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by Fredbartels Mar 3, 2017
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Comments deleted.

Madoff was Clintons bitch. Get your hoes straight. Clinton loosened restrictions on freddie mac and fannie mae. Then loosens the timelines on payments to international investments to 6 months instead of monthly. Then people buy houses they cant afford. Then they quickly bundle up these bullshit loans and sell them off for a small profit to international investors in sweden and germany etc. Where would you store Documents for "Worlds Trades of investments?" a World Trade Center? Then you simply stall Appointments for bush so security offices sit empty for 9 months and BOOM 9/11 about 9 months after Bush swore in. Sorry sweden and germany dont know what we owe ya and federally insured loans take up to 15 years to make whole. Then interest rates on those loans people cant afford sky rocket come 02-03 when bush got blamed for it. They cant pay, banks foreclose and sell the house AGAIN to asshole #3. Debt for insured loans to investors finally comes around when someone else is president. Then "shocker" Bernie madoff takes the fall for a ponzi scheme in 09. (Where did hillary get her 500million$ for her 2016 warchest again?) Billy Clinton has effectively performed this equation. (Value of real estate market + 8%) x 2 = reduction towards national debt or more likely lining their own pockets for hillarys future. Basically selling the entire us real estate market twice. Once to the investor, and once to the person who bought it post 9/11/01 as a foreclosure. Plus you get all those payments made by the people who bought it and got foreclosed on. And easily take down a building in a city that costs 50$ an hour to exist in that was probably unsafe to begin with being exactly 40 years old on 9/11/2001. Twin Towers construction started 9/11/1961

Soros funded through Patreon?

No class.

Only lowlifes inject polarizing political poison into a collaboration/sharing site!

Another case of extremist pots calling the chinaware black.

Don't toke and vote, wasteoids!

More gibberish from the resident libTARD

Pathetic, show me the evidence? Heh...

So, I'm a dummy and don't understand what scheme is being perpetrated by Trump. I have read your links, but don't see evidence that supports the claim. I certainly see how it MIGHT be true, or how it could end up true, but I don't see how it IS true. He is a coarse man- I agree. He makes some people mad- I agree. But I am looking for the nail in the coffin here. If we can focus on what good we can take away from this, everyone will be more happy. I must say though, It always strikes me how intolerant the tolerant can be.
Best to you,
A libertarian

Comments deleted.

An autistic liberal tries to push their political agenda about an election they already lost. Sad!

A butthurt snowflake makes a sad attempt to defend his FAKE president. Sad!

I love how the snowflakes keep calling Conservative, Republican, Middle-Class, Working America "snowflakes." And for the record, I think all of the crap like this goes to show who the real "butthurt" parties are. No one in the history of this country has EVER acted like this when their candidate lost. Yeah, the losing side might grumble a little bit, they might fight the president on key issues, but to try and critique EVERY single syllable out of his mouth... to condemn EVERY single action the man takes - even when the democrats have called for the same things or praised the nominees that they now demonize... to criticize his wife and daughter because their dresses are "more fitting for the oscars than a political event"...

By the way, saying he is "fake" does not make it so. Donald Trump won the election. Whether the Russians had anything to do with any "propaganda" or not is irrelevant - discussing foreign elections is not illegal nor is releasing TRUE fact to the public. Had anything released prior to the election been lies or false, THEN you MIGHT could make a case. The only way that Trump would be a "fake" or "false" president would be if votes were cast illegally or the results were artificially skewed. Oh wait... that did happen. Only the skewing and the voting fraud was perpetuated by the loser. And even at that, Trump STILL won.

How is he fake snowflake?

Can he keep it up for 8 years?