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SPANNERHANDS Spool System Wall Mounted Spool Holder & Dust Cover

by SpannerHands Feb 18, 2017
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Does it fit the prusament spools? Thanks

You CAN print the full size version on a smaller bed. I printed it on my Ender 3 (220 x 220 x 250) by rotating the model 45 degrees onto its face and adding supports.

What parts should I print for a big spool on a big bed, without the need of a window?

What parts should I print for a big spool on a big bed, without the need of a window?

Thanks for the pointer, going to give it a try and see how it turns out :)

Comments deleted.

Does anyone know how well this works when it is not wall mounted? Does it wiggle?

Does it snap onto the wall so you can take it off and replace it?

Incredible design, incredible idea, great work, but I have a question.
The BQ Easy GO coils have a 44mm interior. Is there a possibility of doing an STL with the piece of that measurement?

Thank you very much for your great work.

Kind regards.

I absolutely love the concept and the aesthetic behind this design! Thanks for making it available to us. I've not used Filamentum before, but, I might actually have to try some out in support.

What font was used for the text on the placard?

Anyone able to remix the wall-mount to work with peg boards?

This is awesome!!! Thank you

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How many spools do I need to print this spool holder?

It is very unclear to me what to print. Not only the different types even for the same heaviness (I need to use a 1kg spool), but also for the common folder which is out of the others.
The FLEX_SEAL and SEMI_FLEX_CLASP referred to are a mistery to me, I can find only the flex_seal file.
So, for a 1kg spool, and not needing a glass, what are the files I should print?

Same here, I'm confused about which parts I would need to print ... seems to be a common problem on Thingiverse. Thankfully there are tons of other designs to choose from! :)

Ohhh this could be really useful in my new office setup

Have to say i really like this spool holder. I made an adjustable size quick change spool axle (with cones) that fits in the center with bearings that can be pre-loaded for desired amount of drag. THANK YOU so much for this design. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3118978

Universal Spool Holder for SpannerHands System 1KG Quick Change 608 Bearings

I just downloaded this and I only see the 750 size files none for the 1kg?

open in explorer there are more files to extract inside the main. I did the same thing went straight into the slicer to print.

Thank you very much.

Hello Spannerhands,

I ordered the claps and the seal on your website.

I have one question to print the parts: I'm printing with nozze 0.4mm, how many shells shouls I put in my slicer ?

Thanks for helping.

Frank Martens

So great to see a company from South Wales doing some awesome stuff. Keep at it guys :)

Only one question.
Why cannot deliver to Hungary? Every other European country is selectable except Hungary.
Unfortunately, my printer bed is not large enough to print it :(

Have you looked at version 5. It’s in 4 pieces instead of 2 to accommodate smaller print beds

Giving no one else does it, I'm going to see if I can modify this to have it where you can slide this on sideways. I'm going to make this https://www.prusaprinters.org/cheap-simple-3d-printer-enclosure/

And I figure this model would be good for any super long prints I might run into. I figure a sideways slide will allow me easily switch out the holder if needed.
I'm also going to see if I can modify this so I can add silica beads in it to help keep the water away from the filament.

Only one snag with this design, that is if you have a reel that has a tangle in it somewhere in the reel, you're not gonna see it until its too late. 5 or 6 times it has happened to me with a print ending up in the trash. I've gone back to a basic design, one you can see the reel.

Printing for a while now... never had a tangle in a reel..?

Is there anyway that you can split the 1g top with window for small build plates?

Can you upload STEP files? I would like to remix your design but my program is having problems converting the mesh into a solid.

Can I ask what's the distance between the mounting holes on the wall mount stl as I would like to mount it onto my pegboard but want to make sure it will fit my pegboard before I print it.

As my pegboard is 1 inch spacing on the holes.

thanks Ross....

Comments deleted.

Small print for mini bed don't have a window for the lid? help. :( Great work btw.

Any recommendations on TPU brands that work for the gasket and latch? Need something available in the US, preferably through Amazon.

