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US Coin Sorter V3.0

by Pentland_Designs Mar 20, 2017
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Oddly I downloaded a few days ago and got V#. However it is missing the piece that goes between the base and the gear.....

lol why do the files still say V2?

Off course i added a larger hopper. Nothing wrong with the small one but a larger one is much easier to use

Is it just me, or does this not have the updated sorting wheel? (for smaller change)

Am I missing something with the tubes here? I've already broken 5 while trying to insert them, I've only gotten one to fit so far. The tops shear right off, seems like the holder is a little too small.

Anyone else have issues with the top of the tubes snapping off when you try and pull them out? I've broken 3 so far.
Two printed with dual walls and one printed in Spiral mode.

Please, could you Share the CAD version with the modified tubes ?
It´s not in your current CAD file , I can not convert it to Eur....


I really like the simple design, it printed out great in PLA on my Prusa MK3. A few suggestions:

Assembly instructions - it took me a while to figure out that the reason it wasn't working right was that I had the sleeve holder upside down

Chamfing - I had to file down the bottom edges of the pin to make it fit into the sleeve holder. I also had to file the bottom edge of the coin holes of the spinner in order to make my quarters fall through consistently. I realize that this is due to first layer expansion but a little bit of chamfing in these spots could make the filing unnecessary.

Sleeve lengths - You could easily do some experimenting to find the exact lengths necessary for the sleeves hold the same as a standard coin roll. This might make the sleeves differing heights but that could easily be remedied by adding filler length or a bottom sleeve scaffold. Having them hold the same as a roll would make this way more useful since you wouldn't have to count the coins before transferring them to a paper roll or storing them in the sleeves themselves.

Sleeve caps - With a simple cap, the sleeves could make great storage units for the coins once they've been sorted. If you get bored you could even design racks to hold all the sleeves together. You could even combine the caps and racks together if you want.

I printed this in clear yellow PETG and marked the appropriate sizes.

This thing get the coins stuck in the tube.

Can you upload the CAD of this version?

I very recently just printed this design and assembled it. However, I found that removal of the coins is very difficult. When trying to remove the canisters, the snap fitting of the holder caused the tops to shear off, ruining the device, even when I was trying to be very careful.

This could just be a flaw in the way I am printing or removing the coins. I will say that its a very creative design! But execution for me simply led to scrap plastic.

juswt wanted to say that, nice design

and that the tubes printed nicely with spiral slicing (they spiral sliced perfectly.)
great time savings and cost savings as well.

the tubes using my normal settings would have taken me 389 minutes to print and used 11411.1 mm of filament.
the spiralised the spiral sliced versions took 102 minutes to print, and used 4712 mm of filament
thats a savings of 287 minutes and 6699.1 mm of filament. wonderful.
and it still works, but the dimes jam up the gear.

i will post a make at a later date.

what did you use to spiral slice them? Could you include that gcode?

So was the Euro version made available finally? :D

I printed one of these with TPU for the tubes. It's working great except for one thing. When dropping the coins into the hopper, sometimes the pennies or dimes will fall into the quarter hole especially if they are the first coins to fall into the hopper. If the spacing between the holes (between dime and quarter) under the hopper was widened a bit (or the holes completely moved away from under the hopper), it would prevent this.

Has anyone else reported a problems with penny’s getting stuck on the lip of the dimes tube?
Maybe I have something incorrect in my assembly / tollerances ? It works, but if a penny has a dime on top of it, the penny sometimes gets stuck on the dime tube and the dime slides over it and dumps into the wrong tube.

Yes, I have. At least with the files available on this page through Thingiverse. Sounds like there's a better model the designer made, but I don't know how to get the individual model files from the CAD version they linked.

Forgive my ignorance, is there a way to split up the individual parts from the CAD version you linked for slicing? Exported from the site at the link, the entire thing opens in Cura as one model instead of individual parts.

Can you do a version that combines the passive and the active one. Each slot can have a passive slide, with two different coin sizes. may be it will make it more compact instead of increasing the diameter of the slot circle for currencies that have alot of different coins

For some reason the pin printed out a little too big to fit in the hole. Any idea why? (Using a Flashforge CP)

it would be very cool if the coins shorted two wires that allowed a motor to spin the wheel.

