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Fallout 4 Mini Nuke Container

by PowerHobo Mar 11, 2017
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Simple print. Thanks. Though looks like Lilykill took down their source object.

neither of the dowels fit it? is it just a problem with my printer? (their the correct size around, not in length though)

You know, this is a pretty awesome design here!

Printing my second nuke already, going for a nuka cola paintjob this time :-)

Comments deleted.

Excellent paint job!

I'm giving this one a go ... looks very cool.

Two questions:

  • How did you get the smooth finish, ... did you sand it? or?
  • I was going to flip the fins and print them on their side ... any reason not to do it that way?



Yeah, I definitely sanded it. Luckily, this model is pretty much all simple shapes, so it's easy to smooth out.
There's no real reason not to lay the fins themselves down. I'm pretty sure I left it standing so I could save some space on the print bed to fit more parts.

3_-_Container_Body doesen't seem to print that good without support (i had to stop the print) =/

It looks like you need to dial in your printer for overhangs. That part should absolutely not require support; I've printed it probably a dozen times now.

3_-_Container_Body doesen't seem to print good without support, it's getting outside and such...

This is really nicely finished.... WEll done mate... Would love to know how you weathered the nuke... please feel free to send some tut's my way..

So the other day someone on my FB group posted a Lamp he made with a Mini Nuke Bottom and a litho lamp shade It was amazing but he was super cagey with the details said he didn't have the files anymore. I want to try and replicate the lamp. any chance you could post the source file so someone could punch a hole through the cent for a threaded rod or could post some. I am going to try and do it through the STLs but having source files would make it more accurate. Thanks for the great looking model.

Unfortunately, the STLs of Lilykill's original model are all I've ever had. 123D Design is pretty decent at editing STLs without a lot of quality loss. The only issue I can see you potentially running into would be that there's a locator dowel in the center, but if you've got a steady hand you don't really need it.

Any directions on assembly for painting or should we paint everything first then assemble?

I would personally suggest painting first, then assembling. Luckily, it's a pretty simple shape, so any masking is fairly quick. Sorry for the slow reply!

Pretty new to 3D Printing...
Question: The Lid does not need supports, according to detail. Should I flip it the other way when printing? Seems like there is a lot of empty space on the underside and concerned how that would print out. Thank you. :)

Actually, detail (under Notes) says the container cap is the only thing that DOES need supports. Everything else should print without them, though you'll want to use a decent brim on the fins, fin brackets, and bolts (if you choose to use them). Please post if you print it; I'd love to see it!

Do you mean the container lid? That seems to be the one that needs the support to me. The Cap looks like it would print just like the bottom.

Right, the cap does. And I have begun printing it. Just have not yet done the lid (the part that screws on). Should I flip it before I print the lid then, just feels like a lot of open space below in its current arrangement.

Sorry for the slow reply. You can certainly flip it, I simply don't because I have trouble getting even remotely acceptable finish where support connects from my printer, and flipping it will require support around that top lip (which will be on bottom when flipped); since that lip is exposed and I don't like sanding anymore than I have to, I simply leave it in the orientation it's in, as I don't care about the inside of the container being super-pretty.

anyone tried to scale this to say 50% - are the bolts just not going to work?

The printed bolts would still work, but would be very fragile. The bolts for the fins are M2, so scaling down will probably make finding hardware a little difficult. My main concern, however, would be the threads on the container itself, scaling down that far may make the tolerances too tight to screw/unscrew the cap without damage.

what length bolts did you use?

Well, I didn't, because I couldn't find any locally. That's why I put in the printable bolts. They don't need to be long at all, though, just long enough to get a couple threads in to hold them in place. The M2s I used for the fins were 10mm, but I had to cut them down with my dremel so there wouldn't be so much hanging out on the inside of the ring.

I'm curious about how you acquired the bottle caps you filled your mini nuke with. are the printed & painted or are the real metal caps that you just painted over or did you order them online somewhere or what? I just printed one of these last night i'll put it on here after i get it painted =) but im gifting it to a friend & i'd love to see the look on their face when the open it and abunch of caps fell into their lap lol =D
thanks in advance

They're real bottle caps from Amazon. Something like 144 for $6. I just print out the labels, glue them on, and paint weather them. Please post pics; I'd love to see it when you're done!

I'm curious as to why there are D-shaped cutouts on the main body files, as there is nothing that fits into them for any alignment purposes, care to fill me in?

Mainly, I'm an idiot. I forgot to upload the body dowels. There is a long and a short. Print 1 each. Sorry about that, and thank you for letting me know!

Ah, that explains it. Thanks!

How did you make it look so good in the end?

Pretty much as listed in the after-printing details. As far as the weathering I just absolutely slather about a quarter of the model at a time in black, dark brown, and light brown acrylics (randomly), then immediately blot it off with a damp paper towel, then dab it again with a fully dry paper towel. Seal it all with a matte clear spray paint.

Looks fantastic. How tall is it overall?

Thanks! Assembled size is approximately 201mm tall, 103mm wide.