I've had really good luck with https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072JCXS4G/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
I had to slow the printer way down, but I got it to work with my bowden extruder. (15mm per second) I initially printed my latches in that TPU, but they were too wobbly for my liking, so I printed them in PLA with 10% honeycomb infill and no top or bottom layers, now the box closes with a pleasant snap.
Sainsmart has some flexible filament printing tips on their site that I found really helpful:

I have a few questions I'm printing the large 1kg set. The glue piece do I need 1 or 2 , should that be flex as well or just the flex seal and clasp. Is there also a flex I can use for both as I have never used flex and don't want to buy 2 different kinds . Thabk you for the response and the file

Great design. Can anyone help me with the width of the threading for the Bowden threaded coupling?

It's standard 10mm. If you are trying to re-create in Fusion 360, the thread type is ISO Metric Profile, Size 10mm, designation is M10x1, class 6H. Does that help?

thanks for the design!

Anyone have any links to appropriate hardware to use the T slot mount? Would it just be standard aluminum extrusions and T nuts? The cutout in the part seems very big compared to most T nuts I've seen. And there are two holes in the part, is that so you can attach a T nut in either direction? And what is the proper orientation of the mount? Is the square cutout on top with the curved section on the bottom-front? Or curved section top-front and the square cut out bottom-back?

Question: how might one get the latch onto the clasp bracket? just by force? I'm pretty sure it would break...

Both the clasp and the sealing gasket are meant to be printed in flexible filament.

that would make sense... thanks.
guess ill just break it then.

I had good luck using PLA at 10% honeycomb infill, and printed without a top or bottom layer. It pops on with a satisfying snap.

Ok, hadn't thought of doing that but it makes sense, I've done one of those 3D printed clocks in PLA and it has several springs made from the stuff. Might want to try printing the latch with a few different infill patterns, rectangular might also work for that trick, I'll have to test it some time. :)

Someone has remixed or modified the spool holder for 60mm ID spools?

Hi! just dropped the 1kg (v3) spool base and lid in the MK3 PrusaControl software and it's too big to be printed?! I have to rescale it to 99% so the software let me go on with slicering. Is the same for you guys?

PrusaControl doesn't put it in the middle of the bed for some reason. I rotated mine 90 degrees then made sure auto center was off and then moved it over a little. If you look from the top view down it will fit. Then you can print at 100%. Slic3r doesn't have this issue. It centers it correctly.

Should fit fine, but I have noticed with Prusa Control you can bump the object with the mouse and it moves outside the area. use manual adjustments in Object Settings.

Thanks for tip. BTW, can these boxes be sealed in any way to avoid moisture (specially when using PETG, Nylon, PC...)? THANKS!

There's a gasket you can print out of flexible filament.

works well! but....the ptfe coupler doesnt hold the tube captive, if theres too much drag on the spool it'll draw the tube inside the enclosure

Thanks for great & useful design spool system.
I have plan to make these spool system about 10 sets. I'll storage filaments in each color spool system.

By the way I have some problem.
When the filament came out from spool system there are some resistance(friction).
It cause extrude faulty a litte.. please attached file.
Is there anybody have exiperience with similar problems?

I have a small PTFE tube out the front of the storage container. Then filament to another bowden (instead of bowden from the case to the extruder). When it does retraction or unloads it will push the filament in the open air gap between the bowdens instead of into the case. This has helped with filament getting pushed back into the case and it not rewinding enough.

I bet you should either use tube with less friction or use more powerful extruder

I love this spool holder! I was wondering if it might be a good idea to delete the spool core system and put adjustable bearing rails in the bottom for the spool to roll on. It would eliminate the complexity and variability of spool styles, making it virtually universal.

It would also be nice to have the window on the front rather than side for this of us who don't hang it.

Any update on when they will be uploaded? Can't find the files on Thingiverse. Just finished printing 4x of your windowed design, but these new ones look AMAZING!

That looks amazing! Have you uploaded it somewhere?

Any update on the new version? Ready to start printing several of these, but would like to use the new version you are working on.

That looks amazing! Can we talk you into also making a small bed version?

