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Bender kit 2

by cerberus333 Dec 25, 2013
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I uploaded a remix of the torso with the flat spots fixed.

printed perfect in ABS. i printed in .1 @ 70% scale. gonna be perfect next to my Fallout4 bobbleheads. now for a quick acetone treatment and some paint.

I am a big fan of ABS with acetone vapor polishing. done well it makes the prints look like the were injection molded.

Just a heads up for anyone printing this. The head is slightly smaller than the torso at default settings. So I would bump it up 1-3%. Also, the hands are slightly larger than the torso arms, so I would recommend decreasing the size 1-2%. Also, I too notice the 2 flat parts on the front facing torso. One at the bottom near the edge of his compartment, and one directly center on the top of his compartment. This should be an easy fix.

Impressive work, turned out perfect in glittery silver! My larger print for now. I'll offer it to a friend who loves Futurama, but I may consider printing one for myself...
I have one question though, is the small flat zone on the bottom left of the torso intended?

Great model. I just made it. Thanks for the work, and the fact that no support is needed.
Bender would say, bit his shiny metal ass.

Nice model. the Torso(from the split versions) has 2 areas that are messed up.One bottom left of his door and one top middle. If you try to scale it in cura you lose multiple layers because of the bottom area and print will fail. Any idea on how to fix this? Thanks

I have uploaded a corrected version.
I do not use cura etc, so I am not able to check.
but see if it slices for you now.

Thanks for the upload, artifacts still are showing up but layering issue seems to be fixed. Appreciate it.

not sure I understand "artifacts" can you elaborate?

There is a flat spot above the door in the center of the torso which you can see even in your picture of the print. Also there is a problem spot at the bottom left of the door which might print ok now but was the area that wouldn't let me scale to the size I wanted without losing the layers. I haven't tried printing the new model you added so i'm not sure if they are still there. When you import the model into meshmixer you can clearly see these two spots.

Comments deleted.

Wonderful Model is there any way you can separate the parts out so I can print him even bigger? will post when he is done at max build size. Thanks for the share!

I have created a split version based on the 7R version
Torso, head, hands, leg (right) and leg (left).

I just printed one in silver abs, sadly one leg broke (!) of during pinting, because its hard to find the perfect setting for my cheap filament, either i got lot of stringing or weak layer adhesion (other rolls of abs print way better, but i want it to be silver), so i split the model into seperate printjobs.
The replacement leg is printing right now and is looking so much better, because i can disable retraction completely, get nice adhesion and outer walls, stringing a lot, but on the inside. So i guess i will reprint in seperate parts and post a make of both in comparison.

Sweet baby jesus, the 300% upscaled version is tunring out great, gonna post a 3ft bender soon

that will be huge!

it´s been slow for bender the last two weeks, but the primer is just drying, two spray coats in silver and i will post pics, its so sweet....

Just took a lot of drywall putty and sanding, because all the polygons are way more pronounced and very visible

It´s done.

Just came across this and love it.
Any chance you can provide an easier to edit file for the 7R version.
I always have issues trying to edit STL files.

Rather than convert the file for you I will give you the tool to do it yourself as easy as I have seen.
Download meshmixer. (it is free!) http://meshmixer.com/download.html
run meshmixer load the stl, and just do a export and you can convert to OBJ, or a few other formats.
It is really that easy. .OBJ is probably the most widely supported that will serve your needs.
There are other file conversion programs out there, but meshmixer is a super easy one and has lots of features you can
use that make it a good tool for your "kit". and for this application is as simple as can be.

Hi. Good job but can you make version with openable door ?

Great model, very good orientation of the 3d model to print all part in one.

Obligatory "I'll model a better one, with blackjack and hookers!"
But joking aside, that looks great! I'll have to give this a shot at some point.

do feel free to remodel etc. using my model as a "base"
that's part of the fun of sharing this stuff, seeing what others
derive from it sometimes leads to really great new ideas/variations.

Also can you make a plate that has the larger legs with the new body? Any chance you could thin the larger legs out a bit but still have them the same height and position? Can you tell I really like this model? :P.. I get people asking all the time for me to print this for them.. and with the additions it just keeps getting better and better

benderPlate7R has the changes
see if that looks ok

I will try to get to it.

I am assuming the cigar holding bent over pic?
to be honest, I mostly strive to make prints which don't require supports.
the pose would definitely need support.
I am going to do a remodel of my earlier "kit"
which you would be able to glue the arms and legs as you see fit.

Bender poseable model kit

What if you made a cigar separate and then made a hole you could glue it into?

I will think on a kit #3, with a few other options
the seperation of the parts into different plates
is probably the way I will go,
not my favorite way to go

(I like to keep all on one plate to allow sizing as a whole)
but i think a few different heads (expressions etc)
I am still mulling it over. also I have a few other promised models I am falling behind on.
so it might be a while
Do feel free to remodel if you want, and if you want me to convert to .obj (or other)
let me know and i will post it.

I just thought I would ask as you rock!..and i think we all greatly appreciate the no support needed files :D

Any chance you could add an angle from the body up to the head so it looks a bit more accurate... love this model, just wish the boy angled back to the same size as the head for accuracy... great job though... love it otherwise

benderplate6R has the domed "shoulders" as requested

Thanks..i will post a printed pic when i have him done

Yeah, I tried to be consistent with some pics i saw,
will make a bigger finger version.
problems of making accurate prints versus 3d printable for reality
is a challenge. One problem i am currently dealing with having no
FDM printer online, makes troubleshooting these difficult.

In the cartoon his arms and legs are the same diameter. In your model the legs look way to big.

Yes that is correct, I was modeling for print-ability

not accuracy.
I'll see about adding a "accurate" version, I suspect the finished print
will not be able to stand without having a base added

Printing the legs at a higher in fill like 80 would give it a lower center of gravity or adding a void in the feet to insert weights. Either way the model looks great!

sweet thank you cerberus, now if i can just get this silver filament to stop clogging lol

Where's his fingers?

Yeah, I'll add a version with them
but will have to glue the hand "cap" on

That shouldn't be too big of a deal since we'd already be gluing the other pieces anyway.

added it
will have to test once i have my printer back online

I am curious on the size you printed it at.
My earlier version test print (only change i made was to the arms)
had a good antenna but it was a big print.
when assembled it was about a foot tall.
antenna gets frail at small scale.

I scaled it down to half. You are right, the antenna gets frail at smaller scale. It (antenna) was broken when I accidentally dropped the head on the floor. The rest of the features (teeth, belly door & arm/leg segments) come out nicely.