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OpenRC F1 2017 updates

by barspin Feb 20, 2017
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is it possible to use those models for daily basis, or is it more like proof of concept?

Thanks a lot for these updates, however I have 2 questions.

Can you provide an axle without the holes as it makes this weak point even weaker?
How to attach the shark fin?

Is there an 'up-to-date' thingiverse project that is the OpenRC F1 car with everything that needs to be printed to create 'this years' car? I just started on the project using the base project, and now find that I need to reprint the rear-chassis...

The center body file needs to be updated for the sharkfin it would also make it compatible with the 2018 update. At the moment if you want the fin to sit flush you have to file down the old fin nub from the original files.

Exactly. Solution is very simple. But new center body would be nice.

Formula e Version would be cool as These Cars are mostly driven by e-drive. :)

short question, what are the right front wheels for the 2017 Version? i can see only the rear tires and rims here..

Hi Daniel,

How can I get files to print every color separately? I remember this kind of files were somewhere but i Can't find them now...

Hi. From what I see the base is flat and has no features that are angled apart the outer edges. Could be get a top view contour file that could be used in laser cutting maybe even CNC?
It is allot faster
cheaper in some cases
provides multiple material choices
eliminates the need of large print base

Maker labs are becoming a regular thing in most cities.

PS thank you for sharing this work!

hi what are the other parts needed to print and will these upgrades fit on a build plate of 227x150x130? and should we print them in the orientation they are on the stl file thanks

Do I need to print pars from the old version for this to work or can I just print parts from here?

Hi Daniel, thanks for sharing the great updates.
Did you make the stickers yourself ? with a vinyle cutter as a Cameo Silhouette cutter ?

Thanks for the comment. =)
Yes i made the stickers with a vinyl cutter, you can see more about it in this video: https://youtu.be/F4Ck_2QMm4I

Thanks. I've missed that video. Very useful.

How do I actually know which files I need from the "old" version?

Tried merging all files, but I found there was multiple files with 2017 name, which didnt have a simular name from the previous package. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1193309

OpenRC F1 car - 1:10 RC Car
by barspin

Any chance for the dual color center body? Thanks.

Any idea how to make the front wing stronger? Any little tap and it seems to break haha

Can you split chassis for smaller printers?
Like https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1680470

Split Chassis (for smaller build plates)

Is there an updated Center_Body.stl for these updates? The old one has a tab on top of it that interfere's with the new sharkfin piece.

I ran across the YouTube video where you explain that you just cut off that tab. I guess that works as long as it was printed with enough outer solid layers. I know it is only a minor change, but its a shame you didn't update the center_body.stl file as an optional print.

...but its a shame you didn't update...

By respect to all what Daniel did and offered as open source, I wouldn't use the term "shame"...

Hey Daniel nice updates,

witch Tires, and Rim's you use with the differential ? if i use the front rim,the back tires is a little smaller, as the other side

Hi there

What a fantastic project this is! I am about to start building my first example now.

Question: Some parts are modeled standing up in the 2017 specification parts.
Example the "Front Lower BOM". Also the "Rear Rim" is oriented different from the original files.

Are the parts meant to be printed like that?

Best Regards //Thomas

which rc components do i need?

Love your F1 vehicle. Keep up the good work, I will start printing mine now :D

the parts that are missing can we use from the old model??? nose , center body etc???

the rest can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1193309

OpenRC F1 car - 1:10 RC Car
by barspin

I have got the same issue ! Where are the missing parts ?

the rest can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1193309

OpenRC F1 car - 1:10 RC Car
by barspin
Comments deleted.


how fast can it go?

That depends on the motor you choose. Mine should go over 30mph.... but I honestly have a tough time getting it to full throttle without losing control.

howmuch infill do you reccomend for the tires?
greatings from the Netherlands.

The tires are bit special, check out this video where i talk about it: https://youtu.be/GRyA-5lrgd0

I use 0% infill. 2 perimeters. 0.2mm layers. 4 solid bottom layers and 7 top. They are airtight and supy squishy this way. They actually flex slightly under the weight of the car.

Looking great. The 2017 cars are launching this week and so far it looks like you nailed the wings. Would need to add a big rear fin and diffuser to finish it!

Thanks! Yeah o noticed, i´m thinking of the best way to do it without prlitting it on pieces.. =)