I love this concept... That being said, the "Windows" version has tons of geometry errors that make the surface quality absolutely horrible. I have had no luck repairing the upper and lower parts of the case with Meshmixer or Netfabb. It makes the model slightly better, but it is so full of bad geometry that there is no reliable way to fix it. At first I thought the issues were isolated to the screw holes in the front of the case halves. Since I imported it into Meshmixer, I found many areas all over the model that are the cause of the surface quality issues. You won't see it in a slice preview, but the issues are repeatable print for print. I encourage the designer to export another file to try to see if the issues could be overcome. It's a great design, but needs a better export to STL.

Is it okay if I rimix it so that it will work as a outo matic filament loader

It's distributed on terms of CC-BY-SA license, which means everything is okay as long as you publish your version on the same terms

Has anyone put PolyLite pla in the system i by all my reals from lulzbot I need to hold PolyDissolve S1 polylite pla and Ngen filament by color fabb

Great Work! Best spool holder designed ever!

Would you mind sending me the CAD file for the "PTFE coupler"? Just need to make the hole smaller. (boxuantomzhao@gmail.com)

Thank you so much!

Is it ok to print in PLA, or do you recommend PETG or other for sealing out moister?

PETG is more hygroscopic than PLA, so I doubt it would seal out moisture more. ABS is really the least absorbent of all the printer plastics. Nothing will keep your spool on the inside dry forever though if you aren't drying out and reusing your silica on the inside. (I learned even plastic vacuum bags will let moisture through into nylon for example - even while maintaining the vacuum.)

I did PLA and dont have any issues. so far I have 4 and plan to do more in PLA

Could you do a top for the windowed version that has a window on the flat top? My spools are solid black so I don't really see anything through the windows as is.

Love Love Love this! I have two of them currently, and just ordered some new flex gaskets from your site.

However, I use the SBV versions on my Robo3D R2. Anyway to add a window to v5_Small_Volume_1kg_LID_1.stl? I know it's a lot to ask, but I would really be grateful! :)

Thanks for the order...

Will update the SBV vision once I have worked out how best to do it...

Is there a way to make it fit for other spools from other manufacturers? :)

Great design; thank you very much!
I made one from black FormFutura HDglass - and it looks awesome

Hey can you make a core thats 57mm. theres a remix but its 100mm long and im doing the standard 1kg in your build. TIA

I made that remix, the source file is there for you to adjust as needed. also spannerhands left the source file there too?

Awesome work here, really nice. Thanks !

Holy crap! This is awesome

Love it and contributed.
Thanks for a nice design.

Any idea how long it takes to make one?

Is the point of the flex seal to keep it airtight? Does anyone know if a monoprice Maker Select v2.1 can print the flexible material for it?

You can but you need to print a upgrade for the extruder. It makes the path of the filament better so the flex won't tangled up

You can't print v5_Small_Volume_1kg_LID_Bracket without supports for the round holders for the M8.

Question: Is the seal meant to just rest on bottom half, or is it supposed to fit down into the groove some?

Awesome design - just printing one now! Could you please add the bowden coupler type/size info to the parts list (pc4-m10) so that others can quickly find which part to order?

Thanks for putting this out there for everyone!

FYI: You can use M36 bolts instead of M310 w/nuts as the body holes are sized so they can be self-tapped with the bolts and you'll have a fairly clean finish on the inside.
However, if you're going to mount this on the wall, I'd highly recommend the M3*10 bolts + nuts + washers for the hinge brackets in back to ensure a strong connection.

Hi Mate,
Can you please let me know exact reference of the coupler and PTFE tube diameter needed for this?
Many thanks!

If it helps, I got mine from E3D
https://e3d-online.com/threaded-bowden-coupling-1-75mm-filament £1.44
https://e3d-online.com/bowden-tubing-1-75mm £0.40 per 100mm

They do it for 3mm fillament too. The dimensions of each is specified on those link pages if you aren't buying from there.

On the small volume parts, what material do you suggest for the inserts between the two top halves and two bottom halves?
They're not mentioned in the docs, and shown as a different color (red) in the glue-up image.

FYI: If you're having problems slicing this with Simplify3D, try Mesh -> Separate Connected Surfaces.
Some of the parts, like v5_Small_Volume_1kg_BASE_2, have embedded Logos that are separate meshes and don't show up during printing. But it messes up S3D slicing which can lead to failed prints, or poor structure quality around that logo.
Once the meshes are separated, S3D can slice it properly and generate clean gcode.
Hope this helps.

