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Boucle 50 mm x 55 mm Sac à dos Quechua Forclaz 30 L - Backpack buckle 50 mm x 55 mm

by bebenlebricolo Feb 26, 2017
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Iv try it twice x132% for a 55mm belt, PETG first with .3 layer height and second time with .15 layer height
in both case the femmel piece broked. the model need to be reinforced for 3d printing.

Hi @Marky_Marc
I had similar issues while using it. As you mentioned, this was designed as a copy of the injection moulded original part.
Can you post some pictures of the broken parts ?
It will be helpful when I (or someone else) decide to rework the design.


Comments deleted.

I printed this in PLA with supports. It fits together well and looks pretty good.
It fits a 1 1/2 inch webbing which will hold several hundred pounds.
This buckle is much too weak for this size of webbing and fails with about 10 lbs in PLA. Would be stronger in nylon but I can't see strong enough as it is right now. The weak point is where the male part attaches to the buckle.

Hi! Thanks for your feedback, i also noticed weak points at the base of the male's arms/teeth (don't know how to call them..).
They usually broke while bending the arms, never tried to put them on huge loads after all ^^'
At the moment i unfortunately don't have the time to improve those points and i only tried to reproduce the original design as is.
I read we could improve the PLA resistance by heating it for quite a while at low to medium temperatures, haven't try it yet though.

The last possibility available is to tweak the original CAD files i provided on the github account, maybe it would be helpful?

Thanks again for your feedback,


Hi bebenlebricolo!

can you share the original file you generated in Catia?

Thanks in advance

Hello ! Yes for sure, however I haven't cleaned my working tree yet so it's quite messy inside (no functions has a proper name, everything is referred to as generic stuff (pad.00034, extrude.00384,etc..)). It's not quite clear at the moment...and I'm not 100% sure I'll clean everything up as I'm currently spending my energy on another project.

Nevertheless I will upload it as it is now on my github, I just have to find the right hardware licensing for this. I'll post an update as soon as it's done ( I hope I'll have it done in the weekend).

Take care and stay tuned,
Peace !

Now it should be ok. You will find the files under the description (github project links).
Have a nice week!


I love this design idea. But I would like to have it designed for 3D printing with PLA - original is with Nylon therefore much stronger. Maybe thicker where the webbing attaches?

Hi! First, sorry for the delay.
As asked recently, I will upload the. Catpart and. Catproduct used to generate the stl files.

I had this buckle printed correctly many times out of standard medium quality PLA... However the final print is far too stiff for a daily used buckle (in my opinion). I think cracks propagates super fast in this configuration and you end with a broken part too quickly, hence I still recommend ABS or -much better - nylon.

Also, I ended with an ABS broken piece too, the male part seems to be quite fragile at the moment. I hope the free plans will be improved by people as soon as they are uploaded

Really hard to print!
I'm going to try printing it upside down and and maybe make the bottom flat to the print plate so that no supports are needed.
Maybe also I'll try moving the springs so I can create a bridge across the centre.
Have you successfully printed it?

Hello ! I finally made the male piece, with slic3r and a 0.3mm resolution, 210 degrees PLA and the result is much better than expected. I had no difficulty to break the support pieces and even if the structure is a bit rough, it looks quite satisfying to me.
Although, I spent most of the preparation time choosing the right setup parameters for the print...
Have you managed to get yours right ?

Yes the Male piece prints fine, although like I say, I reckon shaving the webbing grip down a bit looking at the voids would mean it would print upside down without any support at all!
The hard part is the female part, as the side-walls are a bit thin to be self standing when they print (they disintegrate and are not strong enough to withstand pressure from insertion) and of course the bridging is really large (although surprisingly that's structurally fine, just messy internally.) Again, printing upside down and flattening the down side would mean no supports required.
I printed in ABS @ .25 with 235 deg extrusion and 95 deg bed at 100mm/s

Hi sir! I finally got the perfect pieces i was heading for these last days.
I used .3 mm layer, 220 deg ABS / 70 deg bed 60 mm /s with nicely tweaked support materials (Slic3r 's honeycomb with 15 mm pattern spacing and automatic overhang threshold).
Seems to be working quite well and both pieces are perfectly functionnal.
Made some continuous improvements on male ( 2 mm longer and wider) and female part (thicker side walls and thicker base part to withstand a greater stress).
Again, thanks for your precious feedback, you spotted right!

PS : We may try to print it vertically, as you advised. I would be curious to see if the layers are correctly melting to one another.

Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.