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COINER (Coin Sorting Machine - EURO version)

by lmig Mar 23, 2017
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Great design, thanks for sharing. My kids and I will be printing this in the future.

The reason I am reaching out is that your design gave me an idea and I was wondering if you'd be interested in modifying your design to select pearler beads in the same manner your selecting coins? I've been working in fusion 360 to design a pearler bead sorter but my design was using an Archimedes screw system that augured through pearler beads then delivers each bead for sorting. My design is problematic because it is: hard to print, jamming, not delivering 1 bead at a time.

After watching your coin sorter videos, I felt your design would be much more effective/efficient. Please message me if your interest in collaborated on a pearler bead sorter.

Thanks, Robert Fidler, Springfield, Missouri, USA

The "Hole_plate_Complete_Final" is just too big for most common printers :/

I have a 20x20cm Printbed which is pretty standard. if you place the part diagonally it will fit.

Gosh i was just stupid, you're right. I only tried to print it vertically and that won't fit.

Thank you man :D

You're welcome ;-)

hi, very fun project and usefull. i am printing the parts now and hope to have it working soon. thank u very much.

Looking forward to see your progress/make ;-)

Printing it now! Just want to modify the tubes so i can add some IR leds and count the coins with an arduino :) Will post when done!

That would be awesome! ;-)

Using the weighting method at the moment, but was off about 20€ on 6kg of coins with an total value of 670€ :-D

I'm breaking my head where i could fit the IR leds, but can't find anything :D
Need 2 IR leds in each tube and have to be facing each other (one receiver one transmitter)

Well, front and backside would be a possibilty? ;-)

Hi nice job!! Do you have a version of this for U.S Currency? In the U.S. the banks make us put them into these little sleeves, I was wondering if the U.K makes you guys do that?

Check out my parametric coin sorter for US coins (and many other currencies). It sorts into sleeves of standard US coin roll sizes, which can be used to wrap coin rolls quickly and easily:


No motorized feeder though - lmig has the edge on me in that regard! :-)

Improved Auto Coin Sorter V7.5 - Coin Roll + Classic Version

Sorry, no US Version :-(

Hi, need some help to change the size of the holes to fit my currency. Cant figure out how to resize the hole plate.

Well, thats not so trivial.
You need a CAD Programm, e.g. Fusion 360 and some CAD skills.

This is not a parametric model, since it was derived from another stl file.

Hi! Excellent job!

We have a problem with our motor, (it is a common 3V motor) it runs too fast.

We've tried with 1.5V instead put both batteries and it works fast too : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AtG4e4fIfc&feature=youtu.be

Can you help me? Where I can bought the materials to make it works?

I'm not using a brushed motor ;-)

I'm using a standard size servo. Take a closer look on the pictures.

You need to get creative ;-)

fwm did it with a micro servo, but you'll need to make something to support the coin container, since it's designed for a standard size servo. The slower the servo is, the better. So this one would work also:


You also might need a adjustable voltage regulator to be able to adjust the roation speed of the servo. Also the servo needs to bee "hacked" to turn continous (check the section servo mod in the description).

Thank you lmig, I will try this: https://www.amazon.es/gp/product/B019TOJPO4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 that I understand it is "hacked" by default, rotating 360º non-stop.

I will report my feedback ;)

Keep in mind, that this servo probably sill needs a pwm signal to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise.
So you'll need a receiver/transmitter or servo tester additionally to make it work.
With the "mod" I made, the servo starts instantly after powering up, so no reveiver/servo tester needed.

What is the compound angle of the hopper and Coin Chute, i am trying to rework this for USD but i need to kknow these two angles i have no software that will open stp files.

Get Fusion 360. It's free for Students/Tinkerer.

hi thank you for this ! great

Glad you like it ;-)

Do you have .stp files? I want to make some changes to your design.

Hi Jochem,

i released the f3d and step files of all relevant parts. Hope it helps.

you're the best!

i was working on the exact same project for months now.
had many similar ideas, but my models weren't anywhere near reliable.
looks, you succeeded where i failed.
BIG thanks, definitely gonna print this!!!

It was quite a journey and a lot test prints with trial and error ;-)

I'm curious how good it will work when printend on other printers. I believe 100% accuracy out of the box won't work for everybody, but if not it should be good with a little bit tweaking/tuning.

Please leave me a comment how it works.