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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Various fan size conversion adapters.

by TheMeerkat Apr 10, 2012
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Could you please addition eccentric type for adaptor? Thanks,

Printed 120>92 and it works perfect with a selfmade air straigtener but the 120-70 isn't high enough. The air bounces back on the wall. I am gonna reprint with a 60mm height.

Could you make an offset design to fit the ender 3 pro psu fan externally?

Trying to fit a standard 120mm computer case fan to the existing 60mm fan hole


I don't know what the "ender 3 pro psu fan" is.

If you can give me dimensional limits I can fit a design into them. Send me a message with your requirements and I'll get to it as soon as I get the free time.


Hey I need a 140 to 120 but it needs to be as small as possible because I have no space, is it possible? I mean 10mm height or less

Yeah, it is possible, but it would be very inefficient.

The customiser should work for you. Use FLANGE for the smallest possible adapter, but it will have the worst airflow possible.

This is a great Thing!!

I see one creation has a 90 degree bend - how do you do that it customizer and is it possible to have the fans offset rather than central?

The customiser can't do this, but if you want something specific I can make it for you, I can't promise a fast delivery though, let me know.

No worries, i worked something out and am good - appreciate the offer and the great Thing!

Would it be possible to make a 180mm to 140mm low profile funnel type adapter?

Have you tried the customiser? It should be able to do that for you.

how do you make the adapters where the small end is offset\aligned with one of the sides of the small fan.

The customiser can't do this, but if you want something specific I can make it for you, I can't promise a fast delivery though, let me know.

Thanks u so much!!! I love it!

anyone know how to make the horns for mounting and not the square top and bottom flanges? like in the photo on the thing

The Solidworks, Inventor and STL files should all be in this format. However the customiser isn't and likely won't include that feature. If you really need a specific size that isn't already available as an STL, with this form of flange, let me know what you want and if I get the time I can make one up for you.

sure you have more productive things to do. thought i wAS DOING SOMETHING WRONG USING THE Customizer. thanks for the offer

Would like to see an option in the customizer for "offset" or "centered", meaning to offset the smallhole to line up with one edge of the largehole. This way they can be used next to one-another.
I currently require an 80mm to 120mm with offset 80mm side so that I can mount two 120mm fans to an enclosure originally designed for two 80mm fans.

Comments deleted.

Tried using the 40_-_30_mm_v2 and found that the 40mm hole placements are to close to the edge of the shroud and the 3mm nuts will not align with the mounting holes. There needs to be a cut out for the nut to fit into to align with the hole.

How is the 90-degree fan customized in SCAD? I cant seem to find the option.

I was hoping to make a 120mm-30mm converter @ 90 degrees

It can't be in this version. If you want something specific, I can make it, let me know.

Comments deleted.

I was wondering if you could make me a 25mm to 30 mm adapter so I can mount a fang setup on my Prometheus hot end. Will definitely tip you if you could, Holes on 25mm fan are 20mm center to center with holes 24mm center to center on my fang mount.

Have you tried the customiser? It should be able to do this a lot quicker than I can.

Genius! Thank you so much

Just what I needed. Thanks!

can a Y adapter be made with this ?

Short answer, yeah.
Long answer: It depends on which sizes you want to use, then angle between the openings and the overall size of the adaptor.

How would I do that? I'm looking to adapt 2x 40mm fans to one 40mm fan in order to add more power to my tevo fang cooler. As compact as possible, overall size wise.

Thank you

Well these adaptors only convert sizes from a fan to an outlet. I have made a couple of adaptors for 2 into 1 (check near the bottom of the file list). If you would like I can make you a 2x40 into 40. If you give me any size limits, important geometric details and other important details your application has, I'll do it as soon as I get the spare time.

This openScad file is awesome and I used the customizer a about 5 times.
As mention in the description, It gives artefacts in the preview but it makes the model correctly and very fast. (1 minute to 4 minutes)

As a note from experiences from my 2 kinda failed adapters:
Measure your fan holes from the center of the screw holes.
I made some weird 35mm to 30mm and 40mm to 35mm adapters and I'll be using this to make my other fan adapters as well.

Anyway thank you for putting this file up, it really helped me out to reuse some of my small fans of my Asus Z77 Sabertooth motherboard.

