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Low-poly Rose Twist Vase

by riskable Mar 13, 2017
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my vase is 500mm height

Would you be willing to share the source (or STEP file at the very least)? I am looking to gift this to a couple and inscribe their names on it but doing it on a mesh with 50000+ facets is just not practical.

what can I adjust to get it to print the walls thicker? Mine is beautiful but very thin

Any tips n getting it right on a resin printer? The walls are impossibly thin!

Hm, CURA puts a long, zig-zagging gap in the model when I try to slice it and I can't figure out why. Anyone had this problem?

Made this with silk silver. It doesn't leak at all.
Printed with Tevo Flash on Screw layer setting

Gorgeous! Though you should post it as a "make" via the form instead of just as a comment.

I always have a problem getting the bottom watertight. How many bottom layers should I use?

I don't think it's the bottom layers that cause this problem as it is vase mode... The point where it transitions from the bottom layers to "spiraling" is usually where it leaks. To work around this I turn off vase mode and use 2 perimeters with 0% infill and 0 top layers. It's just like vase mode but without the spiraling layers. Technically, you'll end up with seams but slicers are pretty smart about hiding them in the angles of the vase.

Thanks for the reply. I also turned off vase mode, use 3 perimeters and 0 top layers. But how many bottom layers do you use? I tried up to ten but it doesn't seem to help. The problem is indeed in the transistion.

Awesome model and it's amazing in Silk Gold. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Saw your review on Amazon for that gold silk filament looks really nice!

Highly depends on the type of filament. For PETG I like to use 45mm/sec but for PLA it won't matter as much.

ok, with the spiralled mode disappears !

What did you use to create the low poly? I am struggling getting uniform low poly distribution on my own files.

I used a modified version of this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2076711 which is just an OpenSCAD file with some easily-changed parameters.

Parametric low random poly sinus vase

That filament is pornographic

Just a note to say that I hunted down this design after seeing your picture on the gold filament review on Amazon. I'm waiting for the slow boat to arrive, and I look forward to checking this out in person. It looks beautiful!

This is a really cool design.

how much material would you say? could a 50g sample roll do the trick?

I just printed a single-walled (vase mode) version scaled up 174% and it used 29g according to Slic3r.

I printed this vase twice on two different printers. Both times it turned out solid not hollow. Still, it’s an awesome design!

You're supposed to print it in vase mode silly. Either that or set 0% infill with 0 top layers and as many perimeters as you like. I find two perimeters with a 0.4mm nozzle at .15mm layer height looks and works the best. Nice and solid and looks gorgeous.

Which filament is that gold one?

0.05mm is pretty crap tolerance these days, even for filament that cheap.

what filament is the RED one printed in ?

That was printed by jonasrh (https://www.thingiverse.com/jonasrh/makes) in Rigid.ink Pearl Red ABS.

can it hold water?

Sure, why not? That has nothing to do with the model and everything to do with your print settings.

If you print it in vase mode sometimes you have to put a little drop of glue where the bottom layer transitions into "the spiral" part of vase mode but that's all I've ever had to do. If you want it to be really water tight just print it in regular mode with 0% infill, 3 perimeters, and 0 top layers. That's basically like a 3-walled vase mode =D

...or you could just print out a really big vase and stuff some tiny water bottles inside. It's up to you.

Good suggestions. Thanks!

What program did you use to design it? Im trying to do something similar in fusion 360 but cant figure out how to get the spiral lines to go around more than one face view. You did a great job though, well done!

Im trying to do the same thing, did you ever figure out how to do it in Fusion?

I used a modified version of this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2076711 which is just an OpenSCAD file with some easily-changed parameters.

Parametric low random poly sinus vase

First: I love this model, and have printed it several times. (I'll do an "I made this" soon.)
Would you mind posting your OpenSCAD file?

Hello, I'd like to try and print your vase, but when I slice it it shows a top for the last 1 mm. Is this correct ?
Thanks !

You're supposed to print it in "Spiral Vase Mode" which is an available option in Slic3r, Cura, and Simplify3D. They may be named something slightly different but they all do the same thing: They take a solid object and turn it into a hollow object with a single exterior perimeter (wall).

If you want to get fancy you can do something similar by hand by specifying 0% infill with 0 top layers and as many perimeters as you desire. I've seen my vase printed that way with 3 perimeters, for example.

Thanks , I think I found what I want in Cura. I'm still very much a beginner at this ! So if I use the "spiralize" option, can I still tell it how many layers for wall thickness, or will it just do one ?
Thanks Again !

The spiralize option will always use just one perimeter because that's how it works... Instead of laying down one layer at a time it will literally "spiral" upwards.

Wonderful to know ! Thanks ! Now I'm ready to try your vase !

The original rose design is from here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:84075. "Rose for your girl" is a copy, the poster of it pretended to not know he was meant to click "I made it" button. He's done it with most of his designs (eg. Hellboy Gun).

Rose with stem
by tc_fea

Well that's annoying. What a jerk!

I have updated the Thing details to use the correct link.