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Very Customizable Fidget Spinner

by Lucina Feb 14, 2017
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stop with the landfill trash wtf! ......Find something useful to make you ignorant litter bugs... wake up ah!!!!!!

I have printed the 3-arm M10 and M12 versions.
But the holes is to big, but if i use nyloc nuts they fits, so i think it's been something wrong here?
M10 should be 16mm across, but the hole is 17mm, same size as nyloc nuts.

Here is the correct size for M10 and M12 (and more) nuts: http://www.fairburyfastener.com/xdims_metric_nuts.htm
(Here is a table for nyloc-nuts: http://www.unitedfasteners.com.au/media/images/product/product_tmp/large/UN0223_5871351147997.JPG )

Other then that it works great :-)

Thanks for letting me know. The problem is that I am using DIN 934 sizes and not ISO 4032. The only metric nuts I’ve tested are M8s and they are 13mm in both standards. I think that both standards are being used so I should probably include both options in my customizers.

What size is the bearing hole and how do you change it if needed?

The center bearing hole is for a 608 bearing: 22mm diameter 8mm inside diameter 7mm tall. I use my own tool to remove. Mine isn't on Thingiverse but others are.

Best spinner I've found for small hands! I've tried 4 or 5 other designs that use 608 size bearings.

I have a 5 and 7 year old and the 5 year old especially I had difficulty finding anything that would fit her hand. The 5/16" nut versions here all fit and work quite well. They love them.

I'm glad your children like them!

Great spinner! Made 2 with 5/16 nuts, works beautifully. Had to scale up 1.03 to make everything fit. Many thanks.

I'm glad it worked well for you!

thanks and do you know what size nut you need

In the Customer, you can select 5/16, 3/8, 1/2 inch, M8, M10, M12 hex nuts or 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 loose ball bearings. The center is a 608 (22x7mm 8mm inside diam) ball bearing.

Our youngest was keen to hop on the spinner craze but has small hands, so your customizer is fantastic for fitting the weights we had available to the dimensions of her fingers. She did the remix and loves the product.

I'm glad I made someone happy!

Which bearing do I use in the middle?

A 608 (22x7mm) 8mm inside diameter)

Comments deleted.

How many coins are supposed to be in the penny weights

also what do I do if the insides print too small? My printer isn't the most precise so snug fits aren't its forte

I remembered that I put the coin info somewhere, and I found this in the summary:
"Update 2017-02-15
added the ability to extend the ray length when using only 1 weight per ray
added coins to the types of weights: 4 quarters, 5 dimes, 3 nickels or 4 pennies. But I prefer nuts or bearings for weights."

If the openings are too small, you can sand or file them to enlarge them. If you make them too big, you can do the hot water method described below to shrink them. I hope this helps.

Would you please add M4 square nuts? I'm trying to use what I have! :)

I added M4 square nuts. Stacking 2 together would just about fill the frame. Using "weight glue grooves" wouldn't work because the groove would be in between the nuts.

which file is the m10 nut

I just added an M10 version:

I created it using Customizer (Press the "Open in Customizer" button):

with these options:
numWeights = 1
taperedRays = no
rays = 3
weightsGlueGroove = 0
whichWeight = M10 hex nut
radius = 2.5
bearingGlueGroove = 0
extra = 4

If you want something different, experiment with the settings in Customizer.

This is the most amazing thing ever!!! Thank you!!!

Also, thank you so much for the customizer! I made a few that were in the pics, but not in the files.

What is the one you found to spin the longest out of the bolts?
I tried a 3x2 and it's good. I'll try a 4x2 next.
Also, does tapered rays help it spin longer or shorter?

I'm glad that you like this thing! Sorry, I don't know which has the best spin times. I just like the weight of the 3/8 or M10 the best. The tapered or not option is just for the look that you want. Have fun!

I downloaded the 3 arm with 6 nuts and the nuts are not snug at all. They fall out quite easily. I guess I'll need to glue them. Will CA glue work okay or is there something better.

Sorry you're having problems. Have you tried hot water yet? When I have loose nuts, I heat up some water in the microwave for 2 minutes and dunk each nut in the PLA frame in the water for around 10 seconds and this tightens things up. Then I let it cool on its own. Careful not to burn yourself. Glue should work too.
In the description, I wrote, "if a nut is loose in a PLA frame, dip nut in frame into hot water to shrink frame around nut."

How about an option for 1/2" ball bearings?

Thanks for the suggestion! I added the options for 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" ball bearings. I tested it with 5/8" bearings that I happened to have.

Thanks. I can confirm the option for 1/2" bearings works well too.

One thing that confused me was that the very first option is "bearing" with various imperial measurements listed directly after. But these options are still for nuts. The bearings are listed on the bottom, but I had to scroll the menu items to see them. I'd suggest removing the first entry ("bearing"), and adding "nut" to the remaining first few entries.

The "bearing" option actually refers to 608 bearing. Maybe I should add nut or hex nut to the nut options.

Ok, now I see what you were doing. I mistakenly assumed "bearing" was a header.

Maybe changing to "608 bearing" and adding "hex nut" would something to try.

Thanks again!

I clarified the weight choices. Thanks again for the suggestion.

where are the coin files? Great job btw!

To use coins, you'll need to use "Open in customizer". Pick the coins you want to use under "Which weight".

Thank you for adding standard american sizes to the nut selection!

You're welcome. That's what I usually use. My current favorite is 3/8".

How heavy is the 3 wing without the bearing and the nuts

Sorry, I can't say. The higher percentage infill, the heavier it will be. Your slicer might tell you.

Could you add 3/4 nut to the customizer? Love this! Great job!!!

I added 3/8" and 1/2" because it was easy to add them to the current design. The nuts will protrude from the frame, but I didn't want to require supports or have an asymmetrical design.

thanks and do you know what size nut you need

5/16 or M8; select in customizer.

which one spins better

I have a small hand and like using 4 rays, 1 hex nut per ray, 4mm extra per ray, 2mm radius for a balanced, one-handed spin. A three ray, 1 bearing per ray spinner is the classic design. Make sure the bearing spins well. Some prefer no grease, some say light grease, some say ceramic bearing, but I'm no expert.