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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Utility Ship

by Petersripol Mar 21, 2017
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I downloaded all the file and put them together in Sketchup and found its not complete!!! Not all the parts are in the download file!!

It would be great if the bow (ship_hull_5 & ship_hull_5_Bowthruster) of the ship was watertight, since you get a big mess in Slic3r because the model is not made properly and can't be printed using Slic3r.

I have tried to repair the model but it's just not possible. Would be great if you fixed this.

What scale would you make figures for this boat

hey peter, what's the best way to bond PLA parts for making something like this?

I'm not sure what Peter uses but there are "Methylene Chloride"-based welding cements such as "Plastruct" and "ProWeld" (now sold as "SameStuff".

Can someone explain how to print the deck file out on paper? I need step by step instructions. I have already downloaded fusion 360. Thank You.

printing it on paper as a deck plan?

Yea so I can use it as a stencil for a sheet of acrylic I have

thanks for the exceptional job on the design and details peters! amazing job!!
Although i have a question, if peter or anyone can help, on which height to mark the water line????

could someone please tell me what thickness the hull is please?

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Can you share your fusion files please? Thank you!

You get 6 out of 5 stars. EXCEPTIONAL Project. The video and live comments make it PRICELESS!! Well done does even begin to cover what I thing about your project.

Hi peter,

Awsome boat you have made, 2 questions

Can i print this ship at 130%, or do i run up to issues?
Do you want to share your fusion files?

Ty very much

For anyone who wants to 3D Print this boat I previously uploaded some modified files for a smaller 3D printed build plate
here: www.thingiverse.com/thing:3088797
Hopefully this is helpful to whom it may concern! :D

Modified Hull for smaller Build plates
by RegDogg

Dose anyone know if you can use a 3d quad esc so you can have reverse?

thats exactly what i will do.and yes you can use it but you should have blheli FW there so you can set it up for bi-direction mode

Thanks I thought so but wasn't 100%

Anyone have recomendation for that small Bow motor?

mini drone motors

Just finishing makeing one lovely boat I have added 2 layers of boat epoxy primered and painted gold gotta sand then a coat of lacquer

Is there a shop list somewhere ?

I used these
sourcingmap Boat Model Accessories 3mm Dia 250mm Length Drive Shaft w 30mm Dia Propeller 3 Vanes https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078RNF6HC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_NsiEBb5R4148N
2pcs 4x4mm Universal Joint Coupling Shaft Coupler Motor Connector for RC Model Boat Car Ship https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01KLE4KF0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_qtiEBb8YFEAHJ
1 pack
TOOGOO(R) RC Ship 3 Blades Plastic CW Propeller Prop 55mm P/D1.4 5514 2 Pairs https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B077P1HMNJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_ZtiEBbVFHK5C7
1 pack
Longruner Update Servo 20KG Full Metal Gear Digital Baja Waterproof Servo for Baja Cars with Accessories (Control Angle 180°) LQY14 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B073PZM6MR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_UuiEBbGJ6RQJJ
5pcs 190mm x 2mm Stainless Steel DIY Toy Model Drive Connecting Rod https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00OK66W70/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_IviEBb4DWGQA8
1 pack
Round Brass Tube 3mm x 0.45mm 3pcs # BT3M https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004VM6AQG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_GxiEBb8YM6WMS

I also bought these to make the project complete
KEESIN RC 2200KV Brushless Motor 2212-6+ with 30A Brushless ESC Set Accessories Kit Mount for RC Plane Quadcopter Helicopter Aircraft https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07777ZH3J/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_gziEBbXKRTXZW
Fconegy 2S 7.4V 6000mAh 60C Lipo Battery Pack hardcase 4mm Bullet&Deans Plug RC Car RC Truck RC Boat, RC Hobby https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07CXJHT9G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_ZziEBbY4VBAJH
Flysky FS-GT3B 2.4GHz 3CH Transmitter With Receiver With Fail Safe for RC Car Boat https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078WLHPDP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_sAiEBbDWY9YTX
HTRC B6 V2 80W 6A Balance Charger RC Multi-Charger for LiPo LiIon LiFe NiCd NiMH LiHV PB Smart Battery High Power circuit https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B077XV9VPL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_4AiEBbSNNRVWZ
KFD 12V 5A Power Supply Charger for HP 2011X 2211X 2311X 2211F 2011S 2311CM LED LCD Monitor, TOSHIBA TVs 14VL33B 15VL33B4 15VL63B, iMax EC6 B5 B6 Balancer Power Adapter, CTX LCD Monitor P922E PV500BT PV505B PV520 PV5500B PV700 PV700B, 12V 5A 60W LCD monitor Adaptor 5.52.1mm with 6 DC connectors 6.54.4mm/6.53.0mm/5.52.5mm/4.81.7mm/4.01.7mm/5.5*3.0mm for Acer BenQ HP SONY CCTV Cameras ,LED Srip Light https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07D729F47/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_ABiEBbXQ0PM0F
Lipo Battery Bag ENGPOW Fireproof Safe Explosionproof Organizer for Lipo Battery Storage and Charging Box,Large Space Fire and Water Resistant Wireless Charger Drone Battery Power Bank Guard Holder(260 x 130 x 150 mm) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07D7NPDPN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_gCiEBbMSDG1CF

I am printing mine ! Amazing project... Whats the scale of the ship? I will try to make a heli deck and was thinking in add the heli and some safe boats...