Are there any design concepts with window/view slot yet?

I made pins for the brackets so you don't have to use the M8 bolt


Bracket Pins for SPANNERHANDS Spool
by Kavex

not adaptable to all type of spools...

Has somebody used this for printing/storing nylon?
A couple of people requested to have a version fitting the taulman spools, but nobody reported that it is working...

UPDATE: Seems base1v5, and base2v5 have been reworked for 5lb spools. Hopefully i can finish the lid parts soon and rework the seals. other than that, All other parts will remain the same.

Awesome design! I'm printing one now!

Any chance you could rescale for a 67mm wide spool? Most of my 1kg spools are 65-67mm wide.

Thanks so much for the awesome design!

i need to make this large enough for a 5lb spool. I tried to simply scale it by 128 percent ( the max my printer will allow ) but its a bit to small. Just talking out loud, but i guess i would have to change the angle of the side making contact withe the bed to draw the back into the bed to allow a slightly bigger build. If i can manage to redraw this i will post it as a remix, but im barely getting started with all this. Or if there is someone with better skills than me, 5lb esun spools are about 105mm wide and 140mm radius. the center is about 52mm diameter.

Think I may try this one out.But I'll probably print the top with Clear so I can see when the filament is running low.

Very cool -- printing now. The spool holder scared me a bit, as it turned into a whistle when it was almost finished printing.

Hi guys! I'm thinking of printing one of these. Can someone please share the total amount of filament needed to print the whole thing? Thanks!

Answering my own questions: Looks like around 500g for the small version.

For the large version, I used 180m for the shell and hinge pieces, another 22m for the clasp brackets and tube fitting, and 8m of TPU for the clasp and seal.

Thanks for sharing this great design. I printed it to keep my ninjaflex dry.

Any chance you could add a version of the PTFE_COUPLER_v2_0, that accommodates the coupler for 3mm filament. Something like this:
MettleAir MTCR 6-N02-1PK Push to Connect Straight Male Round Fitting, 6 mm OD, 1/4" NPT

Taz 6 uses 3mm filament
Thank you.

Just want to say thank you guys for designing this and putting it up. Just finished printing all the parts will be putting together today. Will post a pic. Once again thank you

Where does the desiccant go? The description says there's a pocket for it, but I just finished printing and am assembling the whole box and am not sure. Does it just sit under the spool at the bottom? Really cool design, thanks!

I was wondering this too -- looking at the STLs, the single-piece ones have a different shape on the bottom with a slot for the sachet, but the ones split apart for smaller printers don't have it. It looks like the single-piece one would sit a bit taller, so my guess is that it was left out to help it fit better on small printers. I plan to just tape mine to the inside somewhere since it looks like there is enough space with most of my spools.


Really hoping to get my hands on the fusion file for this, I have a need to rework it for a multi spool holder.

I need spool (27.4) v5_Small_Volume_1kg
and Spool (30) v5_Small_Volume_1kg
and Spool (31.5) v5_Small_Volume_1kg
thank you very much
Nicolás (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)

Can I make a request? I bet a bunch more people would make these if you package the related stl's together in .zip's. I appreciate the BOM's in your description, but I'm intimidated by the sheer number of parts. Thank you!

Your design rocks! I'm totally making these for our makerspace's digital fabrication shop :-D

If you use the DOWNLOAD ALL FILES option on the Thing Files page, you get all the files in a zip file, along with all the write up and images.

I have tried printing this twice with ABS and it's shown me my setup needs more tuning... I think a little thicker walls would make it print easier... Might have to see when I get other projects finished... I love the look of these but would like a window or something to be able to see how much is left. I will try again before to long. Just wanted to say it's a great looking design.

He made it in PLA for a reason. The only other real option is nylon. ABS just isnt a suitable option for this. I tried and it's weak for this PLA worked much better. The tall walls even with 100% infill are 90% of the time going to warp and/or crack.

