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R2D2 Version 2 Main Body Frame

by mrbaddeley Mar 2, 2017
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Amazing work.
I am in the process of finishing the Dome version 1.
What minor modifications are you talking about for the fit with the Body Frame version 2?

Is the printing the exact same scale as the R2-D2 from the real movie?

It is indeed. Accurate and full size. Please use the latest files if you want to print. Check out https://www.patreon.com/mrbaddeley for the latest files and instructions.

Hi, wonderful work. Is it possible for you to release a one-piece frame? I'd like to print the frame out as a single entity and then the doors - accessories as add-ons.

Hi I am new to this. I think this R2D2 is fantastic. I am getting a Prusa MK3 printer with a printing bed of 9.84"x8.3"x8.3". My concern is if this is big enough to print these pieces?

Thanks, Dave

Hiya, Prusa MK3 is perfect! I’ve got a MK2 so i tested the design on that! Please use the share on the Patreon site for the files (share is free and open, subscribing is optional) as these are the latest versions. I don’t update nor post the full design on Thingiverse.

NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Another great design, i'm already in a good point with your previous version of r2, do you think i have to stop it and start with this?!!?!

Sorry! If it helps I've nearly got two full droids! Learnt a huge amount from the first version. Version 2 is massively better. The dome should work with minor modification and the legs potentially. The body is a completely different design :-( check my Patreon page for details (and instructions)!! I'm sharing all the files there rather than Thingiverse. Print and build is much easier and faster on version 2

No problem at all!!! I'm very happy with build on first version! But i'll find every parts?! For now i have completed the frame and the dome, i'll have some problem for finding legs and other parts?

Every part is published on Thingiverse for version 1. Worth checking version 2 for the legs and any parts you haven't started as it's easier to print and build.

Ok, things! So other parts are compatibile with first version? Great. I had to resize all parts to 70% for printing area problem, i have a 3d vertex, 20x20x20 printing area

Comments deleted.

I take my hat off to you sir, I have completed the base ring and am already 4 parts in on building the first ring and am very happy with the design and how easy the parts join together especially with the filament peg idea, which in my opinion is just brilliant. I am using a TL4100 Delta printer I got from work (JAYCAR) and printing through repetier makes it so much easier to place my parts. Thank you so much for designing this for everyone to build and enjoy, I sure as hell will be enjoying the looks on the kids faces at the hospital when I have finally finished this build.

My only problem i have had with the model not all the parts fit on my bed and i have to do some editing. Other problems are i need to order more filament

Hi, what is your bed size out of interest?

200x190(ish), mods to my printer have reduced the bed size. To avoid problem parts of the base ring (mb_basering2 and 3) i cut them into two parts each. Ring 1 parts were all good and printed fine. Shouldnt be an issue with a standard 200x200 bed.

An awesome update to the r2-d2, another 2kg roll of filament is in the mail

Just out of curiosity, you said you printed all this at 10% infill. I can't seem to get the bottom pieces to print at 10% in ABS without horrible pillowing (the top layers falling into or getting blown out of the infill holes, because 10% is so sparse). Am I doing it wrong?

I print 10% honeycomb with 3 layers top and bottom on ABS. I'm conscious that printers and settings range from machine to machine but I have printed these settings both on Makerbot and Prusa. By all means try a higher % fill, just I didn't need too. Pillowing can be caused by a to hot nozzle, so you could try reducing the temp. simplify3d have a great troubleshooting guide also.

lol, I've just finished printing V1 :)

This is awesome.
I've already printed the v1 skirt and glued the bottom frame to it. Will this Body still work with it? Also, do you feel the details are still retained vs the previous body and separate skin version?

This body is a complete redesign so unfortunately won't work with the old body. The details on the old body is fine, it's just a lot of work with the frame and the skins. I've printed if all out and delighted with the result. The new one is quicker and easier but version 1 still stands.

Sounds good! I took a look at all the files you've posted so far and they look great. I'll most likely stop my prints now and start over with your new design. Thank you for sharing all this.

I was about to start printing your version 1! I guess I'll wait for the rest of V2 now =D

Is the dome going to change at all? Cause I've already started the first print for that

Nope, dome will remain as is. I will release an improved lower ring so it's compatible with the rockler bearing. (It works now but needs adjustment).

Great! Looking forward to playing around with this =)

This is amazing design upgrade in my humble opinion. Thank you very much for these

the section I'm really interested in is the utility arms and their housing. what files are required for just this section?

Hi, the utility arms are now available on my file share (I'm not sharing the whole model on thingiverse as it may cause issues for the astromech builders club). Check out ,my patreon page for links (all free and open shares)

this is an amazing design. The fact that you make it available to anyone is just fantastic.

part MB-Ring1-5 does is not in the parts list, is that intentional?

Oops, I'll add it back,yes it's a mistake

is this design to fit the body that you first published, or is a complete different assembly ?
is it easier to put together ?
BTW.. I love your work and i'm trying to finish my R2, but having a hard time on the body...

This is completely different. The first design was a pain with the skins, frame, greebles, all didn't really have any fittings so mine's glued together. I wasn't happy with the body so this is a complete overhaul and much happier with this so far.

great! indeed I'm having a hard time putting the frame together. I think I'll leave this behind and will print the new version!
thanks again!!

Yeah, this one is easier. And has instructions. Have a read of the instructions first and you'll get an idea of how it goes together. Link below to my Patreon page, there's a onedrive link on there with all the files in it and instruction. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4294285

Is this compatible with the Skirt stl files from your V1 design?

I haven't tested it but I think they should fit, maybe need a little Dremel to get it to fit. I will be releasing a redesigned skirt for ease / speed of print.

Fantastic, you have out done yourself once again MrBaddeley : ) Awesome just awesome ; )