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Hairy Einstein

by PrintThatThing Mar 3, 2017
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Very good model!
Print video:

I'm using cura and when I load in the file it doesn't print the hair, it prints the rest such as the head and body but not the hair what should I do?

Sorry to hear that. Try using another free slicer software like PrusaSlicer. I use Simplify3D at the moment which is expensive, but gets the job done.

As commented before: hairs are not level. I tried tilting the model, but even then it can't be fixed as the hairs are apparently at various angles. Worse, it messes up the mustache, where hairs are straight. I'm not attempting a 10 hr print so likely to fail.

great job! will print one this week.

any chance you can split the hairy pieces ( hair, mustache, eyebrows) in a separate stl . I'll like to try a two color print on my Prusa MK3 with MMU.

cheers, Alex

great albert is my granddaughter's hero though absolutely no hair if you print at 50% or less and if you print it at full size it takes 23 hours

(depending on what printer you have.)

Second attempt. This time full scale, and I rotated it 5 degrees (clockwise if looking at the face).
Seems to have some good hair volume, but still not quite right, especially on the top of the head.
Wonder if I should risk softening the hair with a heat gun to see if I can get more to the top.

Hello, I really want to print this awesome thing, but as others already said, the hair is tilted. You can see it in this picture, it is a normal view. Strangely enough, the moustache is not tilted. Please, repair it, this is one of the top ranking thingis here, it deserves to be fixed!

Absolutely, I'd love to print it too but I don't want my printer to make any weird mess :-/ please fix this

Spettacolo, grazie d averlo condiviso è bellissimo.

Any chance of splitting the hair from the head, for dual extrusion printing?

Trying a first run right now... at 70% scale. My Einie has a bald spot on the left rear of his head! Just started the nose....
I noticed when the extruder gets out away from the main model, not much filament is being extruded usually. I tried increasing extruder temp from 200 to 210, not much difference.
This is on an Anet A8, 210 extruder, 60 bed, PLA.
Any help on getting all the hair on this genius? This is a cool model, I want to make it work and then print full size!

Do not scale it below 90%

I had this same exact problem last night and I printed at 100%. Most hairs seem to be at an angle and finish at a different layer from where it starts. Not sure what people are doing to make it work. Which makes me sad because I really wanted this.

Ahh, I had not noticed this. If they're at an angle, and on different layers, that means any individual hair won't be it's full length? I was about to try it at full scale, but now I'm not sure it's worth it.

Maybe I'll try tilting it in the slicer, add support for underneath, hopefully the hairs will each be on one layer. Or at least get longer.

I used cura to slice this model and printed it on my prusa printer. Surprisingly it didn't print any hair on the model. What's the reason ? I just scaled it down to 80% infill 20% .2mm layer height.. Please help me out !

Do not scale it below 90%

Comments deleted.

you should make trump with the hairs

How about Trump with a wig... more realistic that way! :)

Have you been able to fix the tiled hair issue? The model still shows that his hair is tilted downward to his right and upward to his left. Fix this and the model would be iconic!

Hey nice job, today i wanted to print the einstein but for some reason the hair are not sliced correct in S3D.
They become little loops and if i scale it down the hairs disappear...

Exactly! I think the model is tilted a little

Printing this now, and Einstein is hairless! He's just the sculpted shape, with no added hairs. Einstein without a mustache looks pretty weird...

I am currently printing this one. I noticed a couple of things. First off. I think retraction might be a bad idea on this one, it seems a bit counter productive. My hair was also coming out very poorly initially. I increased the temperature from 210 to 225 and changed flow from 100 to 120. I also reduced the fan speed to like 65%. I noticed that the fan was lifting the hair and causing it to get picked up by the hotend. The second I did this I started to see some notable improvement. (Here is the final result (Retraction added about 5 hours to print)

Hairy Einstein

I just printed this file. It came out as a Giant Solid Cylinder? Is this normal? Am I supposed to cut out the Einstein from within this solid cylinder? I am a bit confused. Please offer any assistance you might have. Thanks

Did you print the lion instead?

No you didnt!..... No it didnt! No its not! And No!

Comments deleted.

Hi, very nice idea. Might I suggest a dual-extrusion version?

I'm printing this right now :)
However, both Simplify3D and Cura shows hairs in pieces, like they are not horizontal so it should be start printing the first part far from the head, then the next layer another part and so on, reaching the head in 5-6 layer (0.2 mm layer height).
Is this intended?

Haven't tried it in simplify 3D. It worked for me in Makerbot desktop slicer so it should be fine. It's an extruder error that makes the fro effect. The hair stands should start at the head then drag out to the tips of the hair. Hope this helps. It's a pretty tough print.

I'm having trouble with it too. S3D wants to print the head hair from the tips to the head. The mustache hair printed correctly and looks great. Is there a setting I can change to get it to slice correctly?

All the head hair is tilted by 3 degrees.

How has this not been fixed, this is one of the coolest models on Thingiverse!

I'm trying to level the hairs in Cura but am struggling. Can anyone point me to a model that's already been leveled or explain how I can do it myself? I've been at it for an hour but it seems Cura just doesn't have the precision necessary to get those hairs level.

I'm still printing, hairs are really strange :D but they seems to be not horizontal so the extruder is printing the tips first (in mid-aird) and then the base at the head. Tried also Repetier host and it has the same behaviour
I printed the hairy lion without issue (he had straight horizontal hairs) but don't know if you tried a different effect with this to have curly hairs instead of straight like the lion had.

I'll see if they can be leveled out. Thanks for the feedback

Yes, hairs are not horizontal, we noticed the same thing! Still gonna give it a try!

Printed and combed!
Don't know if it is like it should be :)

Hairy Einstein