Well I do 99% of my printing in ABS... I only have 1 spool of pla... And it's being used for a project... Guess I'll order more... As is I tried twice and the first time Was a warping issue do to lack of sticking to the bed the second time I ended up with two minor layer separated spots...

Its what keeps happening i almost wasted a roll trying and just every time something happened like a layer split warping while cooling down, one i took off to fast and it just started cracking everywhere. With the PLA it has come out perfect. A little sagging bridging the 100 something millimeters but all in all it did well and is air tight.

I'm going to try again with pla as soon as I get the printer to stop for a while... That and I think i need to get more filament...

i printed mine in ABS, no dramas there but i have an enclosed printer

What screw/bore diameter has the "Threaded Bowden Coupling"? Does an M8 pneumatic coupler works?

Thanks a lot

Is it possible to get a bigger PG9 threaded coupler? These parts are more common, made from polyamide and can fit various ptfe tube Diameters (e.g. 4-8mm).

That would be pretty amazing!

Why don't you design one for yourself? I think the bowden coupler is pretty common that you get them free when buying the ptfe tubing.

''the bowden coupler is pretty common''
Yes and no.
You'll get one usually for free, butt..
I've had several issues, with either a M4 push fit, M5 push fit, and a 1/8'' push fit. Luckily Spannerhands stated which bearings and such are needed, I've also had people who used a smaller type bearing instead of the common 608.
Maybe it would be handy to just print the part, in which bowden connectors screws into, alone and check it. The 1/8'' threads have much more space inbetween the threads.
There is nothing like a free meal.

[Edit] I check the model and compared it to a M6. This is a 1/8'' Pneumatic push fit connector. E3donline sells these as a standard. Anyone else uses M5 actually. Such as the prusia i3 and it's clones like the anet A8 and people design M5 push fits for these extruders.

I'm using a Prusa i3 MK2 and the latest version of cura. The print starts great but around 70% of the way through I have a layer shift. Until that happens it's a perfect print. I'm following the recommended settings and this has happend twice with the V5 lid 1. What am i missing?

Its probably catching on an up curling edge.
Make sure the MK2 is running in high power mode.
It it is already in high power mode:
More part cooling, and use some zhop.

Hi can you tell me what is the length of the M8 threaded rod for v3 if it's 80mm for v2, i want to order my parts now thank you

It says in description 80 mm

thank you and your case is really beautiful

Will this work with the Taulman Alloy 910 spools? need it for that before i get to printing so i don't print for nothing. nice work by the way!

It should. I just ordered 645 and it fits fine. I don't have my spool printed yet but he gave the fusion file so shouldn't be anything if I need to make a special spool for it.

What diameter nozzle did you use to print all this? Seems it would be best with a 0.6mm nozzle..

Printed with a 0.4mm & 0.8mm

Would this spool-holder also control the humidity?

@Spannerhands : thanks for sharing this model!

Any clues why Simplify3D is slicing like this?


I've tried several infill, height and perimeter combos to no avail with not much luck....

Any1 else using S3D and printing this on Flex?

I use S3D to print all these parts, so just downloaded the flex parts and doubled checked. they all slice correctly on 3.1.1
Settings to check:
Coasting Distance
Wipe Distance
Thin Wall Behaviour

Do you happen to print these on a Prusa MK2S so you can share the gcode instead? hehe

I print all fixable filaments on my Modified Printrbot Metal Plus's, but you are welcome to view my setting files.
Look in the Printrbot Plus Metal E3D v6 MOD Folder, I just put the Flex FFF Profiles so you can see settings used.

Thanks on that one!! Whatever I changed (not so many differences!) did the trick!

Out of curiosity, some questions on your profile:

  • No layer fan for flex filament?
  • How come you decrease the first layer height and width so much? Isnt this making it harder to stick??
  • No retraction?! AT all?

Not required on these parts no fine detail so no fan = Stronger layer bonding.
Nope increases bed adhesion because you are squashing it into the bed not lightly laying it on top.
With flex if its not crossing open areas there is no point in retraction as retraction is the enemy.

I understood that setting the First Layer at lower % is making it actually thiner, not fatter... :???

When you squash the layer down it bleeds out so that adjusts the issuie...