Hey. Thanks for the comment. I'm glad that it is being useful.

Comments deleted.

Actually all 80 to x files are wrong. 80 to 50 is 80to40, 80 to 40 is 80to35, 80 to 60 is 80to50,

Please find a new image of the measurements of the four STL files in question.

These dimensions all are in accordance with those found in data sheets and are correct at least according to those datasheets. If you have a "non-standard" sized fan you can use the customiser to make one that fits or ask me to do a custom job for you.

Just wondering if you could remake a 120mm to 140mm with an offset so that one side lines up (one flat side - so that when two are placed together both sets of openings are adjacent) - the idea would be to be able to use 2 - to adapt 2 120mm fans to a watercooler with 2 140mm, or in reverse.

Did this model work for you? Which 2x 140mm fan cooler are you using? I will be using this to fit a Corsair H115i into my Cooler Master HAF 932 case which is designed for 2x 120mm fan rads not 2x 140mm.

Thanks for this request, saves me even more work but I am going to mod the file a tad to strengthen the 120mm mount boss.


Done. Please check sizing (particularly the 140 side) and spacing clearance before printing.
There is likely a need to do some sanding on this one.

Comments deleted.

Hi, I'm currently searching for a 80mm to 40mm design that is 75mm tall, and the top and bottom have to be offset, so that they share one vertical corner.

In other words, the 40mm fan mount is offset to the side.

I would do this myself but I do not have solid works. Could you please make one for me? I'd be willing to send you a fiver through paypal :)

Hey. Did you a quick one, hope it satisfies your needs.
Feel free to tip me if you feel I deserve it.

TheMeerkat -- I see this is a 2012 design so dating back to Thingiverse beginnings but still going brilliant!
Now I can use larger fans that are much quieter by an order of magnitude for the same CFM. I am printing the 80/40 right now.
It would also be awesome if a SCAD wiz converted this to Thingiverse Customizer.

Also, any commentary from anyone here on flow efficiency? I expect it to be a bit reduced but just curious if anyone noticed/measured.

I hope it worked out for you and proved useful.

As for the efficiency of flow, it should be quite reasonable, I have no figures though :)
The angle of taper is such that it should keep the disturbance in the airflow down as much as possible, but the larger the difference in conversion the worse they are likely to get.

50mm to 30mm is actually 50mm to 40mm.

50mm to 30mm is actually 50mm to 40mm.

I measured the holes in the model and STL and they were the right size, but the attachment hole spacing was wrong.

Also a request

i saw the nasty adapter and wondered if you could add a simple 90 angle adapter. going from 60mm to 40mm

found the right angle here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:215299

40mm-Fan 90° Bow
by Souko

Can you please update 60-50 without support?

i ask : why it not been make before ? it´s absolutely wonderful

Great work! Thank You!

I wonder wth would happen if i try to print them all and make them all fit together

Why draw it your self if its all ready there? Just great! needed this!

anyway you can make these thinner?

Yeah they could be thinner, but if they are too thin then they'll not be quite as effective at keeping the flow smooth and efficient.

Which ones are you wanting thinner and what is your thickness limit?

Just what i was looking for. Thank you for your work

Printed the 40-30v2 and the hole are too large for an M3 screw to thread into. Both sides are set as clearance holes? Like the design though.

I needed this, printed out great. Dimensions were spot on. Thank you.

I'm glad to hear that.

the 60to30 is actually a 60 to 40

Indeed, you're right. Thanks for that.

Comments deleted.

The 70 to 50 and 50 to 40 are both too big, I compared to other prints that i know have correct meshes and they are indeed to big, enough that half of the screw hole is offset on all sides. Suspect the scaling on others is off too. Have you checked your unit settings in your CAD program? They seem off.

Edit: I checked the dimensions in the part and they are fine and the dimensions in the STL and they are fine. I added 2 new pictures to the gallery showing the 70-50 and 50-40 adapters, as STL files, with their hole sizes dimensioned. I'm not seeing the problem you are talking about.

When I get some printing time I will have these 2 printed and update as to what I find there.


Thanks for your input. I've been a little busy with things recently but I will give them a looking over when I get the chance. I doubt it is my units, IMO it is most likely the conversion from native to STL that is causing the problem. The annoying thing is nobody else has reported problems :(

Anyway, thanks.

