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3D Hubs Marvin - Key Chain

by 3DHubs Dec 30, 2013
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Which filament are those? I love these colors!

A great test-piece. It showed me my cooling was way too uneven, just spent the last two days making variations on ducting. Finally getting good parts with no curl. BTW, to answer others' questions, no support is needed in a well-functioning printer.

Thanks for the fun little man.

What are the print settings?

Just printed a JUMBO version of this MARVIN model! Check out my time lapse video of the print:


Thanks for a great model!

time to fire up .06 mm layer height and low speed :)

Comments deleted.


Having some kind of issue. When I printed it at .25mm it printed well, but I wanted it to look a little better around the key ring, so I made it .1mm and when I do that it seems as if its not registering the entire part of the feet for the first couple layers..

Hey, this is way late but i just saw your comment passing by. You may have your nozzle too close to the bed. When that happens, the first few layers don't appear and filament can get stripped. If it's not that, I don't know. Just something to try, usually that's my problem.

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So cool! Does this need supports to print?

Just printed an entire ARMY OF MARVINS! Check out my time lapse video of the print:


Thanks for a great model!

perfect print so love these little guys

in the middle of its printing working good tho thx

My Printrbot Simple Metal does the job of printing Marvin quite fine, the only complain I have is that the back side of Marvin curls up slowly, since my printer only cools from the left side and the right side is not getting as much cooling. I tried a better fan, which blows stronger, but there is still not enough cooling coming to the right side of marvin. Therefore it looks really rough on one side. I am going to try a 360 degree cooling shroud soon, so let's see if it helps!

use a dual radial fan

hey, guys! my marvin doesn't look so good, I believe I have some issue with my z axis :-(
I used resolution 0.2mm and slowed the axis travel speed from 150 to 120mm/s. not sure how to fix that, any thoughts?


thank you so much!

3D Hubs Marvin - Key Chain

I slowed down travel speed to 50mm/s and it looks a lot better!

Slowed down? I print at 35mm/s or so...

when printing on an FFF does this model require supports?

So Im getting ready to print a bunch of these to hand out and spread awareness of 3d printing.
But I just got to know. What printer did you guys use to print the Really big one. He came out so amazingly perfect haha...

Hey Kenwhite! Awesome that you are spreading the news, The big one was actually printed with a printer call The Pivot maker.

It's amazing!

Prints great! Very cute. Though sadly the loop is too small for my key ring :(.

hmm those in the big picture are SLS prints?

I get this printed well with FFF but my problem is my retraction, coasting, xtra restart settings that ruin the print usually :). I have a few absolutely flawless prints also luckily

Nice! We'd love to see the picture. Mind sharing it on 3dhubs.com/talk/marvin?

These are printed with an SLA printer ;)

Comments deleted.

This will never print correctly for us. We have sliced with Slic3r and Cura, both have the same results. I have noticed that a layers prints with nothing below it. Basically in mid air. This is what is causing the problem. Please advice.


You can see where it starts to join the two legs.

Is it only between the legs where you've got problems? It is a difficult part to print - yes, but with the right settings found it should be do-able. What kind of printer are you printing with? ;)

I just got my Hub running and I printed this guy! It was awesome! If you guys need anything printed, you can always go to my website: 3dprintedart.weebly.com/


Thank you for all the feedback!! We have a special talk channel dedicated to this little guy: If you are having trouble printing it go over to 3DHubs.com/talk/marvin to ask for help or share your settings to help others!

Printed great!!!! I love having a mellow way to show off 3-d printing

I had a problem with the file (using makerware, I don't know why) and would not print one of the legs properly. Using Meshmixer's analytics, there was a hole or two one the bottom of the right leg that was easily taken care of (using the analyze menut). I also used meshmixers layout to get an optimized position (though I did rotate it to a final 45 degrees so it would face "up" to eliminate the need for support thus eliminating any need to clear out support material. Sending it back as an stl to Makerware, I then printed it WITH a raft, but NO support, as the Meshmixer file is complete with better support. Lot's of people have been looking for a way to smooth and gloss PLA. I found that dipping (not vapor bathing) PLA printed objects to be a great method to do it. Just swish it around for perhaps 5 seconds - it's a good rule of thumb from which to experiment further.

it so cute i am going to make lots of this

Awesome!! We want to see pics of that! www.3dhubs.com/talk/marvin

Where can i get the printer that made the blue Marvin in image 3

I initially printing this with auto-slowdown enabled for small layers and it helped. I later edited the G-code and introduced non-printing orbits outside the print area and it helped a lot more. Same idea as printing multiple items, but doesn't use any extra filament.

If the key ring has print issues from melting, or the bridging between the legs get soft during printing, you may like to try a trick I found.

Using my MakerBot Replicator 2X and ABS I set the build plate temp to 90 deg C and the Extruder / Print Head to 215 deg C and and the vertical resolution to 0.2mm. Then to prevent over heating I printed 2 of them at the same time. I moved them about 60mm apart. Then I set the travel speed to 80mm / second. I set my print speed to 70mm/s. By making two items and slowing the travel speed down, the layers on each had time to cool and harden before the next layer was printed on either of the items. Overhangs are really improved.


Comments deleted.

I also have problems with the keyring part. Any suggestions?

go with the modded one with no ring

go with the modded one with no ring

By looking at the first image, (the one with colored Marvins in green, red, orange and yellow), I would bet that's a wax print.
Isn't so?

It's actually Makerjuice SubSF resin. Here's the initial file: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:83761

3D Hubs Marvin - Key Chain

so how do you do the keyring part? because that fails.

At 0.1mm height, the bottommest of Marvin between his legs is a pure print on air... Do you use support or let it drop till it overcomes the issue 3 or 4 layers further (boo!) ;)

What layer height and mm/s settings did you run for this print mate? I just printed my first few but I think I need to A) slow the print down a tad more and B) drop the layer height down a tad more.

Hi! We use 20% infill, 0.10 layer height and normally turn the marvin 90 degrees so that the fan blows between Marvin's legs, and use a slightly lower printing speed (75%) on an Ultimaker 2. Settings vary greatly between 3d printers and even between those of the same brand. Best thing is to tinker, tinker, tinker! Hope that helps... let us know how you get on!

that is a very clean print, what are your print settings?

@thingiverse-9641a84075b13021ce4dc0c82d620a83 About 10cm high, like it? ;)

What size is the big one? :)

Cura shows separation between the ring and the key-chain(hubbie)

Problem Solved! thanks again ;)

@lauris You are right, thanks! I will fix it ASAP. Thanks man!