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Age of Sail Wargaming Miniatures

by epengr Mar 5, 2017
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I just stumbled onto this pack. Thanks for sharing. My mate wants me to print some of these. I can't view the files currently as I'm on the phone. He'd like them maybe at 30mm at the longest point. Wonder how these may turn out at reduced scale and with a smaller nozzle. Say 0.2 or 0.1mm for example.
Thoughts anyone?

The photo with 3 ships and a protractor is the HNS Victory printed at 1:1000, 1:1200 and 1:2000(i think?) with a 0.40mm nozzle on my crappy old printer. The 1:2000 is about the size you're after. It should work fine.

First time trying a smaller nozzle so it'll be interesting on the outcome. I'll post when I get something going. Will try on ender 3 pro. Thanks again for designing these and sharing.

Thanks for making these they look great & I hope you do more such as a damage markers or something. I have to ask how did you do the bases?

The bases are just thin plywood or thick balsa from a hobby store or foam core board. I bought strips the width I wanted, making them easy to cut. I then searched for an image of a ship (I think I ended of using a speed boat) from above and scaled it to print and glue to the bases such that the model covers the image of the ship but left the wake exposed.

nice Ships.
Any chance of a AI3M_4th_Rate_50Gun-_HMS_Leopard_V2 with closed Ports, please?
Closed Ports looks better for me.

I forgot how much of a pain modelling gun doors on a curved hull was...

But there you go, it's uploaded!

That shouldn't be too much work... I'll try to find time in the near future to have a look.

What are you using for basing?

I used a combination of thin plywood from a hobby store and foamcore board.

That makes sense.
I might try to make some bases for 3d printing with a footprint for the base of the hull and texture for the water.

If I don't do that, I might use thin plywood. :)

If you're still exploring rulesets for 1:1000 Age of Sail battles, I recommend looking at Post Captain by Old Dominion Game Works. I got to play it last month and enjoyed it quite a bit. I particularly appreciate the way it manages to artfully coalesce weapon type and target range into a single table, which provides the roll you need on 1d12 with each gun type to score a telling hit. Very quick and flexible when you've got mixed weapons in a volley.

Elibit, i saw your make... Those are gorgeous! I haven't looked at this in a while, but if there's interest i would do more. Let me look into it!

I too, am very interested in these. They look great. The ships I would be interested in would be the 64 gun (small 3rd rate) and possibly some merchant men. I really enjoy protect the convoy types of scenarios so unarmed ships are important.

A 20-28 gun sixth rate would be awesome.

I'm certainly interested!

Thanks epengr, that would be awesome :)

I've been printing these off over the past week, I absolutely love them, you've done an amazing job. Is there any chance of you doing the Post Ship, or a 64 gunner?

Comments deleted.

Just printed and built the brig, using toothpicks (same diameter as the 16 gauge wire you recommend). I'm a children's librarian looking for crafts and gaming ideas, and am planning on printing the fourth-rate next, as the 1.5 inch Beagle is probably too small for little hands. The bonus is that the fourth-rate could represent USS Constitution for a patriotic craft.

Thank you for these, hoping to do more!

I've been playing around with making these with a base printed with the hull. These are coming our great. The sails are what I'm struggling with. I tried printing a set on inkjet fabric. They print fine, but I can't get them on masts without looking like a wreck before it sails.

Any chance getting some more simplified sails? I don't care for the sheets in the middle.

Something like Sails of Glory would be great... http://www.aresgames.eu/games/sails-of-glory-line/sails-of-glory-special-ship-packs/sgn201a-hms-victory-1765-1805

If I had the ability, I take a stab at designing these myself.

Hey, I'm glad to hear there's still interst in these models! I had the opportunity to visit the Victory in June... Amazing.

I never really liked the 3D printed sails, my printer wasn't really up it the task. But, I've upgraded since then and I've wanted to find time to revisit the idea. I've already built huge fleets with paper sails for myself though...

If you just want a set of sails without staysails, that's easy. I'll upload that in a few minutes. For the different rates, I just scaled the whole stl down from the 1st rate sails, 90% for the 3rd rate and 80% for the frigate.

