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Customizable Universal Dove Slots Holder Etc

by Torleif Feb 18, 2017
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Nicely done. Really easy to understand. I guess this is still work in progress? Anyway here a few ideas/bugfixes (I use version 2016.12.10):
a) Maybe you can change the switches to 0 and 1 with the explanation in brackets. (Easier handling.)
b) The H value (height) isn't working for me. Sticks to 100mm no matter the value.
This fixed it for me:
linear_extrude(H, convexity = 10, ..... instead of
linear_extrude(convexity = 10, H, .....
c) The hole pattern is static (you probably know this as it's not finished yet).
Idea(not polished):
HoleSize1 = 3; //also slotwidth
HoleSize2 = 4;
Plate1 = [ [ [0, H-20, HoleSize1], [0, 20, HoleSize1] ], [15, 20, HoleSize2], [-15, 20, HoleSize2], [15, H-20, HoleSize2], [-15, H-20, HoleSize2], [10, H/2, HoleSize1], [-10, H/2, HoleSize1]];
Plate2 = [ [ [0, H-20, HoleSize1], [0, 20, HoleSize1] ], [10, H/2, HoleSize1], [-10, H/2, HoleSize1]];
d) Maybe a few different hole patterns depending on the slot size (small ones need less holes, bigger ones more).
e) Maybe an option for no holes.
f) The parts that should get the holes aren't explained yet:
//parts 0=both \make = 0; //[1,2,0]; better:
//parts 0=both, 1= bottom, 2= top \make = 0; //[1,2,0] (I like the use of numbers here.)

Thank you for your feedback
a) Maybe but it loses some clarity in my opinion.
b) H is a bug, thank you
c) I cant replicate that
Holes work like this
A list of
[ [ X,Y,R ] , [ X,Y,R ] , [ X,Y,R ] , [ X,Y,R ] ]
A slot are holes grouped inside a extra bracket
[ [ [ X,Y,R ] , [ X,Y,R ] ] , [ X,Y,R ] , [ X,Y,R ] ]

Parameters cannot have expressions as default value
but a handfull User defined parameters can be provided for use in expressions.

d) I usually avoid pre-made patterns as they fit few needs and hides the universal hole pattern system
but nice patterns can be posted in comments.
e) There is [[0,0,0]] is same as no holes
f) Yes clearer but cant call them bottom/top since in some config the inner or outer may be fixed. inner/outer it is.

a) True. You changed to it for testing purposes? ;)
c) https://abload.de/img/holes_not_automaticlyn0jzk.png
With the code above: https://abload.de/img/holes_automaticly_adpzlkhx.png
Maybe an interesting option if you want standard holes in addition to the custom holes.
f) Nice.

I like the new version already. Keep it up. :D

a) There are some trade-offs. Good to know there are options.
c) So parameters with expressions as default value is ignored by Thingiverse Customizer.
The list of holes system is very versatile.
You can go pretty wild with Iterations for(), Assignments let() and Conditionals (ternary style) " Tested_Condition ? option_true : option_false " and most other math functions. todo build a way to define functions.
For example:
[let (QP = 0)[[QP, abs( H - A ) >= 100 ? 80 : 40, 3], [QP, 20, 3]]]
or Iterations like
[ for (i=[-A0.5:10:A0.5],j=[5:20:H-5])[ [i,j,2.5],[i,j+10,2.5]] ]
For larger patterns i edit the bulk in some notepad.

Anyway the point was to try out the menu system