Great design. Works perfectly once I put hopper in correct position.
I have coin sorting plastic sorters from the dollar store. They are just cylinders with a wide mouth and a slit at the top. You scoop coins in, when the coins reach the top thats the exact amount to roll. The excess coins fall out of the slit in top. So once the coins fall out the slit, you have the exact amount to then roll. Thats the last step this design needs. Coin cylinders that hold the correct amount to roll once filled.
I can post the depths of the cylinders if you want. I figure u make the base the size of the longest cylinder. Then spacers for cylinders that are smaller. But you'll have depths needed to have correct amounts for rolling.


US Coin Sorter V3.0
by nuroo

I have made the changes to it so they hold the correct amount for paper sleeves but I have not been able to test it yet! I will be uploading the changes soon

Good to hear. Happy to beta test if u need it. Tolerances on another printer?

I just send you a message!

Drop box says you need to give me permission.

Just updated permissions!

ok have access. I'll download the files and give it a print, tonight!

That would be great! I'll send you a message within the next 3 hours of the update version to test.

Anyway to get these files? I also deal with a lot of coin and this would be perfect to have it fit the sleeves well.

I just finished the new design, it will be uploaded tomorrow!

Any eta as to when it’ll be out?

great fixes now just a couple more. like a base and crank handle to mesh with the gear ring. and make the coin holders the right height so it holds the correct amount to fill a paper roll from any bank. you are so close now i hope you finish it! thanks for sharing!

Like your name. At work we have a guy named Tommy. He was the first to have a samsung note. So we starting calling him Tommy big phones. lol, but now everybody has big phones

This is a brilliant design, but there's one thing I don't understand: why not make the coin sleeves the right height to hold the right number of coins to roll? This is called a US coin sorter, and it does that quite well, but its utility is limited to sorting only, not counting. I understand that if you made the sleeves the right height, they wouldn't all be the same height, but as long as the holder is the height of the tallest sleeve, you could just sort until the sleeves were full, take out the sleeve, knock any excess coins off the top, and be left with the exact right number of coins to put in a roll. Quarters work fine to roll straight out of the sleeve, but $1.80 in nickles and $0.46 in pennies doesn't make a lot of sense. Could this happen? It would be absolutely awesome if this could happen. Also it would more than double the utility of the design, because then I wouldn't have to manually add a couple coins here and there in order to make a full roll. Like I said, overall, this is an awesome design, but it could be so much better if I didn't still have to add coins manually.

Im having some trouble... if i put in more than one coin the dial will get stuck and will not turn. How can i fix this

One other issues we're having with our print of this v2 that I don't see mentioned, pennies (and sometimes dimes) are falling out the side in between the tubes. The top of the central holder should probably have a flat face disc just a couple mm narrower than the geared disc.

Hi, I have been trying to print this for EUR, but it is not working. Has anyone achived it? Could you send me the files? Thank you very much!

Does this work with coin tubes/papers? Can you put a tube into the slot and then get a roll of coins or do this only sort?

If you make rolls in paper, be sure of the diameter of each type of coins, but sure, you can do rolls in whatever you want!

What prevents smaller coins from falling into larger slots?

The direction you spin the mechanism. The tubes are in order of smallest to largest.

Just started the Base_Spinner_Hopper and Coin_Sleeves on the same bed.

PLA 195C with 70C heated bed (did 70 by accident a few benchies ago and it worked so well I'm sticking with it— pun intended)

I am hoping this fits in a car cupholder. Will update with results and post as a "make". Thanks for the files and thanks 3DPrinting Nerd's channel for demonstrating this one.

Does it fit in a standard car cupholder when assembled?

I am printing this, but noticed while the tubes are printing that I am getting lots of fine 'hairs' accross the tubes. Well not lots, but enough that I fear the coins won't fall, is this normal (new to 3d printing)? Is there a setting I should be adjusting when I print things like this?

Thanks in advance for any replies..


Not only retraction, try to print in a lower temperature. Give it five or ten degrees less

The occurs because of your retraction settings. Here is a guide as to how to fix this issue.


I love it! But, sadly, I'm having two issues.

1, minor, and strange, is that the wall diameter is just ever so slightly too large, and my slicer (mattercontrol) tries to put infill in certain spots on every layer.

