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Anet A6 x-carriage

by Dovanzeijl Mar 12, 2017
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I've printed and fitted this, with the fan facing the xmotor and when the z-axis is homes the nozzle is 1 cm onto the bed.
Has anyone else had this issue? And how did you resolve?


I've got an issue with the nozzle. If I set my printer to x110 y110 z0 the nozzle is off by 1cm on the y-axis. Is this something I have to adjust in the firmware (marlin 1.1.9)?


I have the carriage with the 12 mm sensor mount. When putting the sensor into the mount it is 1 cm to far from the bed, and can't detect anything... It detects max on 4 mm. If I put it lower, I can't fix it to the carriage anymore.

How is the fan mounted to the E3D hot end? Is there a file for that fan mount?

It works fine with igus bearing on my setup. they fit perfectly but sometimes you need to push them back on their place since they are not fixed in any way to the carriage.

Thanks, i would be nice if the carriage had a circlip like the original one. Than it dont come out...

I'm fitting this to my A6 now but the X limit switch doesn't fit the holes in the carriage so I had a close look and it appears there is a small printed plate that the limit switch screws onto and it is screwed to the body. The adapter plate is then screwed to the carriage. There is no file for this adapter in "Thing Files". Can you supply a file for it or does it come from another thing?
It looks like I'm going to have to put my old carriage back so that I can print one.

Dear Lesterb,

Normally you should be able to use the plate that is used on the standard X carriage that comes with the Anet A6.

KR Dom

Thanks Dovanzeijl. The original A6 carriage was a couple of carriages ago and I never thought to look at that. I'm only new to 3D printing but I made my first 3D model to solve the problem. I created the small plate in Sketchup, exported it to an stl file then opened it in Cura to slice it. Not complicated but a good learning exercise for a noobie.

Can you please upload/share your plate model? I'd also like to print a new one.

Comments deleted.


how I must positioning the fan duct?

Hi Mileniumpilot,
If you scroll through the pictures you'll find some pictures on the position of the fan duct (part cooling) and E3D fan.


Sorry, my mistake. I mean the position while printing the fan duct.


Which fan duct works best with this? I cant seem to find a suitable one that doesn't just blow on one side of the print.

I tried a couple but came back to the one that you can download with this x-carriage.

I Made a Remix of a circular Fan duct:

Here is my Remix:


Anet A6 circular fan duct for Anet A6 x-carriage by Dovanzeijl

Awesome, thank you! :) I was just struggling with customizing one on my own, yours fits perfectly :)

hi somebody has the carriage configuration for the probe section into the marlin??? Im using 18mm capcitive sensor. Like this:

Z Probe position:


Set the boundaries for probing (where the probe can reach):



Opening the model in SketchUp and measuring from the centers of both circles for the hotend and the probe I got 22.75 and 22.77mm. From that I added this to my config. Working great so far.

define X_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 23 // X offset: -left +right [of the nozzle]
define Y_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER -23 // Y offset: -front +behind [the nozzle]
define Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 0.0 // Z offset: -below +above [the nozzle]


Hi Goandfix,

Unfortunatly I do not use auto leveling and therefore do not know the answer to your question.
hopefully someone will answer your question soon.




i have the same problem. Did you get any answer or solution for this issue?
I really would appreciate it if you can help me or if anyone else hase a solution for that.

Kind regards,

hi was just wondering cause im a tad confused, is this x carriage compatible with the stock anet a6 hot end and extruder?

Hi otie,

Nope, this carriage is only compatible with e3D

KR Dom

Tried several different carriages, I think this is best, especially the lock. Printed out of carbon/nylon and it's beautiful.

Thank you, it's much appreciated :D

Do you use Marlin fw? What value of x-offset?

Hi Max,

The design of the carriage is made in such a way that no changes have to be made to the X, Y or Z axis. if you install all the hardware of original carriage, it will work.

KR Dom

Nice design, good job! Could you make mount for BLTouch? Will be highly appreciated.

Ive made a remix of the one from Psychrage, but for non-volcano config


Dovanzeiljl A3 & A6 x-cariage BL Touch mount E3d V6 normal (non volcano)
by mRqS

Psychrage made a very nice addition for bltouch. Which you can fix to the fan mount.


Dovanzeiljl A6 X-Carriage BL Touch Mount

One question, this is compatible whit the alunar m506 a6? and the all upgrade part for the anet a6 is compatible whit alunar m506? thanks

Can I use this part without having to tweak the settings or do I have to flash the firmware and adjust the x-position? I don't want to use auto bed leveling of course.

It's possible to use without adjusting settings in the firmware. X- and y- position are the same, only the bed height may need minor adjustment.
KR, Dom

nice design, works great. Only downsides are the screwholes for especially the bracket for the hotend. Would have been a better design if you just made those holes through and through, so you could fix the mount with bolt and nuts.

The place of the x-end stop was for my system also a bit of an issue (won't reach /touch anything here :( fixed it by mounting the endstop to the fanmount).