Did anyone notice problems while printing this?
I looked in Ideamaker and it looks like there are some errors in the hull.
for example in the hull 4 where the motormounts sit there are holes in the hull and a hollow part underneth the motormount.

Where did you people buy the shaft for screw, i printed the remix version 60% size I need 5 mm stern tube.
Maybe anyone knows if banggood has this ?

Amazon bruh. uxcell 4mm x 250mm x 305mm Stainless Steel RC Boat Drive Shaft w Brass Tube https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O9YW876/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_5bWM1HVcVudhY

Congratulations dear! Fantastic model. I hope you make more

maybe you should make a file for the smaller one i saw on your youtube channel?

I made myself one of these ships, its been really entertaining, and time consuming. My props are 3d printed (almost like a turbine blade) and work really well. Im almost done with features and painting the hull. I used brushed 60a esc's with 46T crawler motors, set up on throttle and elevator channels to use like a true twin screw, I get excellent results. I designed, printed and fitted: Railings and a new sewpt radar tower (with room for micro servo for spinning radar), along with hollow stacks for a smoke unit, porthole covers, antenna mounts, pivioting light holders, a rear hatch riser with helipad cover, an aft gantry hoist, tires to glue to the side of the hull, back to back ESC stand, bilge pump holder, and a micro-servo actuated two position switch holder. I will post all files once my build is finished. I started this project 2/6/18 so expect completion soon.

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I printed the Hull but something is really wrong.

I download all the files. scale it all down to 85% -- my printer can only print max 20x20x20.
So to scale down to 85% the biggest part is 17cm.

I save the STL file in Gcode as this is what i need for the pinter.
But i see now the parts dd not print 100% even when the printer tell me its done!

I check my stl file all looks good.
I check the saved Gcode file.. there I see the object is not full. why???

at this moment i cant print it.. as when i check the saved stl file - G code.. its not a complett object . example the bow of the boat the stl file I save is 17cm.. I save in g code and go to print.. the prnt then stop on 10cm... and tell me its finish :/

I just wasted 1kg of PLA.... and 90 hours...

If you want to print this boat out on a smaller build plate. I just uploaded the modified files! Good luck with your boat :D

Modified Hull for smaller Build plates
by RegDogg

I had this happen to me a few weeks ago on a print; it would stop very shortly into the print and tell me it was done. It turns out, I had run out of room on my SD card, so only part of the file had downloaded to it. I just cleared out some old files, redownloaded the gcode, and it ran perfectly after that.

what scale should i print for 2205 drone motors?

How many rolls of filament did it take ??

I have spent about 1 and 1/2 for the hull with some failed print... Muchas guess os somewhere around 3 spulls

What was the total amount of filament used for this beauty?

I'm still printing it, and i've used 1 Kg of PLA

Comments deleted.

Whats the minimal size bed needed to print this at 100%? thank you

As far as I download and look on all the models in cura.. you need 25x25x25 to safe i think. my printer is 20x20x20. But i did scale down to be 100% sure... But my print failed really bad !
objects looks good. but printer do not finish them... even when it tell me its finish.

can anybuddy share the pdf for the deck, please?

Can you make 3d printable hull/deck, it would be awesome!!

Hi I love your project. Have you thought of doing the sections with deck in place?

what about the little one?

I love your work peter, you're the best!

It's a shame that getting parts for rc boats is such a pain. Does anyone have a good source? Also, does anyone know why most manifacturers make the shafts out of plain steel knowing that it will rust?

use zinz spray on the shaft. anyway a nice clean after every use is a normal rutin anyway.
it wont rust.

Does anyone have any input on motor sizes for a 125 precent model? Also props and prop shafts. I have no model boat experience just rc trucks :))

No chance really, unless you modified all parts to your own specifications by buying all electronics beforehand and measuring them all out. Why do you need 125%? Surely stock 100% is perfectly adequate!

Got bored was just going to make one as big as my print bed would go

He said in his video, buy staineless steel prop shafts from eBay/Banggood, and advised 45mm brass m4 props. Motor size is also said in his video, and other electronics are simple and I you owwwn preference

Ditto... this has inspired me to get into RC. The last RC "anything" I had was 35 years ago with a couple of Radioshack toys.