I had to scale down 5%

can you tell me the high of your adapters? (40-60 would be of interest) [high me meaning the distance from one fan to the other so i can add another 25mm of the fan to have a total]

60-40 is about 21 mm.

Can you please make one that is 200MM to Dual 80MM ?? I am trying to Mod http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:634403 to a single 100CFM 200MM fan I have Thank you in advance

Da Vinci 1.0 Fan Mount

So, you want to bolt a 200 to 2x80 to this Da Vinci thing? I will see what I can do when I get some spare time. Do you have any dimensional limits you want me to follow? Also, do you have a datasheet for the 200, I can't seem to find multiple sources using the same sizes so your specific model would have to be used.

Comments deleted.

Which one(s). As I said in the information, I have only ever printed one of these for myself. Others seem to mostly not have any problem though. So, as much as I appreciate the critique, I could use more information. I use design tables in the model, so corrections can be made in minutes with minimal effort.

Every dimension is taken from dimensioned drawings provided by fan manufacturers. The holes are usually, of course, a smaller distance between each other than the overall size of the fan, this is followed when creating each adapter. But mistakes can happen, so, please tell me which ones you are having trouble with.

What tools do you use to make these? I want to make something similar. I want to see about making a 2x 120mm to 180mm adapter that might fit in my case.

The geometry is created in Solidworks, however any comparable 3D modeller will be fine.

Could you do 140mm to 120mm and 180mm to 120mm :) Thanks

Done. Scruffy but should be OK.

Comments deleted.

can you make a 75 to 50 please?

I can't find dimensions for 75 mm fans. But there is a 70-50 adapter here, that should work.

Could you make a 70mm to 80mm adapter please?

There already is one.

Sweet! I must have missed it, thank you for you're work.

how about a 25mm to 30mm adapter? 25mm is the right size for a hexagon hot end, but 30mm fans are a lot cheaper and more common!

Done it very quick and dirty. Sorry I can't give any more time to drawing something more suitable up.

I got shipped an extruder kit with the wrong fan. This should let me make do. Much appreciated.

Nice work. I have printed a few of these and they look awsum.
Any chance you could add a 40 to 35 adapter the same as the 40_-_30_mm_v2.STL

I would be glad to but 35 mm isn't a fan size that is common. I need to know a few dimensions to do it properly. At least distance between mounting hole centres and hole size.

I thank you and my extruder thanks you :)

I love it when I need something and a quick search on Thingiverse and ... poof! There it is. Thanks

is it possible a 40 mm to 25 mm? cannot find a 25 mm fan! Thank you!

Done, hope it meets your expectations.

The 50 to 40 seems to have a hell of an overhang on the mounting holes with the smaller end. Any chance of a fix?

Sorry it took me so long, I've been busy with real life :v
Did the best I could.

Possible for a duel 80mm to single 120mm on an 90* angel so that the 120mm side is no higher than then 80mm

Sorry it took me so long, I've been busy with real life :v
Did a very quick and untested 2 x 80 to 120. I haven't run any flow simulations nor have I printed as I have no use for such a beast. Consequently I have no idea how the flows will mix or how it will work out.
If you print it do give us a report on its efficacy.

Your 50-30 is actually 50-40. any chance of getting a 50-30? thanks

Please can you made fixes an 40to30 ??

Sorry it took me so long, I've been busy with real life :v.
I have altered the mounting hole distances that were incorrect.

You can maybe use this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:154779http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... instead, for 40to30.

Simple various sizes fan adaptors
by qvarker

Made fixes to 50 mm adapters and added a new iteration.
Now my download box isn't as uniform but they should all work.

Can you do an 80 to 40 one?

I had two companies print the 70to50 and 80to50 and the large side is perfectly aligned, but the 50mm side doesn't line up with the holes. I ended up using zipties but it would be cool to use screws!

The 50mm side is approx. 5 mm too large.

Seems the datasheet I used for 50 mm was for a cheapo unstandard one. It is now fixed.


can you make one
from 50mm to 40mm ?

Thank you

How do I turn them to be printable?

My printer software allowed me to do it, however I suppose you could use some other modelling software to rotate it. I think someone mentioned blender.