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Creality CR-10 Filament Guide

by Greg191134 Mar 18, 2017
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I just bought a CR-10 and this was my first print of any 3d printer. No modifications needed at all! I uploaded to cura and sliced with no changes to settings. It came out great!

Got it to fit on the CR-10 mini with a bit of effort. Nice, quick, easy print. I'm just a beginner, so this is a good way for me to start.

keep braking tried it with 40% infil with PLA

seems i am one of the unlucky one's with the z screw slightly in wring place...but i did force it, it broke a bit but seems secure enough....so hopefully should be no problem! many thanks for this! quickest print ever as well....about 20 minutes!

I have a little problem: it breaks when I try to fit it in my CR10-mini.
I tried a 35% infill and it breaks anyway.
Has anyone experienced the same issue?

Same issue here. Can't seem to get it on my mini, either. Struggling to find a good guide so I can finally get my filament away from the greasy rod!

My screw-holes where a bit off, but after some fiddling I got it to fit.

Printed and tried in on an Ender 3 with the top filament mount: Also had the squeaking noise. And the filament seems to be bend to far to the side, rubbing on the extruder inlet hole. Might make sense for the CR-10 with the side-mount for the filament, but for the Ender 3 this one seems to be the better solution: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2471357

Cr-10 (A31) filament guide - small update
by hoegge

Fits perfect on my Ender 3 Pro. :)

The #1 mod that everyone should make. The CR-10 Mini destroys the original plastic guide in no time.

Has anyone tried this on the Ender 3. I'm hoping the extruder Z plate dimensions are the same.

Thanks for including the Fusion 360 file. I backtracked and added a curved tube for feeding from above in my enclosure. I will post later.

Nice design. But need some modification in my case.
Unfortunately original design not fit to my Ender-2 because filament guide mounting slot is ~2,4mm width . Looks like Creality changed design and extruder mounting plate is now 0,4mm thicker (~2,8mm steal sheet). So before print check thickness of your extruder mounting plate and modify slot size in Fusion360 if needed. Thanks Greg for providing f3d file.

Anybody try this on the TEVO Tornado ??

I, too, noticed that the filament rubbed on the lead screw. So, I incorporated a small section of a drinking straw to keep the filament from touching the screw. Not as elegant as a printed guide, but elegant in its simplicity. I, also, printed a simple disc that slips onto the filament stepper shaft, thus providing a combined dust cover and rotation indicator.

from where do i get the yellow part ? i got a black one its bigger and doesnt fit in any kind of modifications...

any info on the yellow part, i'm unable to find it as well.

For me on my CR-10 the fit was not so good, printed a extruder cover including filament guide that worked better for me.
Else it has a nice design

How does one install this?

On my printer, this guide causes the filament to rub up against the edge of the entry hole for the filament and squeak loudly during retraction. I'm going to try opening the entry hole a little with a dremel.

I've used this for few months now and noticed the same issue as you describe, only the entry hole now has a filament sized cutout in it where the filament slowly rubs its way into the extruder. The hole has almost gone one filament diameter through the wall of the entry hole. I think the fix is to move the small hook farther in the direction of the lead screw to allow the filament to enter more 'straight'.

Found the fix from another user with the same issue: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2922158

Creality CR-10 Filament Guide

Does this fit the CR-10 Mini? I'm not sure if the sizes are different with this component or not? Thanks in advance for your answer...

Yes it does.
I printed it yesterday and it fits like a glove :-)

Esto se ajusta al CR10S?

Great, thanks a lot!

for my CR10 mini it breaks , as for some other guys here in the comments above.

superb fit and works perfect I am impressed many thanks

Why not add a small length of ptfe tubing between the reel and the extruder?

Absolutely brilliant design! My only question is where would you mount the filament runout sensor with this attached?

On the CR-10S, the (Creality3D) filament runout sensor moves the filament away from the lead screw so there no need for this part. But true, you can't mount both at the same time.

Just put my CR-10 together (my Christmas present to myself) and the hot end wire dragging around bugged me. I was racking my brains trying to figure out a solution. Lo and behold two problems fixed with one part! Excellent job! Printing now

Being and engineer, designing, uploading and obsessively downloading models.... this by far is one of the best, well thought out designs I've encountered. When that part effortlessly snapped on I smiled. Excellent component and Creality should take notice . .

I didn't necessarily need this (Or maybe I did? I don't know!) but it was an easy first print out of the box for my CR-10 and it turned out perfectly. Just wish I didn't make it it in white, kind of sticks out a bit

Very nice design! Printed, snapped on and problem solved. You rock.

Thank you so much. It works great.

Comments deleted.

I definitely recommend printing this one in ABS rather than PLA. The first one I printed unfortunately ended up bending badly when I had the printer in an enclosure (aka garbage bag) for an ABS print, because the PLA started softening up. The ABS one is holding out like a champ though.

Thanks for the file worked great, new to this 3D printing had no issues PLA @210c nozzle and 60c bed

Awesome thanks! My first print other than decapicat rite of passage. Came out perfect. Printed PLA Plus 212 nozzle / 60 bed.

Not sure whether its my printers fault, but for me the part doesnt work. The aluminium mount the part is supposed to snap too is too thick or the part is too narrow. I have broken 2 of the parts trying to attach them.

I have same issue on the S4

Just made this, and it tourned out very good.
Snaps right on and was one of my first prints on the CR10.

Snapped on cleanly, although overtime the filament will squeak up against it as it extrudes through. Probably just need to move the spool.

Great idea but interesting on my Ender 2 there is a 2mm clearance between the Z axis lead screw and the filament, so maybe there is a variation in the extruder designs.

I needed something to test my new printer and wanted to make something useful. Perfect first print and a very useful mod.


Thanks a lot, it fitted nicely to my Creality Ender-2 (Hictop)!

Great! Simple but effective :)

Could you please rework the clip part so I can fit a bit of PFTE 4mmOD tubing on it ;) that will ensure filament does not "scrap" against the PLA guider :)

You can find the remix here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2347147
This one fits a tube of 4mmOD PTFE

CR-10 filament Guide
by jon1237

Anybody else here would be interested to have a version where you can fit at piece of PTFE tubing?

Yeah, absolutely why not!
I didn't useed/printed your filament guide yet (have my CR-10 only since 2d), I simply use 2 cm of PTFE tube wich is taped to the extruder as a guide since I hadn't the time to print a guide yet and to leave it the default way is silly.

BTW adding a sponge or a mounting position for one could be handy, too. Simple and easy way to clean the filament from dust before it enter the printer.

I use this on my other printers and it should work for this one as well

Universal Filament Filter - remixed for Monoprice Maker V2
by uwe999

glad im not the only one that noticed this was a wtf design :)