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Temperature test - PLA version

by Webberen Feb 23, 2017
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Stupid question: if some parts look good at 195, and others look good at 200, does that mean I should split the difference and print at 197?

Whats the black filament in the first picture.
I will post results for my generic s@$% soon
and hatchbox wood

Not sure what's going on here. I was having problems with getting adhesion to the bed on the brim using 200/60 temps with glue stick on leveled glass, so I printed your temp tower (used the gcode file as is). Seems to be a lot of stringing (retraction issue?), and not sure if I see any differences in the different temperatures.

I am sorry if this is a rookie question. I am new to 3d printing in general. But anyways, I have a flashforge creator X, which is a replicator Dual clone that only accepts x3g files. I am converting the gcode into a x3g using the GPX plug-in but the extruder and the bed plate are offset, the print starts from the top right corner and the bed plate is just hanging in the middle.
How can I efficiently convert gcodes to adapt to my printer specifically? I just can't get to find a clear explanation on how that works.

Thank you for the help!

I think this issue should be googled to pieces.. I would simply replace the electronics with some ramps arbuino or something else that can run marlin

testing this out now, attached are my settings, ill post a pic when its done in 3ish hours,
I realized my mistake before starting, and went back and changed the temp to 190 to start.

overhangs and numbers in images,
not seeing a huge difference, thinking where I had it originally (196) was best, anyone see otherwise? not sure exactly what I'm looking for...

tubes in images,
not seeing a huge difference, thinking where I had it originally (196) was best, anyone see otherwise? not sure exactly what I'm looking for...

This looks really useful, thanks for sharing. I see in the gcode lots of fan-speed changes (m106), what's the purpose of those?

what was the speed settings you used on the gcode file? those settings you used work great for my printer

Hey Webberen first of all, thanks a lot for this thing.

I was trying to import your PLA settings on Cura 3.4.1 on my mac and its giving me an error, it says "PLA(Spectrum).ini does not contain any valid profile". Do you think it has something to do with the fact that I'm using Cura for Mac?

could you maybe explain how one could load the stl and then add the temp g-code? when i try to print your gcode straight away i'm met with some setting problems :/ (like first layer height and infil overlap and what not). I'm really just a noob to coding honestly

Like the idea, but it had issues as the print grew taller sticking to the bed. I don't suppose you'd be willing to add a brim version with the automatic temperature changes would you?

This may be an isolated issue as others seem to be getting this to work okay. But in my attempt to print this at 0.3mm layer height it would not slice correctly, removing the base of the overhangs basically, as well as the bottom few layers of the block marked 220. I was suggested to throw the STL into Netfabb and it worked for me perfectly afterward. I wanted to post that file here in case it helps someone having the same issue. This model uses the 'Creative Commons - Attribution' license and if the author asks me to remove this comment I will gladly do so.

Hi Webbere, can you post/add profile of slicer (cura)? I can not import it due to differences in versions of slicer :( ! Thank you in advance!

Hey everyone - I printed one of these using the gcode and I can't really tell the difference from 190 to 220 on my print.

What is everyone looking for when optimizing the temperature? Am I just lucky with these 2 manufacturers of PLA that they perform well across a wide temperature band? Thanks!

I got the same result as yours!

This is really great!
I'm new to 3d printing and this helps to see where the "sag" happens. But damn dude, how did you make my printer print so good?? The walls and everything is perfect. Is there a way I can have a look at the print settings? Layer hight, speed etc?

Sorry if this is a noobie question.

I can do even better. In cura you can choose get settings from gCode, and there you have it, remember to always save the profile, both the old and the new.

I can do even better. In cura you can choose get settings from gCode, and there you have it, remember to always save the profile, both the old and the new.

I can do even better. In cura you can choose get settings from gCode, and there you have it, remember to always save the profile, both the old and the new.

I tried to import the settings, g code seems standard. nothing aparent about changing temp with time or layer... can I have permission to see your settings?

i found the tweak a Z area, never mind... thank you for the model :)

I'm currently printing your part as well and your lines are sooo much smoother than everything I've ever printed in PLA xD
I tried to import the profile from your gcode but unfortunately it fails with an error (Cura 2.5). Is there any other way you could share your settings?
I'd looove to have them, I feel like I completely messed mine up after seeing the tower print so far..

All my profiles (settings) are in a shared folder. I can give you access. If I know your email.

Thank you so much! Gonna give this a try on some of my other prints! Awesome design by the way! :)

Ehm it seems like it is doing the change temp part aswell. Is this something I can remove somewhere?
Again, sorry for my noob stuff.

Can I just remove the "Tweak at Z 4.0.2"?

I can't thank you enough for this!!! I've got one printing now and it's going fine. I'm only a couple of weeks into 3D printing and by looking at your GCode and STL it's also given me a fantastic insight into how to adjust the temperature and other settings at various times and levels. You sir are my new hero!!

I am so glad to hear that! Happy printing, let them layers rise! ;)

Just finished my 1st one in Black PLA and starting on my Metallic Purple roll. Noticed right away that at 190 for the 1st layer the purple is very stringy so I think it's going to be a higher temp when using that one. I've got that roll, my silver and translucent yellow to go and then I'll use the "made one" section to show them. All done at .2

Can't wait to see it! Good job!

Printed one of these out last night using your GCODE as a base -- but I went in and tweaked if myself a bit to align a little better with my printers startup GCODE (I have a Fleks3D build plate and don't want to damage it when the printer does a G29 auto-level cycle). Note that GCODE is entirely editable in a regular Text editor like NotePad++ so you don't NEED to use a plugin for Cura if you don't have it...A simple search and replace on the M104 code will let you set the extruder temps easily in the GCODE itself ;-)..that should make it VERY simple to customize for ABS, HIPS, PETG, or any other filament type (just save the GCODE to a different file name) **as long as you don't mind it not matching the embossed text of course ;-) Otherwise, generate a new STL with correct embossing, slice, and edit text manually if needed to change temps...

I actually found out after printing this that the PLA filament I am using printed best at a surprisingly low 190C rather than the 200-205 I had been using...I had thought the higher temps would let it "settle" a bit better and bond with each layer but that wasn't the case. The 190C layer was significantly smoother than the higher temps and bridging was (marginally) better. Now I want to re-run it starting at 180C to see if it makes a difference - but don't want to go too low...

The only area I found where print quality wasn't great was at the very top where I think the model would be helped by additional layers...

..but as a Temp Calibration tool this came out excellent. Thanks!

Nice design. Thank you so much. I was wondering what your print bed on the second picture is made of?

Follow me on Instagram - Twitter and YouTube - @webberen, I tell a lot about my builds there. The bed surface is just an flipped over mirror with a tiny amount of hairspray.

would it be much work for you to edit a PETG Version? 215-235 ?

My idea is to make a version for every filament type. I just need the time.

Great! I am not so familiar with customizing G-codes yet. Any idea to learn this?

I am not either, I just used cura´s tweak at layerheight. Other than that i always use either YouTube or Google, when I want to learn something. :)

Which version of CURA do you use? I'm about into my 2nd week of printing so all is new.

I still primarily use the old version. I have been playing with the 2.4 version, but haven't really found comfort in it yet.

Yeah. I just downloaded it. Took a brief look and then went "nope....... I'll just figure out 14.04.5....."