Thank you VERY much. I'll try and print the new sails and model up a ship this week. I'll post my finished ship when I'm done.

These are so stinking cool! I can't wait to make my own!!

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! I will give this a test print and also check out those sailing rules.

Thanks for the tip!

Much appreciated!


Hmmm, yes. I may have scaled the bowsprit/foresails part down a bit comparing yours to mine. You could try that until I have time to tactile this.

I highly suggest working on the paper sails though. Curl the to give them a bit more depth and life and, I know it's approaching modelling but, adding some fine wire or stiffened thread for stays can really bring it to life. I few makes a big different. I went all-out on my HMS Victory (attached).

War Artisan's tutorial's for rigging his paper ships was really helpful to me:

Perhaps it's me, but the provided stl for the sails+mast for the 5th rate are for a different rate?
The double bow sail clearly does not match

Hmmm... Everything I know about age of sail, more or less, was learned in the course of this project, so I'm the first to admit that I am far from an expert on the subject...

However, Napoleonic era 5th rates were full/ship-rigged vessels with 3 masts. The number of headsail's that any given ship happens to be running (the whole sail plan in general) would vary based on the design, cargo loading, the weather conditions, and the preferences of the sailing master and captain of the ship. There's nothing stopping a 5th rate from running 2 or more headsails that I know of.

That being said, I did not invest much effort in the 3D printed sails - they are all the same set of sails scaled as needed. I found that using heavy gauge wire for the masts and lighter wire/waxed thread for the stays, and paper/card sails gave much more satisfying results.

If there's a specific sail plan that you'd like to see for a given rate, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

Nothing wrong with number of sails. However the angle of the upper of the two bow sails is clearly wrong (it's point towards the sky instead of top foremast). Must be result from rescaling from larger sail plan. Also the shroud on the foremast is too wide.

Was also wondering if you couldnt 3D print an open shroud instead of closed..

[PS: Love them!]

Ah, yes. Well that's possible. As I said I didn't spend a lot of time on those - I just scaled them. I found paper sail much more satisfying, personally. I did make one 5th rate with printed sails and it looks okay to me, I've attached a crappy pic of it.

I did experiment with open shrouds with little success, but I have since upgraded my printer, and I think some more ambitious printed sails are now possible if I can find the time. Since there's interest, I'll keep that in mind.

Thank you for the interest and the feedback!

Yes, I would be very interested.
Uploaded my test prints with both paper and printed sails.

Greetings from Spain

Well, when I printed the Santisima Trinidad I had two problems

When scaling it in the cure 3.1.0 it loses parts of the model

Assistant screenshot


is scaled to the measures ----X 11mm ----Y 35mm -----Z 10mm aprox

I do not know why parts of the piece are lost

The other problem is that more or less in layer 2 or 3

The extruder motor stops and does not work, does not inject filament, only makes the movement of the retractions,
I have the mechanical part well since I print another piece of thingiverse and it works perfectly

I've tried another laminating program, the repeat-host and it does the same
the extruder motor stops in the first layers

I ask the author if he can try to print it to the measures that I put to see if he happens too

the scale is

Assistant screenshot


Thanks for the attention

Best regards

Live the world maker

Well you're scaling it quite small and distorting it. Scaling it down to 46% along y is going to make some already very small feature unprintable small with a FDM printer. My slicer loses the foreward bulwark when I scale it like the too, and the cannons are too small to print.

I would say you're taking the model beyond the range that it was intended for, and there's not much I can do to help... But if you let me know what you're trying to achieve I can think on it. What do you want a short-and-stubby Santisima Trinidad for? Are you trying to make it look like a carrack?

I skimmed your gcode too, but I have no experience with delta's and it look s /really/ odd to me. Your first layer is 0.3 mm, and you typical extrusion step is ~0.05 ish. But your remaining layers are 0.1mm and you end up with almost all your E steps being below 0.05, which may be causing problems with your stepper depending on it's settings. Other models may work ok at 0.1mm layer if they have less complicated geometry leading to longer average move lengths, but I'm just guessing.

The short answer is I think you're pushing the model /and/ your printer to the limits of what it's capable of.

Try 0.2mm layers and see if that works better.