I can agree "squashing" the first layer helps on adhesion, but I still find it odd to reduce instead of increase percentage...

Im on 3.1.1 as well. Whats up with those settings? Enabled or disabled?


I use S3D. What specific part is this happening on? And what size nozzle are you set for?

0.4 nozzle on the FLEX seal part :(

Comments deleted.

I made a 32mm spool for AMZ3D spools using your .f3d file that is distributed with the files, but noticed that the license doesn't allow remix distribution. If you'd like, I could send to you so that you can distribute it. I don't want to disrespect your wishes for this great thing!

I have updated the licence, so please feel free to remix away...

I Updated the licence, so remix away...

Thanks! Uploaded :)

Could you make a version to fit 66mm (width) spools, or do I have to use the big V3 ?

You would be better to print the V3 as the It will also hold the larger style 1kg spools...

For some reason my printer always jams on this print. Literally never had any jams with my new E3D-v6 until i printed this and then i get jams on this every time i try to print it (4 times so far with the v5 base)

There is nothing in the STL that can cause jams, I would look at your slicer settings, maybe two many retractions is backing the filament out of the nozzle causing a jam? Test printed with a MK2 that has a E3D-v6 and it cam out perfect?

Yup that's the exact problem. Finally managed to get it to print by halving my retraction distance from normal. On the bright side this has forced me to spend a while tuning retraction so it's spot on now. :)

I would love to make this, but I just can't afford the filament to make such a large object. Great job on the design though, I would really like to have one of these

What's the minimal bed dimension requirement to print basic version?

Full Build Volume 750g 246X 83Y 175Z mm
Full Build Volume 1kg 246X 117Y 175Z mm
Small Build Volume 750g 157X 83Y 120Z mm
Small Build Volume 1kg 157X 117Y 120Z mm

Hey, Make a see through window so we know when we are out of filament :P


Thank's a lot


It's a great box.

Could you deign a 52mm spool for 1kg Box

That would be perfekt

Thank's a lot


this is tremendous beautiful design, if i had to vote for it, this is thingiverse best. Awesome and warmest regards for sharing.

Do any of these fit matchbox spools?

2 things that would be awesome- dual spool holders and a DIN rail mount

If you can give me the info on the DIN rail I can make it so...

briliant design, one of the best on thingiverse

It would be pretty nice if it had a window in the top that you could insert a piece of plexiglass. Then you'd be able to see how much filament was left on your roll without having to open the case.

This is something I have been thinking about, not yet worked out the best way to do this...

How about something like what was done with this one?


Recessed cutouts for laser cut plexiglass.

Are the Fusion 360 files available for mod?

UltraDry Spool Holders
by gcalin

One way would be to print one half in a clear plastic.

Tremendous Design! Do you mind to share the solidworks files?

Its made on Fusion 360... Once I have remade the file I will post it, currently because of all the design modification its a complete mess...

Ingenious,very well thought out.:-)

awesome design!!!
Please can you create or have you created a version to fit on to smaller build area yet - 200/200/180 mm and that can fit the 1 kg wanhoa spool with an outer diameter of 200mm, an inner(hub) diameter of 32mm and with a width of 60mm.
Is it posable to interlock the holders side by side to hold multiple holder together.

New small built option is now available... Still looking at a interlocking solution that does not require a complete re-design... I put the file up for the spool core so you can modify it to fit...

The hinge on the back maybe? Make them flare out and interlock on the bottom half. Personally I plan on just using a really long threaded rod as the hinge pin for multiple cases.
If you were to make just the bottom halves of the hinges interlocking it would allow current users to only have to reprint one part.

will this work with esun spools?

Are you able to make longer ones / wider? That can fit 2-4 spools at a time? That would be neat.

This is already at the max build volume for most printers, so not really practical sorry...

First of all, it looks like a quality printjob on those large parts.
What is that dark grey filament you printed them in? where did you get that?
I like how the surface of the dark grey parts is broken up by the lighter colored particles, kind of masking any imperfections i'd imagine.
it also makes it look like a professional prototype part made on a more expensive machine, I'd love to make one of these in that color filament.

PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"

got it!

