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Filament Spool Holder - Bearings and custom width

by sigshoj Mar 15, 2017
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Dang..... My 5kg spools are 170mm wide....

PLEASE ADD security ring to SCREW! I have to use zip tie to prevent slider from traveling! And regulation is also "difficult" when screw is moving out of base...

It is not good for printers like ender 3. the spool hops off the mount all the time. Is it meant to be nailed down?

I've been using it for Ender 3 and its smooth as butter. It was placed next to it by the table. You must have yours too tight or your spool is wound up too tight.

Its not heavy in itself, so the system would move around as your extruder pulls on the filament with an empty spool.
What you prefer to secure it, I'll leave up to you.
If nailing stuff is your thing, that would work. Others might prefer, tape to increase friction, maybe double sided tape, screws, rubber pad etc. Personally I just have at compressed between my printer and the cabinet wall. Up to you :)

Is theres any adapter to install it on top of the printer like the original spool goes?

Are you using it for a direct drive set up?

I don't know what you mean by the original spool?
Please see remixes collection for different design variations. You are very welcome to make a remix for your setup and share with the community. Kind Regards

Whenever I print the screw (with anything else) it always snaps off the bed!!! At the moment I am attempting to print it alone, hoping that helps. The slider and knob came out beautiful, though.

UPDATE: I have tried adding a brim after failures, it helped, but still ended up failing. :(

Tried this on an Anycubic Delta Linear Kossel Plus and a FlashForge Creator Pro. I do have to dial in the Delta somewhat, and this became clear when printing this model. On the Creator, the fit between the base and the slider was tight but doable. On the Delta, the print turned out useless. I think this is one of the best if not the best universal solution for spool holders, but it is a bastard to print. I had no issues with the screw and nob, and the screw has tight margins versus the slider but it works.

I ended up cutting up one part of the base (specifically the end bit where the slider slides on) and one part of the slider (specifically just the bit connecting with the base) so I could see if it would print with enough margin. It's a small suggestion, but adding such a test print piece might help avoid people finishing up a print that doesn't work. Do note that ideally it is printed in the same orientation as you would the actual spool holder.

can you explain how you got the screw to print? I've been having issues getting it to print fully

Tried to do a reprint of this 4 times. The larger spool holder worked the first time around. The screw part broke in the first time I printed it (at 35% fill), 2nd print at 50% worked fine. The smaller spool holder though the nobs break off everytime, even with sanding it down. Unfortunately going to have to try another solution. I really wanted this to work.

Hello JranZu
Unfortunatly that you are unable to get a working solution. I suspect its your printer that is causing the troubles, and not the design. A 35% and 50% infill should not have any significant difference in with regards to breaking in this design. How did i break? In between layers maybe?

There is not a "small" and "large" holder. The only difference is the length of the base-plate and the length of the screw. Otherwise the files are exactly the same. The nobs can be fragile. Could you explain a little more on how it breaks? Is it layer adhesion? What filament are you using?
kind regards

Thanks for the reply - small and larger holders were in reference to the Left & Right side... Both were for the small plate sizes. I am printing with PLA on and Ender 3, and yes it breaks between the layers. I suspect you are right that it's my printer, or the quality of the filament, I'm all new to this. Just for reference my comment was not meant to be an attack on the design, just an FYI for others that might run into the same problem. If you have any advice for me to tweak my printer of splicer settings I'm open to ideas. Thanks again!

Ah okay.
It could be so many things, i suggest you take a look at this guide. There are some good pictures: https://www.simplify3d.com/support/print-quality-troubleshooting/

I use this filament holder for my everyday printing jobs. Mount it on a shelf over the printer and feed the filament straight down to the printer through a hole in the shelf that's directly below the spool. That way, when the spool gets nearly empty (and light) the printer is tugging on the filament straight down and won't pull the spool off the holder.

I love it, one great improvement would be self centering : 2 way thread and both side sliding !

If there is anyone like me and they don't have a skate shop around. If you know where to find radial bearings get 608-2rs bearings.

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Its exactly the same. But thanks for clearifying :)
Some people might not know the terms/numbers for bearings, so a quick search for 'skate-bearing' will lead you to 608's.
They are some of the cheapest bearings you can get. - Ebay, amazon etc.

Love this spool holder, my favorite so far.
Nice job on the design.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Top du top c'est exactement le projet que je voulais faire merci

Also curious why the slider is not oriented flat side down on the build plate like the base is.


Cool design. Curious why the knob and screw are 2 pieces and not one?


ah never mind. I see why now. would be nice if the knob could print attached cuz would give the screw good plate adhesion.

great design- one of the better ones I've seen. Would be good to make a mount for this to affix to the top rail of some printers using 4040 extrusion.

The design can be easily modified, if you are interested in helping redesigning the mount so it can fit your printer, then let me know. Then i can upload on here. I would need you to design the pieces/profile so i can modify the base. Let me know in a PM. :)

How wide of a spool will this hold? Will it work with a 5lb spool of 1.75 filament? Thx

Hey Scotty. Thanks for your comment. It's made for maximum width of 100mm (~4 inches) as of now. If you need larger i can extend the design.

Kind Regards

can you please make the screw 50mm larger?

Vitdagger & Scotty-G
I've added a screw/base that allows for 150 mm of spool width. See updated files. Have a nice day !

Yeah, I like this. Now I just need one for 2020 extrusion and I'm set.