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HyperCube extensions/modifications

by Golkun Mar 3, 2017
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some times my cube wanders it will print fine for the first 3 or 4 layers then Jutt sideways one SPMM... I have checked the Drivers by installing them on my PM running sprinter and they are fine I have tried enabling position hold and it stops working all together... One of the settings might be too high I have tryed lowering the Jerk by 20% and all it dose is humm....
echo:Marlin 1.1.4

echo: Last Updated: 2017-07-04 12:00 | Author: (none, default config)
Compiled: Dec 4 2017
echo: Free Memory: 3546 PlannerBufferBytes: 1264
echo:V39 stored settings retrieved (465 bytes; crc -10558)
echo: G21 ; Units in mm
echo: M149 C ; Units in Celsius

echo:Filament settings: Disabled
echo: M200 D1.75
echo: M200 D0
echo:Steps per unit:
echo: M92 X74.35 Y74.35 Z383.13 E197.00
echo:Maximum feedrates (units/s):
echo: M203 X300.00 Y300.00 Z5.00 E25.00
echo:Maximum Acceleration (units/s2):
echo: M201 X1000 Y1000 Z100 E10000
echo:Acceleration (units/s2): P R T
echo: M204 P1000.00 R10000.00 T2000.00
echo:Advanced: S T B X Z E
echo: M205 S0.00 T0.00 B20000 X10.00 Y10.00 Z0.40 E5.00
echo:Home offset:
echo: M206 X0.00 Y0.00 Z0.00
echo:Material heatup parameters:
echo: M145 S0 H195 B60 F0
M145 S1 H235 B85 F0
echo:PID settings:
echo: M301 P22.20 I1.08 D114.00
echo:SD card ok
echo:SD card ok

Hi Golkun, Can you please tell me the specs of your lead screw and where you purchased it. Is it a ball head lead screw? Thanks

Do you have a link for the 12864 display mount? :)

Full Grafik Smart Controller Cover for HyperCube
by Golkun

Hiya. Cover looks fantastic - very neat and tidy. Do you have a diagram or photo of how the 'PSU_mount_washer' and 'PSU_mount' are arranged (and how many of them are needed)? Thanks!

Hi, the PSU_mount(2x) is only needed when the PSU is mounted horizontally as seen in picture https://thingiverse-production-new.s3.amazonaws.com/renders/0c/69/14/52/00/1c2360d30755efb4046dd9c7bca01ef7_preview_featured.jpg.
If mounted verticaly PSU_mount_washer(below PSU fan outlet) is used in combination with
PSU_cover_v2 and PSU_mount is not needed. See https://thingiverse-production-new.s3.amazonaws.com/renders/89/a5/15/00/04/ee3e028b08a1ef6e8b7afd008acf6032_preview_featured.jpg
Hope this clarifies, else ask.

That's great - thanks very much. Power supply and C14 socket arriving tomorrow, so will try it all out then. Love the design!

Thank you, glad you like it!
Let me know how it turned out, I'm curious about.

I have all the parts but it's a slight struggle to get it all together. How did you attach the wires to the C14 socket? It looks like it has standard quick-fit spade connectors, but if I use spade connectors there isn't enough room in the printed case: they would push hard against the power supply. Did you solder wires directly to the socket to save space?

Also, do you remove your interior metal bracket from between the 2020 extrusions in order to get the power supply into the corner as it appears in your photos? I know you're using the exterior printed brackets - are you using only them in that corner?

The socket I've got - supposedly the same model number - seems to be very slightly different dimensions from your original one: about 1mm longer at the curved end. A bit of sanding sorted that out. And one of the mounting holes on my power supply is about 1.5mm to the side of one of yours. Again, nothing a drill won't sort out, but a little curious that there's such variance.


I soldered them directly to the spade connectors but you could use those angled ones http://www.conrad.com/medias/global/ce/1000_1999/1100/1130/1130/749747_LB_00_FB.EPS_1000.jpg

As seen on the first picture (https://thingiverse-production-new.s3.amazonaws.com/renders/f5/b4/b7/a2/86/5bd73d3d23f57dd126ca860836dbe508_preview_featured.jpg) I only use the metal brackets on the inner sides of the extrusions.

I could imagine there are some tolerances between manufacturers both for the socket and for the power supply unfortunately.

Wow, I've never seen spade connectors like that before. What a world! :) I'll probably just solder them directly on, to keep it simple.

Do you find that the external printed brackets produce a stiffer frame than the internal ones? I've been resisting putting much on the outside of the frame so far as I'm interested in putting material onto the frame, to build a more insulated enclosure.

I found the external brackets very handy to get the frame squared and rigid. Was to impatient to get it squared just with the internal ones.

do you have a link to the power plug/switch you used? do you have the dimensions of your psu?

Hi Golkun,

I really appreciate your extensions/mods. May I ask where you put the RAMPS board in your build? Still searching for a nice place for it to reside :)


Hallo Cedric, freut mich daß dir meine Erweiterungen gefallen. Ich habe das RAMPS Board links, vorne platziert. Bild habe ich hochgeladen, sollte das letzte Bild sein.

lg Gerhard

Hi Gerhard,

vielen Dank für das Foto. Ich bin noch am überlegen ob ein Gehäuse für RAMPS nicht schöner wäre, es gibt ja bereits fertige hier auf Thingiverse, vllt. Remixe ich davon mal eines - oder hast Du vielleicht Lust dir was zu überlegen? :-)


Hi Cedric,

im Endausbau werde ich wahrscheinlich das RAMPS Board in ein schönes Gehäuse unterbringen, aber derzeit ändere ich noch zu viel. Momentan bin ich dabei die Kabeln vernünftig zu verlegen. Zu dem Zweck habe ich eine offene Schleppkette konstruiert die einfach mit Clip-on Balken verschlossen wird, damit man bei einer bestehenden Verkabelung nicht alles aus/einfädeln muß.


Was macht die Schleppkette mit der Lautstärke beim Druck?
Wollte sowohl die Kabelzuführung zum Hotend als auch den PTFE-Schlauch änlich dem Ultimaker koppeln und sich "frei" bewegen lassen.

Was meinst du mit "Was macht die Schleppkette mit der Lautstärke beim Druck?" Ob die Schleppkette Lärm entwickelt?
Nein die ist flüsterleise.
Die Ultimaker Lösung habe ich mir noch nicht angesehen. Vielleicht kann man sich da etwas abschauen.

Ja ich meinte die Lautstärke der Schleppkette.
Ultimaker befestigt einfach nur den Kabelstrang des Hotends und der Lüfter mit einen Clip am Bowden PTFE-Schlauch und führt beides locker an einer Stelle am hinteren linken Ende zusammen. Schön im vertikalen Bogen, nur das man nicht zwei getrennte Stränge hat, sondern einen gemeinsamen.

Auf dem Bild sieht man es sehr schön:

Thats a sexy looking hypercube you got there.
This green is noice!

Not to mention that I like your mods.
The PSU mount especially.

Thanks, glad you like it.

Hi, what nut6 are you using? Looks awesome!

Do you mean what aluminium extrusion? I used 2020 extrusion with Nut6 profile size.

Sorry, I meant head cap screws. I'm trying to find that similar one.

These are M5 Allen(head)screws, also called INBUS screws. ISO 4762 (former DIN 912)