2, and a bit more importantly, nearly every time I have several pennies, or occasionally a penny and dime, they get stuck, and it either tries to do 2 at once, or one gets jammed, partly pushed into the dime sleeve, or straight up shoved underneath the wheel.

since I have a lot of pennies, it gets a tad tedious...

edit: I believe a good way to solve it is a change to the hopper, more so than anything else.

Any tips for printing the base? Ive printed it twice and the nub at the top broke off both times :(

There is a flaw in the hopper. The inside of the female mount on the hopper is supposed to have an indentation (you can see the corresponding male bump on the base) but in the STL, it's not there. So, you try and force the hopper on and you will break off the mount point. This is a very advanced design in fusion360, I haven't a clue how to fix it.

I have a slight design modification suggestion as well. Round or slope the points of the top of the base that point against the rotation of the spinner, to avoid them snagging the spinner. When doing a test fit of the spinner with the base while the hopper is printing, these points on each coin collection area keep catching the holes in the spinner. Sanding them down a little bit seems to be working.

Couple of things.

1) As someone else, I also managed to snap off the top peg due to tolerances between pegs and holes on my printer. I'm using simplify3d and it is not the best about these things on smaller holes. I measured the hole and the peg and it's the hole that has an issue as the 10.4 mm furthest distance was a mere 9.7 mm on my print. I'm printing the hopper again with less extrusion and printing it outside in instead of inside out and hoping for the best.

2) The little friction tongue does not really attach to my print and snaps right off from the peg after printing. I'm using a 0.4 mm nozzle with 0.48 mm wall width and 0.2 mm layer height so I just don't think I have the resolution to actually print that piece. Same goes for the inside of the hopper hole, it gets sliced all kind of jacked up because of the indentation for that tiny triangle tounge. I don't think this is a good solution for it.

I'd much rather have a poly-hole with a slot for positioning than this triangle with some cuts in it that may or may not print the right size depending on your slicer. the hole/peg precision is the bane of all assemblies and is a pain in the butt to get right.

Otherwise everything printed beautifully and snaps together perfectly with the exception of the hopper peg/hole situation.

OK, I printed a new one with 0.95% extrusion instead of 1.06% and I printed outside-in instead of inside-out and the two pieces go into each other much better with the exception of that small tongue breaking off the peg. I'll print the whole thing once again with these settings tomorrow.

There is a flaw in the hopper. The inside of the female mount on the hopper is supposed to have an indentation (you can see the corresponding male bump on the base) but in the STL, it's not there. So, you try and force the hopper on and you will break off the mount point. This is a very advanced design in fusion360, I haven't a clue how to fix it.

Does anyone know the measurements of the pieces? Idk if this object will not be able to be printed on all printed because of project size constraints.

Most likely all of the parts will not be able to printed at once. Here is a tutorial I made on how to split the file into parts as needed.

Cool Device,

I am printing it now..

Was wondering if you could separate the coin sleeves so that they could be printed separately? 2 reasons for this, 1 I want to print the different coin sleeves in different colors (I only have a single extruder), and 2 I want to print extra penny sleeves without printing them all...


If you are on windows, it is very easy to do this using 3D builder. It's most likely installed on your computer already. Just open the stl file using 3D builder, select the model, and click ungroup. From there it is very easy to choose which parts you want to keep and delete the rest.

3D Builder is not available for Windows 7, So I used 3D Slash and cut it apart, uploaded the individuals as a Remix

Ah, I guess it's a windows 10 thing.

I just finished making a tutorial on how to do this using Autodesk Meshmixer or Sli3r

Ended up redoing it in Designspark Mechanical.. came out much better

How many TPI on the wheel? It would be neat to motorize this.

Next revision the V2.0A1 instead of the tiny little triangle tabby, Use the threaded rod from the g-clamp so the cap can be screwed down but still be removed, I snapped the little triangle pin off, using 3 shells and 20% infill...gonna need to print at heavy infill or it will break it off. :(

Either way an AWESOME design, printed mine in ABS with a 1.012 scale w/ brim...after a mild cleanup with a hobby file and razor..it all slid together like a glove and worked quite well!

My idea is kinda like this...but not sucky

I will make a euro version as soon as Pentland_Designs updates his design. It will be a euro version for 6 coins: 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, 1 euro, 2 euro.