Really like this design and set up- however I don't have a printer big enough to print one! Even the Prusa MK2 wont make it :(. Who wants to volunteer to make a good friend one? I'll pay a reasonable price of course!

Hi Athruz

Glad you like it, FYI you can print it on a Prusa MK2 as as that's what I do it does fit on the bed... I know as that's what I print mine on...

Tried Cura, slicer and S3D and I can't get it to play inside the print area. can you provide some guidance as to how you printed on a prusa, I'm using a MK2

Sorry for the questions, still learning this unit and how to use it.

You have to rotate it, then it fits perfectly fine on the mk2 bed.

Also which slicer?

What is the orientation you are using?

are you talking about V2 and V3 or V4 and V5. I am currently trying to print on the mk2 and cura says I need to scale it to 98%
EDIT: turns out its cura causing problems. Other slicers work fine.

Hey SpannerHands,

what a great design! We will post our prints in some days ;)
Can you release a spool core modification for our spools? Just need to change the diameter to 52 mm (spool width 55 mm). All other parts fit perfectly!

I have added a file for you ;)

Comments deleted.

Thanks :)

Will be doing updates over the weekend so will upload that for you...

this is to freaking cool and i just have to make this good work man

love it! extremely cool and smart design!

Hi, this is really a good job!
I've recently bought an UM3 Extended and I'd like printing one of these to keep the PVA spool dry, with silica crystals. Currently UM sells only 350gr spools (maybe 700 again in the future), so... would your design fit?
Many many thanks!

Is the Flexfill a requirement or can you print without that?

If you dont want to buy flexfill of dont think your printer can handle it, try make a gasket stuff from a local auto parts store.

The clasp you can technically get away with but the seal obviously needs to be flexible..

Very cool!
High texture!

Can you make a 54mm core for the 1Kg version so it can be used with hatchbox 1Kg spools?

New File added...

Any plans to make a version that can be printed on Ultimaker printers? Meaning smaller parts (split into more parts)?

A shame you have set i as no derivates.

I am working on that solution currently, new thing inbound soon...

The first thing I did was run out and buy all the parts/filament for this build.

I was so dumb not to check the dimensions first. I can't wait for the smaller chunks build. I bet you'll get a TON of downloads as soon as this can be printed on smaller (200x200) beds.

Thank you for all your hard work on this!

Let me know when that comes around!

Sounds good. Found your first model which is rather nice as well. Super good to test different materials for different segments, heh :)

Why make it "no derivates"? You can make it not commercial if it is because you sell it, but the no derivates is just bad in my world :)

I agree with dintid, the "No Derivatives" option is a bad move mate, so to be a typical Aussie I'm gonna give you the middle finger, and remix it regardless!

Have fun looking at my changes! this called karma mate, get used to it!

P.S. I hate control freaks with a passion!

Thingiverse is just going to remove it you know.

I am just a control freek and don't want people playing with my toys... ;p
I am always more than happy to make requested modifications, that way I know that it doesn't impact on the design & functionality and keeps it printable.

Ok. I would love to have a model that firstly can be printed on Ultimaker 2 machines.. I can't do that now.
Secondly I would like some custom sizes. Most noteable for the small (5" spool) but comparably wide Taulman Nylon rolls:
http://taulman3d.com/910-features.html - http://taulman3d.com/alloy-910-spec.html

I just read they change from 5" to normal 8" rolls, but I still need a box for small rolls. I also have printed custom filament rolls for samples and such.. which would be nice :)
Right now I'm using my own Ultra Flat Filamentholders, but the Nylon needs to be a bit more isolated:

Ultra Flat Filamentholder
by dintid

Brilliant design!!!
Do you mind to make iteration for Taulman's Nylon spool?!
Measured my Nylon Bridge 1.75mm spool and diameter is 124mm, spool width 77mm and inner diameter where spool holder goes - 18mm.
Also I'd suggest to make little deeper bottom bit so you can fill it with some silica crystals to keep Nylon dry.
Thanks you.

Thanks for the dimensional information...

Working on that version for you, should have it updated soon...

Hi, did you had the time to work on the taulman spool core ?
Otherwise I'll try with the f3d base, but I think it needs quite some changes as the spool core is smaller than the 608 bearings...
Awesome design by the way!