The ships look really nice, i hope they will scale up nice for playing 28mm like "blood and plunder" thank you very much for sharing.

I'd be curious to see how that works... the smallest ship, the HMS Beagle would be 1/2 meter long in 28mm scale.

Someone else was asking about this, and I uploaded a slightly improved version of that ship (Sloop-of-War_10-gun_HMS_Beagle_for_Large_Scale.stl) better suited for large scale printing, but it still isn't highly detailed.

Let me know how it goes!

Ok, will post as I go! Cheers

Hi there,

Well I am printing the brig. Going to make it 14 inches long. I am doing this by eye:-) I printed the front of the brig, and it looks fine except for the hole, the bump, and the guns. If you redo the brig, please leave the guns off. I will put guns of my own on there. The detail is a little rough, but what the heck.

We are using these for Blood and Plunder. Seems like a fun game. All you need are small ships. Have you thought about trying your hand at something like the brig and maybe a sloop with a bit more detail? I am going to rig the ships myself, so no need for sails. Masts would be cool, but not really necessary.

All the best, and thanks for thinking of us!


I've uploaded a revised gun-brig with the mast holes, guns and a few other crude details removed. I also thinned the gunwales and cleaned up a couple other things with large-scale printing in mind. Let me know if you see anything else that needs tweaking

And please! Post pics as you go! :)

Good luck!

These are really great! I am trying to print the sloop at large scale for use with 28mm figures. It looks fine, except the holes for the sails and the mounded area around those holes. They are really large when you blow the model up. Would you be willing to either put the actual model up so I could fix that, or remove the sail holes and the mound in the Beagle and put up a modded version?

Once again, these are really great models for wargaming!

Wow, that would be huge! We'll over a meter long. Even the little 10 brig would be 40cm long.

I can easily fix that, but I don't think these models have the detail to look good at that scale...

Just want to say how much I love these. As soon as I get more material, I plan on printing a fleet for Close Action: Age of fighting sail. Thank you!

Excellent! Thank you for the support!

I would love to see pics of your fleet when done.

I have done so... but they're not much more than sticks... I'd highly recommend just using a toothpick or wire (18Ga galvanized steel wire is almost the perfect size for a scale mast). Unless you want the shrouds and crows nests on them?

I have been playing with this a bit myself, and I will upload some more photos and new paper sails soon. My first attempt is in the photo here, and that's toothpicks with paper sails and printed shrouds, actually using the image found here (http://www.whatdoesthatmean.com/dictionary/R/ratline.html)

I started following this tutorial, but have yet to find the patience to fully rig a model yet:

Awesome! love the response time. I definitely think there's value in the crows nest addition, but it does increase print complexity too. my 3d printer is on temporary stand down while I figure out why it keeps eating my chess piece prints, but I'll try out the sails asap.

I've had good sucess with 80% scale, but I was wondering if you could post files for the masts without sails, so that we can make the paper sails?

Thanks for the update. I am printing out the new sails sans mast now. Maybe after I get my crown on my tooth put in this afternoon I can do some assembly.

Waco Joe

And thank you for the support!

I'd love to see how they look when you're done. I can add Fore and Mizzen sails too if they work out. I could also make some Course sails in case someone wants to hang fulls sails instead of battle sails.

already thinking along those lines. I took the sail you posted and cut in in Slic3r then resized it to make it a bit bigger.

Incredible!!! I wish I could paint better :P

You and me both...

Made one of these tonight. I will do the made one upload tomorrow when I have a chance to get some photos onto my computer and process the time lapse video. Great little model. printed pretty well. Not sure if it was the small size pushing the accuracy limits of my printer or if the tolerances are a little to tight, but I had to drill out the holes for the mast just a little bit for them to fit. No big deal really just thought I would let you know. Thanks for sharing.

Glad to hear it! I can't wait to see your print.

I've heavily re-worked the sails and I'll be uploading them and a couple more ships in a day or so.

I always keep hole tolerances tight and drill them out - I mentioned so in the post-print section, actually ;) To be honest, for this I probably didn't have to, but I find FFF 3D printers are rarely good at clean round holes and no two slicers give you the same ID anyways.

AWESOME!! Looks great! can't wait to print it!