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Anet A8 Adjustable Glass Holder

by jaamer Feb 20, 2017
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Neat Design. Anet a8 is a nice printer.
But have you ever considered printing on carbon fiber?
with a 0.4mm thin carbon fiber sheet and magnets, it's a real breeze to pop off the prints.

Anet A8 Carbon Fiber Print Surface Mod

Same design seen hundreds of time with the same mistakes repeated over and over. You really think the glass will be tight against the base with such a system ?
Time for auto bed leveling then ?

i appreciate your feedback (though as condescending as it may sound.) This project was for my own benefit as I am learning CAD and I just decided to share it with others because the glass IS actually tight against the base. It has worked fine for me so far. Am I saying its the best design out there? No. If you want it you can download it free.

MKSA, I see your negative comments all over the place. You always say the same thing "Same design seen hundreds of time with the same mistakes repeated over and over." You never say why the thing is bad, the mistakes made or how to improve it. You never give examples of things that might be better or things that are moving in the right direction. Most of the time you say something like "search for better things" but never provide things that are better. It sure would be nice if your negative comments became constructive comments. All it would take is a little less snark and a little more effort to back up your position.

I already said why this is wrong. I won't repeat it over and over. And yes plenty of copies of the same often bad designs. I don't post on each of them just when I am a bit fed up about the stupid things I find here.
Plenty of you guys call yourself "designers" but bring nothing, new, original, smart ( spool holder, filament guides, bed corners, gee ...).

Nothing better ? All what I proposed here is better, tested and not copied (But I keep the best of course). Even my filament guide and glass holder, such simple things a ten years old could "design" :)

BTW: I give advises when I see potential in the "design" and the designer.

All I'm saying is that in the future, if you really want to help simply point people to something that you consider better. It doesn't help anyone to go post on someone's thing and say how wrong it is but don't show what you consider right. When I see a new thing and it grabs my attention I always go to the comments to see the feedback. Often I see your's saying how its a terrible mistake but without saying what makes it wrong or right leads the rest of us to make the same mistakes over and over.

I think you could do the community a great favor by simply saying "This thing makes this/these mistake(s): a) b) c), have a look at this other thing and use it for inspiration." That way the designer gets the much needed constructive criticism to help them improve and be better and the viewers in search of a solution to a problem they are having don't waste time printing a thing that looks like will solve their problem but won't.

All of those items are the "Hello World" of the 3d printing world. You start somewhere simple, often repeated a million times and once you get your feet wet and start to understand the tools you move to bigger and better things. Being completely negative on everything you get fed up with seeing and not providing the needed feedback does nothing but scare off the new comers, create a hostile environment and push people away. I don't think a hostile and unwelcoming environment is what thingiverse would want.

I agree with you. This was my first CAD design and I hope to do many more. Thanks for your support.