What size linear bearings do I use when converting from the stock extruder x carriage to this setup? Can I use the linear bearings that come with the kit? Are there any bearings that would be an upgrade over the stock bearings? Thanks!!

Hi Havoc,

You can use the stock linear bearings and any similar ones. Although I haven't tested any others.




Thanks for the information. Do you know what the length of the stock linear bearings is?

Anyone have the offset settings for skynets config fr this setup?

Is this safe to print in PLA ?

50% Infill , or should I use 100% ?

40% infill is sufficient enough

In have printed 1 of these already, but was hoping to adapt a sensor plate and glue it on to the front of the carriage, as I have 1 of the block type inductive sensors. I have had a go at trying to edit the file myself to add a mount plate coming off the front of the carriage but needless to say I have a LONG way to go learning how to use blender before i'm able to successfully achieve what I want to!

at the moment I am currently on the stock carriage and am using this mount (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2205251) for my sensor, is there any chance you could create a version of this carriage with an appropriate mount for the cube type sensor coming off from the front of the carriage please?
Am itching to get my e3d upgrade all fitted and in use, but don't want to have to go back to using a limit switch and lose auto-levelling, or splash out on getting a different sensor.

Anet A6 Autolevel sensor mount

Hello what's the position of the sensor from the nozzle for the configuration.h

Opening the model in SketchUp and measuring from the centers of both circles for the hotend and the probe I got 22.75 and 22.77mm. From that I added this to my config. Working great so far.

define X_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 23 // X offset: -left +right [of the nozzle]
define Y_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER -23 // Y offset: -front +behind [the nozzle]
define Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 0.0 // Z offset: -below +above [the nozzle]


Hello Netgardin,

Could you be a little more specific in what position you exactly need. Also I do not have the configuration.h for a 18mm sensor as I don't use autobed leveling at the moment.


Hello i have print the cariage with the 18mm sensor

Hello do You have à configuration.h for the carriage with sensor Mount 18mm ?

Nice, simple and working design. I had some issues mounting X-end stop - that should be improved.

Hi Cecilius,

Thank you for taking the time to print and comment on improvements.
Could you elaborate some on what exactly was the issue you ran into with the X-end stop?


Problem is that endstop holes are blind and 3mm diameter. If it's blind you need to cut thread into it.

And also I don't think it's good idea to cut thread into 3.9mm deep 3d printed hole.

It was designed to be slightly smaller than 3.0 mm to allow for some grip of the threads on the m3 bolt to tighten the end stop. You are right in that it would be better if it was a through hole or if it would have threads.

Thanks again for your feedback and how did you manage to fix the end stop?


In STEP file you included is diameter exactly 3mm, maybe you made mistake there. Also in STL(without sensor) is hole 3 mm.

I "fixed" it with ABS juice. I put ABS juice to thread and into the hole but it's still not best and not fixed properly.

Uploaded 12mm and 18mm Autobed leveling sensor mount carriage and bracket!

Uploaded STEP file of the carriage without sensor mount.

Let me know your opinion on the designs and functionality.



good design, and it seems printable without problems.
I'll make one when there is with 18mm sensormount.
By the way what Extruder-motor- bracket do you use?

cool design

when you make a version with a sensor mount can you include a version for capacitive sensors as well?
My capacitive one has 18mm but inductive ones have only 12mm. (or at least most of them afaik)
By the way, does a inductive one work for you when you print on glass as in the pictures above?

kind regards

Hey Kilian,

First design with 18mm sensor attachment is almost done, this weekend I'll post the file.



Yeah man you're awesome
thanks a lot for your effort

have a nice weekend :)



18mm sensor mount carriage is uploaded, Let me know what you think


Hey Duke,

Thank you!
I'll see what I can think of for a capacitive sensor. Do you have some dimensions of the sensor?

Inductive should work with 8mm probe distance and aluminium bed underneath. I'm still waiting for bltouch before having autobed leveling, will include a design for that as well.


I also thought about getting a BL touch, but my sensor works fine for me.
Here you can find the dimensions and a image

kind regards

would it be possible to do one for a direct drive instead of bowden type?

Hello Panch47,

My main motive to create this x-carriage was so I could speed up printing by removing the extruder motor of the carriage and place it outside the printer. As I do like the idea of modular design,I will have a look if it is possible to easily create a direct drive version as well with just some minor modifications. Otherwise it will design a new version for just Direct drive.



here is the link for the direct drive version I have made, is it removable part so you can also use it for bowden type. feel free to comment it if you have suggestions. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2188191

anet a6 direct drive version from Dovanzeijl (non tested yet)
by panch47

Hi Panch,

I like the design, it's simple and effective. I'll see if i can test it out in the coming week.


thanks dude for the effort you have made! I think the print speed is in any case reduced by the plate because it also has to move with the printed part on it. But anyway, it is sure it reduces the weight of moving parts. I don't think it is complicate for a direct drive, you just have to add motor support. Do you have step files? I am mechanical engineer I can modify your part if you want.

Hello Panch,

I've uploaded the STEP file of the carriage without sensor mount. Curious of your design for direct drive!