Very nice design. I want to change it to use it with euro coins. I see in your parameters you can change the number of slots, but when I change that to 6 it gave me an error. I'm new to fusion 360 and I don't know how to fix this. Can you help me?

Not an error on your part, a flaw in fusion 360 as far as I know. Even though I added that option, the model would have to be manually edited to allow for more than 4 cards.

But as far as I know, in fusion 360 you can't have a pattern with a varying dimensions, ie: have it make X number of coin slots and give them each their own dimension.

Thanks for the quick answer. I will try to see what I have to change to make it for 6 coins.

It will be pretty complicated to try to do, I will just redo the model so that the parameters work as intended.

Yes, I noticed that. It's very confusing how all the constrains are defined.
Do you know when you have updated the model?

I'll let you know when it's done, hopefully it will be finished within the next 5 hours

Wow, that's very quick. I thought it would take a few days...

Cutting it close! I just finished the model! I'll be uploading it shortly along with instructions as to how to change it to fit your needs.

As soon as you managed to make a 6 coins euro version, can you please upload it as a remix? Thank you in advance

I was wondering if your updated fusion file is almost ready.

Hey I uploaded the new model, here is the new link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2195624

Parametric Coin Sorter

Great design and thanks for putting out separate files so those of us with smaller printers can print this. One minor gripe is that you have Nickles spelled wrong. It's Nickels.

Oh my gosh that's pretty embarrassing... Just updated it, pretend it never happened

No problem. I figured you would rather know than not. One quick question. When wrapping coins to turn in to the bank, the amounts are
Quarters - $10, Pennies - $0.50, Nickels $2 and Dimes $5. On your sleeves, the Quarters are correct, Pennies are only $0.46, Nickels are $1.80 and Dimes are $5.20. It occurred to me that you could increase the height of the sleeves (and probably base) slightly to allow the tallest stack of coins to be consistent with the amount that the bank wants in each wrapper and then adjust the thickness of the base of the other sleeves so that all the amounts would come out right. Nothing that needs to be done but something you might want to think about if there is ever a v3.

Thanks again for the design.

I have created an unofficial V3 in which I made the sleeves hold the correct amounts, as well as a couple of other minor tweaks and changes. It is posted as a remix of this design.

Printed half yesterday and am finishing the rest today. looks good so far. I will ad a "Made" when its finished.

Can't wait to see it finished

Amazing design ¡¡

Could you upload an euro [€] sorter?

Here you can find information and dimensions


I think it will be perfect for 0.01€ , 0.02€ and 0.05€ coins

Thanks a lot

Best Regards from Spain ¡

PD: if you are busy, could you share any editable CAD format ?

Here is the Fusion 360 File! http://a360.co/2nO4DOE

You should be able to download it in whatever format you would like. If you are using fusion 360, there are parameters for the holes that can be edited to easily change the currency as long as you are still only using 4 coins

I'd love to see this with a crank handle to operate.

Could you do this for the Canadian Loonies and Twoonies?

This is awesome Eugene. Any chance you could make a UK coin sorter? That would be amazing. Thanks

Can you make it parametric so we can do the local coin remix?

What's the wall thickness on the coin sleeves? I'm currently printing them and noticing a small gap between the two thicknesses on my .4mm nozzle - not sure if how long they will hold up. Maybe remodel at .8mm or 1.2mm thick?

I am using a 0.4mm nozzle as well, you should just be able to change the extrusion width a little so the layers fuse together. I'm using S3D and it automatically set my extrusion width to 0.48mm and the walls are nice and strong for me

You could add a crank that's geared to the sorting wheel. That would probably make the sorting quicker and more fluid.

I'll work on trying to make that change later today. The only reason I did not put it in the design originally is because the hopper and sleeves are relatively small, so I did not think there would be need for a crank because you will not be spinning it for long regardless.

Could you separate the three models in Base_Spinner_Hopper.stl for those of us with smaller printers?

I just added them so they are available for download

Most Slicing software have a function to separate objects, In S3D its Mesh, Separate Connected Surfaces, Cura I believe you right click and then choose separate objects. Just a note for the future if you run into this problem.

Let me know how the print goes!

Can it be used for Canadian coins?

I would have to make a few adjustments to the model for it to work, but it is possible

+1 Please make a version for canadian coins !

Nice job. Can't wait to print this.

Thanks! Let me know how it goes