Any build help would be appreciated. Suggestions on shafts, brass rod, etc.

I'm printing parts like crazy... the hull has been 50 hours of printing so far! I'm printing the bow as I type... 28+ for that one alone.

whats the progress on this project so far, any issues?

All parts are printed and I'm working on painting. I've cut the hull from paneling, but still need to cut a hatch in the back. The only issue is finding time...

I also started printing the "Footy" sailboat. But that's a topic for another day.

What scale did you print that smaller one in Peter? I am attempting to do a 30% version and was curious. Is there a chance someone could come up with the deck in a modular 3D printable way?

learn 3d design and take the measurements from the pdf in the youtube comments, shouldn't be too hard

what scale is the little one?????

Hi Peter! Im collecting all boat enthusiast in my new group "Maritime", feel free to join.

Thank you for the designing and posting this boat. Been a fan of your work for years.

What slicer are you using? Can you post a screen shot of a hull's settings (I'm doing something wrong)? I printed Hull 5 without an enclosure and it I like how it came out, I used almost a whole 1kg spool. Used a taz 5 and Cura Lulzbot edition with default village plastic ABS setting.

I would like to remix hull 5 into a towboat bow so I can push barges around in lakes. (mobile rocket launch pad, tinywhoop bonus gates, foating runway, RC car ferry, etc) I need a floating platform and this perfect for my project!



His slicer settings will be unique and beneficial for his 3d printer. Unless you have the same, i'd advise start with printing benchys and modifying particular things as you go until you get the best results

It's a little on the large-ish size for a 200mm printer, i scaled mine to 80% to make it still quite large, but all the parts fit quite comfortably on the print bed. I think the only real change to running gear is i'll have to drill out the channels for the shaft tubes a bit. Done printing the hull, now doing all the superstructure bits! This is a great model, I love the look and styling. Can't wait to get mine in the water :-)
Printing everything in Inland PLA, 20% infill, except the rudders, which are 80% for strength.

I am just printing it at 100% scale in PLA, I have so far only printed the hull 5 section which has taken something like 23 hours to print at a layer height of 0.3mm and an infill of 20%. I am am using the slicers defaults of 3 top solid layers, 3 bottom solid layers and 3 outline/permimeter shells but just this front section alone weighs an awful lot. Can I ask what settings you are using? I started off using Simplify3D but because of issues with the hull 1 section I am just switching over to Cura and so will likely re do hull 5 again.

weight is good, saves on other weights required to get it to the waterline

is there a hardware list for the props, shafts, etc? wanna know what sizes to get!

watch the end of part 2 (youtube video)

Loved the Video on your channel. What did you use to design this?

I'm pretty sure he uses Fusion 3D by Autodesk.

What scale did you create the ship in if any?

Apart from the little one, 100%

Ok, I definitely want to print one of these now! This is awesome and one of the first scale ships I've seen that a user can 3D print. Any idea what size I should reduce it to get it to be 1/96 scale?

I printed mine at 55.2% to get 1/87, or an approximation thereof, and it seems about right

Hi mate, I am half way through printing the hull and came across a problem with Hull piece #1 the very back part. I am using siplify 3D for printer software.( dont think its the software) the stl looks good but when going to print some of the walls dont show up? its on both sides next to the rudder.. its like its a pocket in the model. any idea what this is?

hmmm strange? do you have a pic of the model in the slicer software?

Emailed some pics to you.. After reading up a bit.. it seems the issue is caused by Simplify3d

same problem --> https://tools3d.azurewebsites.net/ --> problem solved

I have a lot of lead weight i'll be happy to trade for the two boxes of 22 ammo.

Roughly how many hours did the print take?

depends on the printer and print speed, about 20+ hours per hull section

Wow this is so cool! Definitely gonna build this!

I watched your YouTube video, nice design buddie.

Whats the largest part, do you know? I need to see what scale I need for them to fit on my bed.

If you want to print this boat out on a smaller build plate. I just uploaded the modified files! Good luck with your boat :D

Modified Hull for smaller Build plates
by RegDogg

The largest part seems to be Hull 5, from what I have loaded in my printer software.

just stumbled about this in my thimeline and then realized it´s peter from flitetest :D

This is awsome. Any chance of makeing one half the size but still able to be rc


Ill see what I can come up with after its done printing

That's would be awsome thanks

Need a bit more ballast, seems to roll to easy for a "tug"

And you need some 3D printed props...or are they not strong enough?

i know of others attempting 3d printed props in the past, far weaker and very difficult to print adequately balanced and so often very unreliable

he using brass props

Looks cool man! Keep the up the good work!

Comments deleted.

I would recommend a preview image for this!