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Iron Man wearable helmet Mark 42 Mk 42

by Michael_73_ Mar 19, 2017
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what settings should you use to print this pla and how much filament would the whole thing take?

Whatever you usually use for temp, 20% infill is a safe bet for strength. Thicker layer height won't affect it so go .3mm, and support where necessary. Most slicers will tell you how much filament each part will take, total I think this is over 1kg.

Do you have f3d files?

I do not, sorry, Fusion 360 wasn't used at all. Everything was done as an stl

Hi I have printed the top, back and chin (still missing the faceplate)... I would like to ask how is this meant to be assembled ? Should I glue them together ? If yes I dont thing it will be wearable due to the size of the hole at the bottom is not big enough.

Yes I intended it to be glued together. I believe I measured out the opening on the bottom to be large enough to put a head through, I don't remember the dimensions but it should be large enough. Without the faceplate you should be able to hold the other parts together, maybe just use tape, and see if you can fit through.
Now I must admit that I didn't print it full size yet and test it, and it is certainly possible that it won't fit, I think I have a solution however!

  1. Edit the chin piece to allow more room, this could be done easily in TinkerCAD and if you give me the dimensions of the size you need I'd be happy to do it, and I'll reupload that file if it works well for you.
  2. Glue all the pieces together except the chin piece. This piece could actually stay in on it's own due to the area around the cheek that is surrounded by other parts (hope that makes sense), you could put on the rest of it on, then (hopefully) slide the chin piece in from the side, and I think it would hold.
  3. Possibly better than ^ would be to have the lower rear piece slide out, or again it might stay on its own if the other pieces are glued together. I don't know how I could make it slide out without taking up a lot of room on the interior.
    I apologize for any wasted time printing but hopefully we can figure this out! Please send pictures of any measurements if you can, especially of the opening, how large it is currently, and how I could make it fit.

Looking back and doing the measurements again, yes, it seems I made the hole large enough for a neck. but foolishly, not large enough for a head, my apologies!!!
However, it looks like a modification of the chin piece would fix this, I'm sorry that you would have to reprint the chin piece, but it certainly looks like there would be enough room if the bottom of the chin piece didn't come out so far, I'm going to get working on fixing that right now!

Alright here is my quick fix, again I'm terribly sorry that you have to reprint the chin piece. http://prntscr.com/kx6s4h

thanks for the quick modification it is much appreciated. I have decided to print the faceplate first and to see what happens if I glue all but the chin together. It might happen that the chin part will have to be modified so that it can be clicked in. Will keep you updated.

Hi, I have just printed all four parts. scaled to 1.25 on Repetier Host using CuraEngine. the face plate, chin and neck came out great but the top has this large flat plate that stops you from sticking your head in it. little disappointing after 30 hours of printing :( any idea what that is about?

Hmm, as you probably read, I did not print that part yet. I do see the large flat part you are talking about, I did not change that area at all, both previous versions of this model had that piece and I assumed it would not be a problem. Now that you mention it, it does look oddly placed. Sorry you wasted so much time on it! If you can fix it, be my guest, if not, I think I can. Hopefully you can just reprint that piece. Can you please upload some pictures of it so I can see how the other parts look at this size. Also, if you don't use that piece can you fit your head in? is 125% enough? Really sorry you printed it all out!!!

I uploaded all of the photos. Apologies, im not trying to be edgy or cool, they all just uploaded sideways. This is the third time i have re scaled and printed some parts. started at 15% then as it was clearly too small i printed at 30% and felt that it looked huge so i scaled back to 25% and now the majority fits snugly, just enough space for some padding but the head top has the plate inside. Maybe i should have stuck to 30% but i didn't want to look llike a lollypop

so you did 125%?

Sorry it's a bit confusing. He printed it at 125% of what it was, I then scaled the files up 130% for better printing.
Overall, the current files are perfect size for printing.

Yeah I think Thingiverse has an issue with that. They don't appear sideways to me but my picture shows sideways. Anyway thanks for the pictures. The bottom 2 pieces look perfectly sized but the top looks significantly too small. I played around in Meshmixer trying to get some more room out of it but had no success. I will try again with others programs. 130% is probably the way to go, once I fix that piece as much as I can I will reupload the files scaled up and then print myself.

Thank you. I will have a go on Meshmixer tomorrow also. might be able to hollow that section out, cut the file into sections, remove the offender and re combine the parts. I look forward to seeing your work but i will let you know if I have any success on my end.

Hey there, this looks great, will you be doing the same to the rest of the parts or are they good to go? if so, are they set toi the same scale?

Yes I'm doing it with the other parts, scaled the same, but in the process I rotated some. I'll change this thing as I upload more.