Hi SpannerHands

Your Spool Holder isperfect in every way!. Im finishing my Wilson II and i would LOVE if you could design a mount to use it with 2020 aluminium profile. I dont do it myself because i have no idea on 3d modelling.

Greetings from Argentina!

New File Added...

Hi Thanks,

Working on that for you, will update soon..

Awesome design and prints man!

Hats off no doubt.

I will leave some feedback when I get around to printing one!

Awesome, cant wait to see your Make...

Has anyone modified this to work with Hatchbox spools?

Works for my 1KG hatchbox spools

I would like to know the same.

Currently, is this too small or too big for Hatchbox? If it's too big I can live with that.

What size thread for the Bowden Coupler, M6, M10?
Incredible work!

Thanks, you will be needing a M10 Bowden Coupler...

The 608 bearings are OD 22mm but the hole in the spool is only 20mm on the 1kg version. I fixed it if you want it send me a pm and i can email it.

Thanks Rocky,

Don't know what happened there, fixed it and uploaded new file...

Now that you can't see how much filament is left, might want to implement some kind of built-in scale so you know full/empty weights.

or perhaps a hole in one of the sides of one off the halves so you can glue a clear plasic piece in place to see how much is left (especially on clear spools)

Spannerhands, could you make a version of the spool holder with this feature?

Nice. Any plans for a version that fits Taulman's odd shaped Nylon spools?

If you can give the the dimensions of the spool, I will see what i can do...

Rrealy nice design ,
just wondering how filament is used on this spool holder

Main Parts Base + Lid 400g
Other Parts 100g
Semi Flex Clasp 15g
Flex Seal 10g

May I have permission modify this model to hold 1kg filament spools, for my own private use only? I need a airtight spool holder for PVA.

Hi, I will save you the trouble... Already have one ready to go, will be up over the weekend, designed for the Spools Prusa sells...

Right on and much appreciated.

1kg Spool option files now updated : - )

You rock! Much appreciated. I'm going to end up printing a whole mess of these for all of my commonly used filaments!

Some feedback, not sure how busy your business is but it may help to expand a bit on your website's "Our Solutions" page. Show some of your designs, photos of the print farm and so on!

No Worries, yea thanks for the feedback, but like most things I am so busy its hard to find time for the little things, but you have reminded me to get that done... so thanks...

Not to zombie this comment, but when you say "designed for the Spools Prusa sells" do you mean the large black Filament-PM spools like the silver/grey pla you get with a new Prusa printer?

I ask because I see 200mm for the V3/5 but my spools are like 204mm on the OD.

And your spool holders are amazing!

Just Wow..

you should make them so they can interlock together side by side

Thanks a good idea, will work on that...

Or if you didn't want to add little semicircles on tbe bottom halves of the unit. What you could do is make a foot that you can print out as many as you want and they interlock then you just seat the unit into them. Just an idea. Then it dont change the nice sleek appearance. :)

Could you make this so it could be printed on a printer with a smaller build volume like you did the storage container?

You're clearly very talented at this, this is an extremely professional design.

I am making one right now for the 1/2Kg 3mm Spool, Still waiting for my Flexystruder to arrive so I can print out the lock and the seal. At the time I have to create my own filamentum core, all of mine is different than yours. So far, so good, will post photo soon. Thanks.

Have to agree with @thePartyPlatypus' sentiment -- irrespective of the design, and that looks to be great, your colour scheme with Vertigo Grey and Metallic Grey looks amazing -- both workmanlike and snazzy at one and the same time.

What filament did you use? Looks snazzy. The design is great but I'm curious what it's made out of. Can you list which flexible filaments you used for the two flexible parts?

Fillamentum Vertigo Grey PLA
Fillamentum Metallic Grey PLA
Fillamentum Metallic Grey Flexfill 92A (FLEX_SEAL_v2_0.stl)
Fillamentum Metallic Grey Flexfill 98A (SEMI_FLEX_CLASP_v2_0.stl)

What width spools?
You only put OD and ID size.

Ha Sorry, Max Width on this version is 55mm