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Octopus Tablet Stand Version Two

by notcolinforreal Dec 27, 2013
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Anyone make this for an iPhoneX? I love the design but not sure if I need to scale down.

Comments deleted.

Just made one came out great. Thanks for the cool design

Would this fit a 7'' tablet?

Sir! You had me at tentacles...

As I am printing this I am curious if there is a matching sound deflector? I think that would be awesome.

I agree. Totally in love with the theme.

Lol, these people are the worst. This one not only stole it for commercial use, but also watermarked the images from thingiverse as their own!
Shop has done it to quite a few things!

Great design, holds my tablets securely even on uneven surfaces.

Awesome! Your model has been chosen as one of the Top 3D Printed Christmas / Holiday Models this year. Search "Top Free 3D Printed Christmas Gift 2015 Printing Ninja" to see. (sorry thingiverse bans url addresses)

Any one print it with M3D Micro printer?


yeah,,, finally found someone else who has one,, you enable the raft, enable wave bonding, and both support options are ticked,,, medium quality and medium fill.... chat plz I could give you a couple of tips with m3d

I got a few holes printing with 2 shells 10% fill, I would recommend a tighter fill to support some of the horizontal portions, but the holes are small and minimal, overall a great print!

Scaled this down to fit into 100x100x100mm and it came out really nice. But (duh) now I need to scale my Galaxy S3 down to fit :(

Printed black PLA at 200 with support... just used Cura's default settings for that.

I've tried printing this like 8 times with all different kinds of support, no support, and even different filament manufacturers. The under side ALWAYS come out looking like hell :(

Thats why no ones picture shows the underside ;) Mine don't come out to bad, but I print nice and slow with PLA @220, bed at 65 and the fan on - the bottom side of the tentacle is only a little rough at the very top

Merci beaucoup pour cette superbe modélisation, je viens de l'imprimer, et ma tablette a beaucoup d'allure dessus.
Bravo à vous et bonne continuation.

Congrats! I thought you model was one of the best choices for a 3D Printed Christmas gift! I made a link from here: http://3dprintingninja.blogspot.com/2014/12/top-20-free-3d-printed-christmas-gifts.html

I've decided to branch out a little bit and evolve the design into something a bit simpler, smaller and more awesomeness. All the great and continued response has been fabulous and very encouraging. It might be a little unfortunate to many of you awesome users on Thingiverse, but I'm going to keep this new one on Shapeways for a good while. I'm not really keen on making a commercial enterprise out of this at the moment, but I really don't know of any other venue where I can continue to create and share without risk of people taking my work and misrepresenting it as there own.

For all those interested, here's the new one:

Well 28 Euros for a beta product does not really sound like not keen on commercial...

Think you nailed it, totally bathing in money from it. It should be out of beta in a week or so just based on some nit picky details I would like to correct.

Looks awesome, printed with no support. Thank you.

works prefect thank you

Great design! I Was able to print one on my Flashforge Creator with ABS
and no supports. Only the smallest surface defects underneath the arch
where the print gets most horizontal. Very happy with the print
quality and avoidance of removing supports. Well done! (print time was
just over 6 hours)

Beautiful design printed perfectly strong and attractive

Printed your model to hold up my tablet when web designing, my co-workers were instantly jealous. Thank you for the awesome model.

No problem, thanks for printing.

Soon to be leaving thingiverse because of Makerbot's behavior towards open source.
Details: http://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2014/5/25/has-makerbot-crossed-the-line-for-some-yeshttp://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2...

Colin - I've just finished printing your model in pearl white. The result is superb! Thanks a lot for having made this available to all of us.

No problem, hopefully when I'm not too busy in the future I can get some more of these fun models together.

The supports won't stick to my Makerbot 2X build plate... Any once try a raft with this project? Or can you eliminate the supports?

Any chance of getting these in OBJ? I'd like to bring them into 3D Studio, modify and enlarge them to about 500% and print them in pieces for this steampunk submarine door I'm working on. The STL just crashes 3D Studio... TIA

Any chance of getting these in OBJ? I'd like tobring them into 3D studio, modify and enlarge them to about 500% and print them in pieces for this steampunk submarine door I'm working on. The STL just crashed 3D Studio... TIA

Somebody who'vel ready printed - supports or not? thx

Works best with support.

A bit big for my build platform (Printrbot Simple XL) but cool none the less!

Love this, a few more tentacles for a cthulu one :)

Slic3r Crashing on this, very bummed... nice piece

I've heard this problem arise before. It might be just on the cusp of too much geometry for your system. Try scaling it down a couple of percentages then slice it up.

Im not sure what I was thinking setting layer height to 0.15mm and using a fine nozzle; 12 hours late Im roughly at 30% lol. But its looking awesome!

Newbie question - do you need to print this with support to bridge the gaps?

It seems some have got away without supports. So yes you can but I would imagine it all depends on your particular setup in the end.

Lets see how this prints in flex PLA. Damn big object. Biggest one I ever did

Any chance you could widen the gap the tablet base fits in? Had to re-scale to fit the print on my UP! printer. Looks great but since that sizing shrunk the gap the tablet base fits in I can only fit in tapered edge. Don't think a wider gap would harm a normal sized print but woudl help anyone with a smaller print bed..

What scale have you brought it down to for my reference? I'll look into opening up that gap. I'll have to add it to my things to do list, so it might be a while, but I don't see it being a problem.

It would be really cool if you could separate out the tentacles into individual tentacles so they could be used for door handles! :)

Cura refuses to slice it, can't print it! Anybody else having issues???

I'm not super familiar with Cura myself, however I was able to get it to export some gcode myself no problem.

0.98 scale and it slices.

It might just be your available resources on your machine, I've run it through Slic3r and Cura without need for scaling. But glad to hear you were able to get it going.

I printed this last night on a Makerbot 2, works great with both full size iPad and iPad Mini.

this one looks very nice and it should surely hold a tablet! Nice evolution! I will be printing it for sure.

Best designed stand i ever saw !!!

can you make a Version which fits on a normal reprap with 200x200 bed? Looks very nice .. thanks for sharing .. smuk

it fits if you rotate on z axis round about 32 degree ... perpaps i print one next days ;-)

Looks like it will hold much more securely, thanks!