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Assault Rifle [Halo 5] (CUSTOMIZABLE)

by misterchiefcostuming Feb 16, 2017
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Hi, i have a quick question. im currently building one for my self and its going great. however im having issues with the magazine. maby i need to update my slicer software. im using cura, and printing with a cr-10. but the magazine is coming out like this in the software. is it a problem on my end or the file?

Great design man!
I want to split it in bigger pieces, could you tell me please what's the exact scaling value to get the gun to the "real" size?

How many rolls of filament did you go through to build this?

Depending on your infill, you will most likely hit 3 rolls. This is not a cheap build, but pretty amazing. I would hold off on printing ar_10 until you have made fixes to it as it prints with a gap in the bottom. Everything else is pretty straight forward.

I would like to make a remix with guiding holes in it like the masterchief helmet that has been uploading on thingiverse, but have nott done so yet. The rifle is pretty intense in size so keep this in mind before printing. It is not for kids. (adult kids only :)

Great model, but definitely some funky geometry here and there. AR_10 in particular is highly problematic; I've been able to clean up the other parts with TinkerCAD prior to printing, but AR_10 seems to be FUBAR.

People seem to have varying degrees of FUBAR depending on their slicers (for some unknown reason). however, i've already made this, and all the funky holes and stuff could be easily patched with spot putty/bondo filler. since my 3D modeling skills are rather lacking, it's what i recommend people do instead of spending hours trying to fix the 3D model itself.

gotta ask though, what size are these files made for?
the complete rifle reaches 1 meter long?
or is it scaled to something more human sized?

All my props are scaled according to the Official Halo Visual guide, which gives the dimensions of pretty much every weapon and tool in the Halo universe. however i did go and double check, because it looked off to me. but all the pieces are scaled according to the official guide. a good thing to remember is that everything in halo is bigger than you think, because you spend the whole game as a 7 foot tall spartan! (that's why normal marines look so small and why the guns look so huge when they're holding them) if you want to tweak the scale for a kid's costume or just to have it be a bit more comfortable, you can scale the full prop model (included in the download) to your desired size, then take the adjusted scale ratio and copy/paste it for all the different pieces.

thats awsome, because i printed a ma37 and i had to scale it 20%down to make it 800 cms long. probably gonna have to do the same for this one. will have to see as i print one or 2 pieces so i can make it easier. love the model :) doing some repairs on it to prevent bugs on the printing or the printer will print it to weak as some walls are missing

Did you managed to get the walls patched up? Are you using Netfab for that or something else? I've got walls missing on a few models as well so wasnt sure if it was just me or not.

Its not just you, there is some gnarly geometry. however, i'm about 80% finished printing it, and the missing walls are VERY small and can easily be patched up with bondo or whatever filler you prefer.