the only piece of acrylic I have left to replace... and I want the motor mounts to be be parts of it instead of just bolted on.

Check the files. Yours is at the bottom. I set the height to what I'm using for my printer. Your mileage may vary. Let me know when you DL it so I can remove the file.

looks like it will be a 6 hour print so more than likely wont come off the printer until the morning as I try to print smaller short prints during the day as I can move to the next part... Thanks for doing this I'll let you know how it turns out.

downloaded... will print here in a few minutes when the printer gets done with the current project... I'll be printing it in ABS at 90mm/s so it shouldn't take to long...LOL

is it possible to make brackets that support Anti-Backlash Nuts would be perfect
and also if possible make outer plates whit tension adjustment to not angle the wheels
reduce wear on bearings and 2020 profile

Can't you just flip the direction of the anti-backlash nut and use it as is?
I didn't see a need to adjust the tension on the other side. The difference between too tight and too loose is very small. I haven't noticed any uneven wear on either of my printers.

These Z brackets are the bomb.com! I've got them installed, and they have eliminated my elephant footing problem. I'll post pictures of my make tonight. Thanks for your contribution kencam, and happy printing!

Glad they are working well for you. I look forward to seeing the make.

Can you isolate all 4 of the objects into separate stl files. My printer is unstable and would rather lose out on a little filament then a lot if an issue occurs.

What size are the two tensions screws?

I used M5 bolts. Can't remember the exact length. (25 ~ 30mm)

Question, is a 3 wheel design ideal or would a 4 wheel per side provide any benefits.

I don't personally see a benefit to adding a 4th wheel.

I just printed this and installed them last night...everything fit like a glove and really made a difference in the alignment of the threaded rods etc. AWESOME WORK and thanks for sharing!

Happy to hear that. I'm glad you like them!

Do you still use this? Is it still working good?

Yes, it works great. There are a ton of things that can cause z wobble. This worked for me but may not for you.

Nice. Also like how you modified the y-axis with adjustable tension.

Thank you. If you are planning a Y upgrade. I like this one much better.

Tronxy X3 Bed Upgrade
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