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Battle Rifle [Halo 5] (CUSTOMIZABLE)

by misterchiefcostuming Feb 20, 2017
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I'm attempting to use the whole model and cut it myself in order to minimize the number of pieces. However, when I separate shells in meshmixer the model splits apart into 120+ pieces. I've tried importing the STL into Fusion 360 as well, and I can do a plane cut, but then the pieces have hollow areas inside. Does anyone know of any tips to make it solid?

Anyone else having a problem with the COG scope? Any time I load it into Cura (on two different computers) it says it's loaded but there is nothing there....The other scopes seem to have gaps every time I slice them too.....Parts of the model just disappear.....
I had no problem with any of the other parts of the rifle, just the scopes. I've tried them all and it doesn't seem to matter what I do as far as positioning in cura or recutting them in meshmixer, they all have big gaps...

This model is fantastic. Not only is it incredibly detailed, but its split and oriented in a way that lends itself to successful 3d prints. I appreciate that you took the time to get the size right as well - although, Spartan scale is a bit big for normal humans so I reduced it for that purpose. I'm almost finished printing this at 75%, which scales the pistol grip to match my glock 19. If I'm honest, its a bit small though - so anyone that is going to print it I would recommend trying 80 or 85% if you want something that is an appropriate size for a normal human. I'll be sure to post pics when I'm finished.

I'm in the process of printing this now, working front to back. Part #12 (the trigger) has an upper ledge attached to it that doesn't belong, and isn't there on the full rifle model. I found that I had to break it off of the final print, and fill in the resulting gap with putty after attaching it to the rifle.

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Last thing, the gun is 1m long. It's maybe the right size for a Spartan, but a little bit too much for my size of normal human being, so you should print it 80-85% of it size to get a "normal size" weapon ;)

Second thing, the magazine is way too big to enter in his chamber... There is at least 5mm of excess, you should print it 10-15% smaller, maybe more... Could you fixe that please ?

Thanks !

Ok I understood the problem : you just have to cut the edge of the top of the magazine, there is a thickness which prevent it to enter in the chamber. If you remove it it will be ok I think

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Hi, I wanted to print the COG scope, but it is not at the right size (just like the default barrel, and some others scopes). So I wanted to know how much am I supposed to scale the scope to get the right size ? I tried x50 but it is not really that, do you have the exact good scale please ?

Good work then !

To get the right size of the default barrel you must scale it x54, I think it's the same for the COG scope.

are the scopes and other add ons interchangeable? or is it print one you like and it glues on? Look foward to printing this though

There is so much overhang with all the scopes. I can't imagine ever getting any clean edges. The scopes needs to be broken down into more pieces. Also, the resolution is low meaning allot of these curves will need allot of post print work to make it look smooth.

The scopes are FAR too complicated and intricate to cut up and properly fix for printing (trust me, i tried). the bigger scopes were a bit simpler to cut since they're, y'know, bigger. however if you have a slicer that does good support material (like Cura, for example) then there shouldn't be TOO much roughness on the underside, and even if there is, it won't be very noticeable since it'll be mostly pressed up against the gun. as for the resolution, well there's nothing i could really do about that. The models either get lowered in resolution automatically, or have to be because they crash my slicer and 3Dmodeling programs (good example is the Brute spiker i made. took 4 times as long because it kept crashing maya whenever i tried to cut it). either way you are right, i have a nice set of files and lots of sandpaper for just that reason.